5 Steps to Secure Your Devices and Data While Traveling

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Read this post for 5 steps to secure your devices and data while traveling and why is it so important (it really is!)

It’s kind of a paradox. When we are at home in our normal stressful lives of school, work, or whatever we do, we are much less likely to run into any trouble. That’s because here we have a routine and keep things pretty stable.  

It’s only while travelling and, ironically, on vacation that we’re more likely to run into issues with thieves, hackers, and other kinds of fraudsters. 

While we are all ready to head out on our next big adventure, here are the things you need to do to ensure your digital devices stay safe while you’re on the go. 

5 steps to secure your devices and data while traveling

1. Turn on Passwords, Passcodes, and Other Device Features 

52% of people don’t password-protect their mobile devices. Think about all of the valuable things on your phone, like your personal photos and videos, emails, social media messages, financial apps, and more. 

Even if you’re headed nowhere, this is an absolute no-no. We get it, passwords can be annoying. Do you know what’s more annoying? Somebody breaking into your phone or being able to easily steal it since there is no password. 

Turn on your password now. If your device supports it, enable biometric security like fingerprint and facial recognition scan while you’re at it. This is not only very secure but almost as convenient as if you didn’t even have a passcode in the first place. 

2. Protect Your Internet Connection 

Just as you protect your phone from physical invaders with a password, so too must you arm yourself against digital threats. Since most hackers will attack you via the internet, your best tool is a VPN. 

VPNs both hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection, greatly enhancing your online security. They are especially important while travelling because they help increase privacy if you connect to risky public WiFi

Take advantage of VPN free trial offers (https://nordvpn.com/risk-free-vpn/), and find the best fit for your needs. You’ll thank me later! 

3. Never Leave Your Device Unattended 

Like every other suggestion on this list, this advice applies no matter where you are. Even if you are somewhere “safe”, you don’t know what can happen if you leave your devices unattended. 

In many cases, the best thing that happens is that your device is just stolen. You read that right. As much as you don’t want to replace your phone, it’s better than getting your identity stolen because someone managed to put malware on it without you noticing! 

Even if you have to get up for just a second, bring your device or ask a trusted individual to watch your device for you. Don’t forget to use hotel safes when you are not in your room. They are great places not only for your electronics but for your passports and jewelry too. 

4. Turn on “Find My” Type Apps 

iPhones, Androids, Windows, Macs all have some version of “Find My” software, so if your device does go lost or missing, you can hopefully track it down. 

However, the catch is you do have to make sure it’s up and running before your device disappears. And while the software has gotten better to have a “last known” location, the clock is generally ticking against you, so be sure to act fast! 

5. Insurance 

Insuring your devices is now very affordable. You have tons of options too. For example, AppleCare now offers damage alongside theft/loss coverage for everywhere around the world. You can also get plans specifically for your trip that bundles with travel health insurance. 

While hopefully you never have to make a claim, you’ll be happy you had it if you do. 

Keep Your Devices Safe While Traveling

Whether you want a local SIM card so you can have access to maps on the go, would like to binge-watch Netflix on the beach, or just snap a few photos, your devices are the key to have an amazing trip. 

I hope you liked this post about 5 steps to secure your devices and data while traveling. Do yourself a favour and start integrating these steps to ensure you’ll be ready for whatever your travels throw your way.

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