7 free travel apps, which will save you A LOT of time

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What is the most important asset in your life? TIME. No matter, how poor or rich you are, our time on Earth is unfortunately very limited. So here, I wanted to tell you about 7 free travel apps, which will save you a lot of time, so you can spend it on some other things.

Some years ago people were using books instead of apps in order to find inspiration for travelling. I can still remember the times, when I was trembling each time I would open a huge book with 100 most scenic locations in the world. Do many people buy books for travel inspiration now, when all the information is available online? We are living in the era of information, and the biggest challenge nowadays is not to find information per se, but filter the most important and relevant information to satisfy your needs and save your time. The new generation of free travel apps aims to help you find exactly what to you want – in no time.

So here are 7 terrific apps, which will save you A LOT of time:

1. Instagram

Discovering new amazing places couldn’t be easier nowadays. After setting up your account you check the most popular photos in various hashtags or locations. If you like someone’s account – you follow them. There are so many travel bloggers, who are on the go all the time – travelling nonstop and they share their best photos tagging location. That’s how many places became incredibly popular over time, Cappadocia in Turkey is a great example. Who hasn’t seen incredible photos from the balloon show all over Instagram? Save happened to the Eltz castle, while a year ago only the savviest travellers new about this magical castle.

Instagram can be both: helpful and dangerous. You learn about new wonderful places, but at the same time previously hidden gems of the world end up being overcrowded and, even damaged.

free travel apps

2. Booking.com

Booking.com created a free travel app, which helps you to find a hotel which best suits your needs. No need to blindly trust the tour operators and agree to whatever they suggest. Now you can decide, where do you want to stay and read reviews of thousands of other people, who have already stayed in this place. The app of booking.com helps you to save plenty of time because of the filters and criteria they have for every hotel: you can choose your available budget, preferred hotel type, and many other parameters – all that – to find a perfect accommodation for your holiday.

3. Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator

Tripsget is probably the leader in terms of time-saving when planning your trip. In case your travel budget is limited and you really care how much are you going to spend during your vacation, check this destination on Tripsget. The app tells you exactly, how much money you would need abroad based on your travelling habits and spending level – no need to check blogs and research the prices in Paris, for example. And the coolest thing about Tripsget Trip Cost Calculator? Right, we developed it. So feel free to leave your feedback & and we’ll come up with a solution! And if you want to learn more about the app, head here.tripsget trip cost calculator

4. Hopper

Hopper is a great app, which tracks the flight prices and tells you when exactly to buy this ticket you wanted to buy for a long time. No need to monitor flight aggregators every single day – another great way to save time.

5. Road trippers

Another interesting time-saving app is Road trippers – right now it works the best in the USA, but hopefully, it will expand to Europe and Asia. Planning road trips got so easy with this app because it shows you all the most interesting spots of your choice on your way from point A to point B. You don’t have to ask your relatives, who did this trip in the 80s anymore – all the best places are on the map in front of you.

6. Google Trips & Google Translate

Google Trips is probably one of the best free travel apps ever created. People, who travel very often, sometimes forget to plan their trip at all. Has it ever happened to you? Well, it has to me. Suddenly I found myself standing in the middle of Amsterdam with my backpack, no data on my phone and no information about any of the bookings I made. If you’re just like me, Google trips will have you covered – most probably you’ll find all your travel details in the office app: from the map of the city to your hotel (if you didn’t forget to book one, of course). Also, Google Translate is definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re travelling to China, Japan or some other country, which uses characters you can’t possibly input in your phone by typing it. Google translate can actually translate the contents of a photo, so that’s how we managed to open my weird Japanese lemonade!

7. Foursquare

Planning a trip can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to the restaurants. In fact, only a few people check the restaurants in the location they are planning to visit during the trip planning phase. Foursquare has a huge community of people, who review everything – from restaurants to their own flats and based on the reviews you can find a decent place to eat in the city, based on your needs and wants. Want to have some Mexican food in London? Don’t worry, you can even sort them by the relevance and rating. In some countries, you can even book a table via Foursquare, and that saves you a lot of time. So why not include Foursquare to the list of the best free travel apps? That’s what I did.

What about you? What is your favourite travel app?

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3 thoughts on “7 free travel apps, which will save you A LOT of time”

  1. Love this list – i’ve recently discovered booking.com and only used it for UK trips so far, but it’s very tempting to browse all the european city hotels! I find one of the best things is the free cancellation on many room. Never heard of google trips so off to check that out now! Lovely post – cheers.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Jules! Google trips is the best app ever – even if you forget to plan something in advance, it can save you!

  2. great article, check out this app also: ATM Fee Saver, it kind off saves time 😀 and mostly MONEEYY… it gives a list with ATMs and their fees and limits. its super helpful for travelling!


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