2016 travel year in review – 14 trips, LDR and the birth of Tripsget

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Another year comes to its end and I have a mixed feeling whether it’s good or bad for the years to pass so fast! For me, January 2016 was a second away and yet, it’s already the middle of January 2017. So in this post, I’ll tell you about the 2016 travel year in review.
So many things happened just within one year, so it’s just incredible how much our lives have changed since the beginning of the year. First of all, there was no Tripsget. At all. Not even @lizatripsget Instagram.
Liza tripsget Instagram


Nothing at all. It didn’t exist and look at it now – it has more than 70 articles and around 100-150 unique visitors a day. The Tripsget app is also almost ready, just waiting for the final touch – and it will be live in a couple of weeks.


Tripsget has actually brought purpose to our travels. I feel like we’re doing something useful: by documenting our travels, we provide useful information for the others, who might want to travel to this location in the future. Tripsget evolved from a travel diary to a proper travel blog very fast. Maybe because we knew exactly what do we want to have out there on the pages of world wide web. Initially, we started blogging in 3 languages, but then we dropped Spanish and Russian, because there was no time. I knew very well from the beginning that I don’t want this blog to be my full-time job. I actually like the corporate world and wouldn’t want to “sit home”or wherever I am at the moment and advertise the blog using all the possible ways. Nonetheless, it’s my part-time job now (Pepe’s is the Tripsget app).


If you’re hesitating, whether to start a travel/fashion/food (etc) blog, don’t hesitate, start it. Don’t expect it to become popular in one day though. As long as you treat it as a nice hobby, a part-time job maybe, it’s fine. Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed. I’ve been blogging almost for a year, but I’m learning every day. Still, there’s so much to do and so much to learn!


2016 has been a year of traveling. We’ve made 14 trips in just a year visiting 1,2,3….19 countries. All this having a full-time job. Tough, isn’t it?


In January, we were celebrating New Year and Christmas in Russia (there it’s on the 7th of January).
In February, we went to Rome for St. Valentine’s Day ❤️
March was a month of a 11-day crazy Asian trip through Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia
In April, I had my Birthday and we spent it in French Riviera
Pepe’s birthday was in May and we went to Zurich
In June, we had a vacation in Golden Sands, Bulgaria
In July it was Russia again, this time visiting Alfa Future People in Nizhny Novgorod
A weekend in August was spent in my favourite city London
Some weeks later, in September, we made a weekend road trip in Ireland
In October, there was this epic Balkan trip: 8 days – 7 countries
In November I quit my job and came to Scotland for a month. In the meanwhile, we went to Gran Canaria
In December, we went to celebrate the Christmas in Miami and the New Year in Mexico


Tripsget Croatia Dubrovnik


It might seem that we have tons of money, but we don’t. In order not to answer the annoying question about affording to travel, I produced a post about it. You just need to have your priorities, that’s it.


2016 has also been a year of LDR – long distance relationship. We were living apart for the whole year and it was really tough. Hopefully, it will change very soon, we’re having our fingers crossed. We got married in the end of 2016 and I will fill the visa application very soon. We found some reasons to enjoy the LDR, too. You can still enjoy your life, when your other half lives in a different country.


Also, this year I’ve established myself as a beginner content writer: a couple of my articles about Digital Marketing were posted on SEMrush and Creative agency. I went from 0 to 35000 followers on Social Media, too. Tripsget Instagram alone has 24K and that’s really something unbelievable for me. I’m really flattered to receive all the positive comments, feedback and compliments.


So well, the results have been quite impressive so far and hopefully 2017 will be as interesting, full of travels and life-changing experiences as 2016! Moreover, Tripsget will change a bit, so stay tuned 🙂


How was your year? Share your achievements in the comments!


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