5 tricks to help you survive long-haul flights: why you should get a pair of Moccis?

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If you’re flying often or taking some long-haul flights from time to time, you probably already know how tiring flying is. There are people who postpone travelling to some amazing exotic vacations because they don’t feel comfortable about flying for 10+ hours and think it’s going to be a nightmare. Well, don’t be scared. I take long-haul flights at least 2-4 times a year and it’s all about these 5 tricks that will help you survive the flights.

5 tricks to help you survive long-haul flights

1. Comfortable shoes – get yourself a pair of Moccis (or better two).

Comfortable shoes are really important for a long-haul flight. Most of the people can’t bring another pair of shoes with them to the plane (I agree, that’s too much hassle), so they take off their shoes and…freeze. Yes, sometimes it’s really cold on the planes. So, here’s the perfect solution for you – get yourself (and your family) a pair of Moccis. What are Moccis? They are quality hand-sewn Scandinavian (Swedish to be precise) moccasin, that are insanely comfortable, don’t take much space, are warm and look super cute!

Moccis Hand-Sewn Cute Scandinavian shoes

I tried them out during my last flight and slept like a baby!

Moccis Hand-Sewn Cute Scandinavian shoes

There are many designs, so you can definitely choose the one you like. Also, if you have a baby, there is nothing cuter than mom and baby in the moccis of the same design!

Best socks / shoes for a flight


2. Water

You probably have heard of this one, but drinking water and hydrating your skin is really important. So whenever a crew member passes by with a drink cart, don’t hesitate to ask for water. Also, I would recommend you to bring a small tube of hydrating facial cream and moisturising hand cream and apply them to your face and hands every 4-5 hours.

3. Right seat

Yes, during the long-haul flights there is such a thing as a right seat. My trick is to choose an aisle to sit in the middle row – this way I can stand up whenever I want, but I also can sleep – because there is just one person next to me who can potentially ask me to stand up in order to go to the toilet/for a walk.

4. Exercise

Here, I don’t mean you to bring your gym clothes and perform a circuit training in the aisle of the plane. It’s important to just stand up from time to time (every 2 hours or so) and walk for a while to the toilet or back. It will really help your blood circulation and vessels, especially on your legs. That’s why people with varicose veins are advised to bring some special compression socks and stand up quite often during the flight.

5. Right gear

If you’re planning to sleep during the long-haul flight (and that’s very important if you want to be active during your first day in the country you’re flying to), you need to bring special gear for all occasions: noise cancelling headphones or earplugs, a sleep mask and an inflatable pillow. Most of the airlines can provide you with a blanket, so no need to get one. And of course, don’t forget about the point 1 – the shoes and get the hand-sewn Moccis for yourself and your loved ones.

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all the opinions are our own!

Want to win a pair of Moccis? Comment below where would you use Moccis apart from wearing them on a long-haul flight! Best comment gets a pair of Moccis!

Moccis Hand-Sewn Swedish Moccasin

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4 thoughts on “5 tricks to help you survive long-haul flights: why you should get a pair of Moccis?”

  1. I’d LOVE a pair of Moccisi! Not sure if the contest is still open or not. I’m Canadian, living in the UK and I’d wear the slippers on flights back to Canada, or for wearing around the house on chilly winter nights.

  2. Hi! Just found your blog but I really like it. I would wear Moccis camping! They would be perfect! We love to camp in the mountains in the summer, and the nights are chilly!!! I love the plane idea because my feet are usually cold and we have a long flight coming up soon. 🙂


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