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Find out how expensive your next trip will be with Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator

posted by Liza 2nd February 2017 4 Comments
Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator
Hey, hey, we finally did it! We released the Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator – Budget your travel and would love to review it for you, so you know how it works and what you can do with it. The app is absolutely free and doesn’t have any extra cost, so feel free to download it and recommend it to your friends!


You can download Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator app using this link:


Or just by typing “Tripsget” in the App Store!


I must admit, that the idea of Trip Cost or Travel Budget App came to my mind more than 1.5. years ago. I was just like now, a travel addict and was about to buy tickets to Iceland. However, I had no idea how expensive it would be, to travel in Iceland, so I had to start looking on the Internet. I don’t remember how long did it take me to find the projected numbers (including hotel, excursions, food cost etc), but it was for sure more than 1 day. Since then I thought how much easier it would be for travellers just find out their estimated trip cost in one place! And how amazing it would be, if this travel cost wold be actually based on your travel preferences!


So well, 1 year, we sat down with Pepe and finally decided to create an app for that. That’s how Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator was born.


What does Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator do?

Well, based on your preferences, it calculates the cost of travel to one of 280 locations in our database.
You have two ways of finding your predicted travel cost: the basic way and the advanced way.
In the basic version, you choose:
  • Where are you going
  • How many of your going
  • How many days you’re staying there
  • which type of spender are you
There are 5 categories – for a super budget traveler to a luxury connoisseur and you are supposed to choose a category which describes you the best. All you have to do next is to press the calculate button and voila, you’ll have the approximate cost of your future travel is on the screen!
However, if you press on the graph, you’ll see the detailed specifications of your trip cost. Not bad, huh?
In the advanced menu, the first 3 questions remain the same, but instead on deciding which type of spender are you, you can use draggable buttons to specify your expenses in 5 categories:
  • accommodation
  • nightlife
  • transport
  • sightseeing
  • food
The hints will show how to place yourself on the scale, e.g. 1 restaurant meal a day + 2 meals from the takeaway/supermarket. After you finish choosing, you can budget your travel cost, just like in the basic version.
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Also, in the detailed overview of your trip cost, you can actually proceed to booking of the hotel and a tour. That’s it!
We kindly ask you to try the app and leave a review for Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator in the App Store. We also would love to release it on Android, too, so we’re working on it. And of course, stay tuned and write down in the comments or drop us an email with the locations you would like us to add!
Download it now:
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Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator


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