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Are you planning a trip to Seychelles and not quite sure where to stay and which island to pick? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll tell you about the best places and affordable hotels in Seychelles: in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue – if you’re not sure where to stay in Seychelles. There are plenty of affordable hotels and great self-catering apartments in Seychelles and I will tell you about some of them.

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Where to stay in Seychelles: Affordable hotels in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue

Affordable hotels in Mahe, Seychelles: hotels, self-catering apartments and b&b.

Mahe is the biggest island in Seychelles. The capital, Victoria, is also located in Mahe. To explore the island property, you would need to rent a car, however, if you’re coming to Mahe, there is no lack of nice affordable hotels there. I wasn’t sure if I will like Mahe at all, however, to be honest, it was the island I probably liked the most in Seychelles! If you’re just coming to relax and aren’t keen on renting a car, you can check out this tour of the entire island of Mahe. Also, you can arrange your airport transfer to your guesthouse or hotel in Mahe here.

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– Ocean Terrace

For stunning views and a gorgeous swimming pool, you can stay at the Ocean Terrace (check the availability now). It’s still in the affordable range, but staying there, you can really afford luxury for less. The location and the views are truly stunning and it has breakfast included. The only downside – you REALLY need a car and you will have to drive to the beach, as the hotel is located on a hill, which is really steep.

Photo credit: Ocean Terrace

– 88 Days Self-Catering Holidays & Accommodation

Another of the affordable hotels in Seychelles (or better to say self-catering accommodation) is 88 Days – check the prices and availability now. Unlike Ocean Terrace, it’s located on the beach (Baie Lazare) and you don’t need to drive anywhere to swim. It’s also one of the best-rated properties in Mahe, so make sure to book early, as it gets sold out really quickly! We had dinner in a restaurant called Oscars nearby, so make sure to check it out, as it was great!

Affordable self-catering in Seychelles
Photo credit: 88 days

– Ocean View Guesthouse

Another affordable guesthouse in Seychelles (in Mahe) is Ocean View Guest House (check its price and availability now). It’s not a beachfront property, however, it’s very close to the beach – a short walk away and it’s very affordable and well-rated. You also get breakfast included and you can walk to Beau Vallon – a very popular area in Mahe. It’s perfect if you want to combine a beach holiday with a bit of island exploration, as you can always go for a swim in the morning or at night. 

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Gorgeous Beau Vallon beach

– Takamaka Green Village

We stayed 2 nights at the affordable B&B in Seychelles called Takamaka Green Village and we had mixed feelings. The B&B consists of multiple villas and there are 3-4 apartments (not sure how many exactly) in each of the villas. The rooms are gorgeous, however, there were roadworks nearby and they always made a lot of noise, however, they must be over by now. There was also almost no signal there and wifi never worked, so it’s a perfect place if you’re looking for a proper digital detox.

However, there was an amazing beach – Takamaka beach nearby, just 5-7 minutes walking. 

Affordable hotels & apartments in Seychelles | Seychelles on a budget
Our room at Takamaka Green Village
Affordable hotels & apartments in Seychelles | Seychelles on a budget
Our balcony at Takamaka Green Village

Cheap hotels in Praslin: B&Bs, self-catering and villas in Praslin 

Praslin is the second biggest island in Seychelles, however, it’s pretty small. You can drive it all in less than an hour. However, you still need a car. We rented ours through Capricorn Car rental and it was great. We can only recommend them.  I also loved Praslin and was happy to stay there for 3 days. Praslin’s nicest beach is Anse Lazio and if you want a proper beach holiday – you need to stay nearby.

– Le Chevalier Bay Guesthouse 

Le Chevalier Bay Guesthouse is the only guesthouse located right next to Anse Lazio and it’s perfect if you’re planning to swim most of the time in Seychelles. Check the prices and availability now!

Credit: Le Chevalier Bay Guesthouse
Anse Lazio Photo locations in Seychelles
Anse Lazio

– Ocean Jewels Resort

Ocean Jewels Resort is very far from Anse Lazio (40 minutes driving), however, it’s an amazing affordable resort that consists of many self-catering apartments and that’s where we stayed 3 days in Praslin, so I can’t recommend it enough. We liked it a lot. Our apartment was huge and we had a proper kitchen with all the tools provided. The room was cleaned daily and there was a beach as well. However, we were there for Christmas and during this time, that side of Seychelles wasn’t great for swimming, so we ended up always driving to Anse Lazio and the places nearby. 

Check the prices and availability of Ocean Jewels Resort now!

Ocean Jewels Resort

– L’Hirondelle Self Catering Guest House

Another great (and one of the best-rated hotels in Praslin) is L’Hirondelle Self-Catering guest house. Located near Anse Possession, it’s really in a strategic location between Anse Lazio and the ferry port and it also has a lot of restaurants and businesses nearby. 

Affordable hotels in La Digue, Seychelles

La Digue is the smallest island out of the 3 main islands in Seychelles and that’s the only place, where you don’t need a car and can rent a bike instead. La Digue has one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world – Anse Source D’Argent and we spent many hours swimming and snorkelling in this paradise. The only downside, you need to buy a ticket to enter the area of the beach and it’s not that cheap at all. 

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– Coral Apartments

One of the top apartments in La Digue is Coral Apartments and it’s located close to Anse Reunion. It’s nice, quiet, has a great breakfast and overall, is a great place for a holiday in La Digue. 

Best affirdable hotels in La Digue
Credit: patatranvillage2016

– Elje Villa

One of the very few properties and affordable accommodations in La Digue in Seychelles is Elje Villa. The location is great and it also has an amazing rating. You can walk to the Anse Reunion in no time and there are many shops and restaurants nearby. 

Affordable hotels & apartments in Seychelles | Seychelles on a budget

I hope it was not too much and you aren’t overwhelmed will all these amazing affordable hotels in Seychelles. Please let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to read my other posts about Seychelles. 

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