3 places to visit in Slovenia: Ljubljana, Piran and Lake Bled

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Lake Bled

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Ever thought of going to Slovenia & not sure which places to visit in Slovenia? Don’t worry, in this post, you’ll find enough information to plan your trip to Slovenia! Ljubljana, Piran and lake Bled: the best places to visit in Slovenia.

First of all, it’s important to understand how long are you planning to stay in Slovenia. If you only can stay for a weekend, then you probably won’t be able to go to Piran. It would make sense for you to stay in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and go on a day-trip to lake Bled, for example.

However, if you’re staying for over than 3 days, it makes perfect sense to see as much as possible. Unless you’re planning to travel to Slovenia twice a year from now on, of course.

Why go to Slovenia at all? Places to visit in Slovenia

Well, this country has pretty amazing nature, architecture and culture! It’s sort of mix of Italy (coastal towns), Austria (mountains) and the Czech Republic (and many other countries too). And it has everything! If you want to spend a day, weekend or the whole week at a very beautiful lake, here you are, you can head to lake Bled!

1. Lake Bled

3 best places to visit in Slovenia: Lake Bled

Lake Bled in Slovenia


How to get there: just go to the main railway station of Ljubljana and catch a bus or train. Notice: if you catch a train, you’ll need a taxi to get to the lake or you can also take another bus, but it doesn’t seem to go very often. The ride is about 1.5-2 hours.

There are plenty of hotels and apartments all around the lake, but it’s better to book your accommodation in advance. I would recommend you to use and not Airbnb for Slovenia, simply because the prices for the SAME apartments are lower on (I checked that myself). It happens because the properties on Booking don’t include the commission fee and the cleaning fee in their price (and you obviously don’t have to pay them).

We stayed in Apartment Muznik for 4 nights are were happy with the location (just a short walk away from the bus stop and Bled town centre) and just 3 minutes away from the lake. Our apartment had 2 rooms and 3 beds and everything looked new and clean. However, you can check other hotels and apartments here.

What to do on the lake Bled?  You can relax there, walk around the lake (it’s quite big, you’ll probably need around 2 hours to make a circle), climb up to the castle (the entrance ticket is around 10 euros) and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the lake and mountains. There’re plenty of places to eat and have some drinks in the evening. It’s a great place to just relax and enjoy the nature.

Flowers in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Flowers in Bled


Mountains around lake Bled, Slovenia

Mountains around lake Bled


2. Piran and Portoroz

If you want to see the cheaper version of Italy (accommodation along with the food in the restaurant is much cheaper in Slovenia than in Italy) and swim in the summer, head to Piran or Portoroz (they are located next to each other, just a few kilometres apart).


3 places to visit in Slovenia

The city centre of Piran


Despite the fact that Slovenia only has around 30 km of coast, it has a pretty great infrastructure & many hotels. While Piran is very beautiful & atmospheric city, Portoroz is more suitable for long-stay vacations (all the nightlife, a variety of shops and so on are there). However, both cities are located so close to each other, that it’s actually possible to walk! It won’t be a 15-minute walk (probably around 50 minute-1,2 hour walk depending on how fast do you usually walk), but there’s also a bus.

3 places to visit in Slovenia - Portoroz

The city centre of Portoroz


If you’re looking for accommodation in Piran or Portoroz, check Guesthouse PachaMama or Piranika. If you’re looking for something more special, why not stay at Grand Hotel Portoroz?

3. Ljubljana

The last one of 3 places to visit in Slovenia is the capital, Ljubljana. If you want a very relaxing city getaway, you should totally head to Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is very cheerful, but at the same time not crowded and quite chilled, and that’s great!

What is there to do in Ljubljana?

Well, first of all – nice walks around the city: walking around Ljubljana is truly a pleasure.

Ljubljana City centre - 3 places to visit in Slovenia

Ljubljana City centre – 3 places to visit in Slovenia


Secondly, you can climb the main hill of Ljubljana, where the castle is. The castle is not a must-do, but nonetheless, if you have some spare time, you can visit it. In case, you don’t want to discover the castle inside, you can see it from outside and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Ljubljana.

The view from the castle in Ljubljana

The view from the castle in Ljubljana

Go out: even though Ljubljana is not very famous as the nightlife-paradise, there’re plenty of bars for tourists, where you can spend the evening.

Discover many of churches and museums of Ljubljana.
Visit the crafts market near the river.
Grab a bite in one of the places with the local cuisine. Yummy!

Moreover, other countries are also pretty easy to reach from Slovenia: you can always go to the train station and buy the tickets to Hungary or Croatia, for example.

Finally, there’s a tip for you: In case, you arriving in Ljubljana by plane quite late in the evening or very early in the morning, be ready that you have to take a taxi to the city. And the taxis aren’t precisely cheap in Slovenia (if you can bargain, that’s fine, but usually drivers ask for around 50 euros for a ride to the city centre from the airport).

In Ljubljana, we stayed at Bed & Breakfast Sincere 1830 – it had a good price and a great location – walking distance from the city centre of Ljubljana. However, now I would probably choose something like Vander Urbani Resort.

Or check the best deals for Ljubljana:

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3 places to visit in Slovenia: Lake Bled, Piran, Portoroz and Ljubljana

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