6 Things to Do on Your Travels in Canada

6 Things to Do on Your Travels in Canada
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Canada truly is one of the most multi-faceted, multicultural countries on Earth. As a proud part of North America and a keen player in the Commonwealth, Canada is a country that prefers making friends rather than enemies. With a rich heritage and pristine natural wonders, it’s unsurprising why so many people put Canada on their bucket list of places to see before they die. Heck, we’ve even listed it as one of the best places to visit before you turn 30! If you are planning a trip to the Great White North, check out this cluster of activities to savour during your time in the world’s second-largest nation.

Banff National Park

Alberta’s Banff National Park is one of the longest-established World Heritage Sites in Canada. It’s world-renowned for its natural beauty with the Rocky Mountains in close proximity, as well as its enchanting thermal hot springs that make for a wonderful experience after a busy day hiking. In terms of hiking, there are over a thousand miles of hiking trails that can be explored on foot. Watch out for those blisters!

Talk an EdgeWalk on the wild side in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most popular cities to explore in Canada. It’s got a fantastic multicultural scene and some of the most spectacular views in the country from its CN Tower. This iconic 1,815-foot tower operates an EdgeWalk experience allowing you to walk around the top of the tower from the outside – whilst wearing a harness, of course!

6 Things to Do on Your Travels in Canada

Head to the polar bear capital of the world

Take a trip to the great outdoors in Manitoba, this subarctic outpost that very few people will have heard of. Nevertheless, once you’ve experienced it you’ll never forget it. This place is the polar bear capital of the world, with November the best time of the year to visit the polar bears migrating towards the ice caps of Hudson Bay. The locals will sometimes see them meandering through town, so you’ll have to be on your guard!

6 Things to Do on Your Travels in Canada

Discover Canada’s iGaming scene

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the closest points to the United States you can get whilst being in Canada. It’s about an hour and a half from Toronto by car but it’s totally worth the wait. The three cascades that make up the Niagara Falls are guaranteed to take your breath away. There’s really nothing better on a humid summer’s day than to feel the steam from the Falls on your face.

Skate Ottawa’s Rideau Canal

Finally, what better way to feel festive at Christmas time than to get your skates on and head along to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal. This 202-kilometre stretch is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and now has a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest ice rink to freeze naturally, bringing families and people of all ages to the city with free access for all.

  1. Lydia says:

    Canada is probably one of the most mesmerizing travel destinations I have been to, Liza! Your list is so detailed and contains the most important places which are a must visit there. I would also recommend exploring the beautiful islands there, such as Ellesmere and Cape Breton. 🙂

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