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Living in Elephant and Castle, London – is Elephant and Castle dangerous?

posted by Liza 26th July 2017 2 Comments
Living in Elephant and Castle, London - is Elephant and Castle dangerous?

Last updated on January 28th, 2019

In this post, I wanted to tell you about living in Elephant and Castle, London and actually reveal the truth and answer the question: is Elephant and Castle dangerous or not?

If you asked me the same question, is Elephant and Castle dangerous or not, 6 years ago, I would have probably said yes. I had an opportunity to visit London for a month in 2011 and was based in Cutty Sark, Greenwich back then. However, since it was my first time in London, I was very curious about the city, and, in particular, about the Elephant & Castle station. It seemed to me, that it must have a connection with magic, knights, or least, Harry Potter. Can you imagine my disappointment, when I exited the tube and all that I saw was a horrible shopping mall, ugly social housing everywhere and people who were far from friendly? Utterly disappointed, I left the station and never returned…

Until I moved to Elephant & Castle a few weeks ago. Now how did that happen?

Yes, now we are living in Elephant and Castle in London. Before we used to live in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the last 6 years, however, Elephant and Castle, London, has changed a lot. Right now at its current state its being called the Shoreditch of 2010. The reason for that is a massive 3 bln redevelopment of the district, demolition of some social estates including famous Heygate Estate, that was even featured in some movies, and, finally, the opening of some pretty nice places, like Elephant and Castle Boxpark.

In 2018, the shopping street with plenty of coffee places and bars will open just next to the Heygate street and by the end of 2017, the new park in the middle of Elephant& Castle will be finished and open for visitors. All that makes Elephant and Castle a very appealing zone to move in and/or to invest in.

Living in Elephant and Castle, London - is Elephant and Castle dangerous?

The new houses that were built as part of Elephant Park (and are still being built) have really changed the face of Elephant & Castle, as well as One the Elephant Tower. It looks fancy and modern (however, it still looks a bit like it doesn’t belong there). Right now, Elephant and Castle represents a huge mix of people from all around the world, and well, at no point I felt in danger in the heart of Elephant & Castle. Of course, I didn’t spend hours under the bridge looking for trouble, but if you’re a normal person walking home from work or from a meeting with friends, then you should be fine!

Video tour around Elephant & Castle

I filmed a small tour around the district for you: as you can see, it still looks a bit rough and it’s probably not the cleanest district in London, however, you can just watch this video and decide for yourself, whether you would enjoy living in Elephant and Castle or not.

So well, is Elephant and Castle dangerous?

The answer is no, it’s not. However, just like in any big city, you need to be cautious and careful and you will be fine!

Actually, there are plenty of things to do in Elephant & Castle now: if you’re interested – head to this post about the best things to do in Elephant & Castle, where I talk about the most popular restaurants, coolest cafes and new openings!

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Also, if you watched my video and realised that Elephant & Castle is not your cup of tea, that’s completely find. In this post, you will find plenty of options where to live in London on any budget. Head to the post about the best places to live in London!

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