4 days in Boa Vista in February | Cape Verde in winter

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Hi guys, in this post, I wanted to share with you our experience spending 4 days in Boa Vista in February. Visiting Cape Verde in winter was a good idea, although, to be honest with you, we did have some problems with the weather.

Cape Verde essentials and useful information

Cape Verde population: only 540.000
Cape Verde currency: Escudo, but euros are widely accepted (you can pay in Euros and sometimes in British pounds as well)
The best island of Cape Verde: there are over 10 islands and each of them is unique. All of them have great beaches.
Boa Vista flight time from London: around 6.5 hours
Cape Verde essentials: travel adapter (type C or E/F) or just buy this multi-country adapter, sunscreen, towel clips, light jacket or cardigan for colder evenings.

Riu Palace vs Iberostar Club Boa Vista. Best all-inclusive in Cape Verde (Boa Vista)

Weather in Cape Verde in winter

Cape Verde is located very far to the South, right opposite Cameroon in Africa. Because of its location, the weather in Cape Verde is warm all year long.

High season in Cape Verde: November – June
Low season in Cape Verde: July – October

If you’re planning to visit Cape Verde in winter, you can expect the temperature of 25 to 29 degrees; however, some days could be windy. We were rather unlucky with the weather, as we spent 4 days in Boa Vista in February and all the 4 days were very windy and slightly chilly. We needed a light jacket in the evenings, and after 3 pm, it was almost impossible to be on the beach, as the wind was strong. As a result, it was not very pleasant, unless we stayed at the beach wearing a hoodie.


4 days in Boa Vista in February: our experience

Our decision to go to Cape Verde was very sudden: we saw very affordable tickets online and decided to buy them. We purchased our tickets on TUI, and they were less than £230 per person. Initially, we wanted to buy a package, but for some reason, TUI didn’t sell packages for 4 days in Boa Vista, even though it did sell flights. In the end, we just booked a flight with TUI and bought our hotels independently.

Where to stay in Boa Vista in February

There are very few resorts in Boa Vista: 5 or 6.
When we were choosing a hotel for 4 days in Boa Vista, we decided to split our holiday into two parts and stay two days in one resort and two days in another. Our choice fell on Riu Palace Boa Vista and Iberostar Club Boa Vista. These were two of the best-rated all-inclusive resorts on the island, so we decided to check them out and compare them later. You can check this post with a detailed comparison of these two hotels, but if you don’t want to read it, I’ll say that I definitely recommend Riu Palace and I’m not so sure about Iberostar.

Can you swim in Boa Vista in February?

Most people come to Boa Vista in February looking for warm weather and a nice swim. However, it would help if you kept in mind that Cape Verde isn’t the best swimming destination. It’s an excellent destination for kite surfing as the winds are strong, but so are waves and swimming in the sea with such waves is undoubtedly dangerous. We had red flag during our 4 days in Boa Vista, and I was reading various forums to find out whether it happens a lot or not and realised that most people saw red flag during their entire stay in Cape Verde.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enter the ocean and stay very close to the beach. You can stay in the sea close to the coast and jump the waves, but I strongly advise against swimming.

If you’re fortunate and have a yellow flag during your stay in Boa Vista, be aware that the water isn’t that warm, but it’s not super cold either. The average water temperature in Boa Vista in February is around 19 degrees.

Swimming pools at the resorts in Boa Vista aren’t heated, so at times, it can be cold to swim there too (especially if the wind is too strong).

Cape Verde

What to do in Boa Vista besides staying at the resort?

If you’re wondering what is there to do in Boa Vista besides staying at the resort, well, there are some things you can do.

One of the most common activities is just walking on the beach. The beach in Cape Verde is stunning – it’s a long coast of white sandy beaches and dunes. It looks like a desert, and it’s fantastic for a walk. In total, we walked about 15 km during our four days in Cape Verde.

Other activities include learning how to kitesurf, diving and snorkelling (you need to buy a tour at your hotel, and they bring you to a reef).
You can also buy a 4×4 tour to ride around the most impressive dunes or purchase a whale watching tour!

Finally, you can book a taxi and head to the capital of Boa Vista to see how the locals live and spend their days.

Best all-inclusive hotel in Boa Vista

Summary of 4 days in Boa Vista in February | Cape Verde in winter

To summarise, we enjoyed our time in Boa Vista in February and Cape Verde in winter. We never expected it to be as pretty as it is and the beaches to be that impressive. The only downside is that you can’t swim, but if you’re fine staying in the pool, that should be okay. The food at the resorts in Cape Verde was amazing and very Spanish despite its remote location (I guess, most groceries were brought from the Canary Islands).

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