About Us: Liza & Pepe

Wow, you made it to this page. I suppose it means that you’re a little bit interested, who’s behind this blog.

Tripsget is a blog for young adventurous professionals and expats. We both work full-time and enjoy exploring the world during our vacations. Our aim here is to inspire you to travel more and help you organise your vacations in such way, so you manage to see as much as possible within a limited amount of time. We focus mostly on weekend trips, but at least 2 times a year we go on longer vacations, like our crazy bus trip around Balkans or 12 days in Southeast Asia. Depending on our mood (and bank account statements), we do budget trips, such as our trip to Gran Canaria or luxury trips, such as our honeymoon in Mexico or good-value trips like pretty much everything else we covered

And now a little bit about us. We are Liza and Pepe (short for Jose), a 20 something married Russian/Mexican-Catalan couple. We were in a long-distance relationship for more than a year and now we are finally together based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

About us: Liza & Pepe Tripsget

Together we’ve already been to more than 28 countries, but combining all the countries we’ve been to separately, it will be more than 58 countries in total. Why not quit our jobs and travel the world together? We answered this question in this article

We also have a super helpful travel app for iOS –  Tripsget Trip Cost Finder. In case you’ve got an iPhone, you can get it for free and forget about the tedious process of finding how much it would cost to travel somewhere.

We are always happy about comments and feedback, so don’t hesitate to ask anything in the comments or drop us an e-mail. Moreover, we’re open to working with brands and can do some pretty amazing stuff for you, so please check the “work with us” page.

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