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Most instagrammable places in Malta | Guide from @lizatripsget

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Most instagrammable places in Malta & Gozo. Instagram guide to Malta

Hey guys, on my Instagram (@lizatripsget) you’ve been asking me a lot about the locations of my photos. So I decided to create a series on my blog, where I would tell you about the best Instagrammable places around the world. So this is the third post in the series and it’s called Instagram guide to Malta: discover the most photogenic places in Malta, Gozo and Comino, where I will describe you the best Instagrammable places in Malta!

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Malta, Gozo and Comino all belong to Malta (yes, Malta consists of 3 islands). If you’re interested to read about my adventures in Malta (including the detailed itinerary for 5 days) – head HERE. Bonus: there is also a video included, so you can actually see all these beautiful Instagrammable places in Malta yourself. So let’s get started.

Instagram guide to Malta: the most photogenic places in Malta [most Instagrammable places in Malta]

1. Popeye Village

Popeye Village is actually not a real village. It’s a former film set which was transformed into a tiny amusement park. In order to snap this shot you don’t actually have to pay for the ticket and get inside the park – just turn left at the entrance and walk for 100 meters.

Stunning Popeye Village, Malta

2. Tal-Mixta Cave (Gozo)

This cave is a hidden gem of Malta. I learned about this location from the local and man, it was so hard to get there! Nonetheless, it was really worth it: just look at the colour of the water!

Trip to Malta from London in December

3. Valetta

The entire city of Valetta is a rare catch for Instagrammers – the Old Town is full of beautiful doors, colorful buildings and amazing spots for taking photos!

5 day itinerary for Malta in winter or spring. Christmas in Malta., Valetta

4. Mdina

Mdina is the first capital of Malta (well, used to be many years ago). Now it’s a city with no cars (almost), that’s why it’s so quiet. Mdina has really beautiful doors as well and the city is tiny, so you won’t get lost.

Mdina, Malta, most instagrammable places in Malta

5. Malta Aquarium

Even though Malta Aquarium is not the most impressive one in the world, it was still nice to visit it. Moreover, I have discovered that Malta Aquarium is the perfect spot for pictures. Who would have guessed?

Malta Aquarium

6. Ramla Bay (Gozo)

This dreamy sandy beach with turquoise water is located on Gozo island. I actually brought my drone with me and snapped this beautiful photo from there.

Beautiful Gozo, Ramla Bay

7. Victoria Citadel (Gozo)

Victoria Citadel in Gozo has absolutely incredible views over the island of Gozo and is especially beautiful during the sunset.

Sunset in Gozo, Malta

8. Bonus: the Blue Lagoon and the Crystal Lagoon in Comino

I haven’t uploaded this photos to Instagram yet, so you have an exclusive preview of it. We were unlucky with the weather, but usually, when it’s sunny, the Blue Lagoon looks just marvellous. In you walk for about 20 minutes to the left, you will see the Crystal lagoon, which, in my opinion, was even more impressive!

Blue Lagoon, Malta

I hope you liked this Instagram guide to Malta (most Instagrammable places in Malta) and would like to visit some (or maybe all) of these Instagrammable spots in Malta. If you liked this post, please share it on Social Media, it would mean a lot to me. And don’t forget to give me a follow on @lizatripsget – you will see my best photos day or two after they were taken!

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Most Instagrammable places in Malta. Instagram Guide to Malta. Gozo, Popeye Village, Blue Lagoon Malta

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