Tips for traveling to Iceland: 7 things you need to know

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In this posts, you’ll find about 7 tips for traveling to Iceland, which you probably need to know, if you haven’t been to this beautiful country before. Unlike my other post about my solo trip to Iceland in March, this post is going to be short and concise.

Top 7 tips for traveling to Iceland:

1. Don’t be afraid to travel alone

Actually, I went to Iceland alone and was alone during the whole duration of my trip. Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world and in case you’re staying in Reykjavik, this is such a tiny city, I doubt anything bad can happen to you.

2. You don’t really need to exchange your money at all

I never needed cash in Iceland. Literally, every tiny shop and kebab place accept cards. It’s very convenient, especially if you only arrive for a couple of days.

3. Three days are enough to get an impression of Iceland

Of course, you won’t be able to get to the distant locations but remember that most of the remarkable places are located around Reykjavik. A good plan would be:
– Leave one day for Reykjavik and the evening of that day for Northern Lights excursion
– One day excursion e.g. Golden circle (waterfall, geysers etc) with spa
– Blue Lagoon on the third day before going to the airport

The plan depends on the time of the year though. The one I provided for reference is perfect for early spring when there is snow everywhere.


4. Be prepared for the fact that your flight could be delayed

The weather in Iceland is really unpredictable and the storms are usually super heavy. Be ready to wait to depart for a while. As for me, my flight from Edinburgh to Reykjavik was 12 hours instead of 2 due to a stop in Egilsstadir. Even though the flight was quite scary due to strong wind and storm, I had a chance to see half of Iceland from the plane.

5. Everything will be very expensive

Iceland is a very expensive country, so plan your budget carefully. Just for reference, simple soup with a bun costs 1000-1400 ISK (up to 7-8 pounds). And you definitely won’t be full by having the soup only.
However, you can save a lot on transport. Reykjavik is such a small city that you can get everywhere on foot. Here’s a post about how expensive is Iceland: How much money do you need in Iceland?

6. Don’t hesitate to book excursions online

When I arrived in Iceland, I had everything prepaid and booked, including the airport transfer. It was secure and safe and I knew that I’ll see everything I wanted to see.

You can check the prices and the availability of the excursions on Get Your Guide.

P.s.: Sometimes tours get cancelled due to weather conditions. In case, you have already paid and there is no way to reschedule the excursion (you’re leaving next day or simply unavailable), you’ll get a refund. I got mine quite fast.

7. Visit blue lagoon or other attractions where you could swim outdoors

Even if it’s winter, you won’t freeze. On the contrary, swimming outdoors in amazing warm water when it’s minus 5 outside will be one of the biggest highlights in your swimming history.

Hopefully, these 7 tips for traveling to Iceland tips were useful for you! Liked this post about tips for traveling to Iceland? Share it on Pinterest!

Tips for traveling to Iceland: 7 things you need to know before going to Iceland

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  1. Great set of Iceland tips!

    We visited last year and absolutely loved it and couldn’t agree more with your 7 tips, especially that everything is going to be expensive. We were surprised by the prices but the scenery totally made up for it 🙂


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