Best Christmas spots to visit in London | Christmas Markets, Lights & Shops

Christmas Spots in London, Carnaby
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Hi guys, in this post, I’d like to share with you the best Christmas spots to visit in London – best Christmas Markets, ice skating rinks, Christmas lights, photo locations, shops and more. 

Where to stay in London?

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Best Christmas spots to visit in London | Christmas Markets, Lights & Shops

Best Christmas spots to visit in London:

Leicester Square

One of my favourite Christmas Markets in London is located right in the middle of Leicester Square near Picadilly Circus tube station. The location couldn’t have been more centric – if you’re a tourist in London, you will definitely visit this place. If you’re a local, I’m sure you are visiting Soho from time to time to visit one of the new trendy spots, so why not to visit the Leicester Square Christmas Market?

Best Christmas spots to visit in London | Christmas Markets, Lights & Shops

Covent Garden

There is no Christmas Market in Covent Garden, I’m afraid, however, its Christmas decorations are amazing and that makes it a perfect spots for photos in Christmassy London.

Covent Garden, London

Best Ice Skating rinks in London

There are plenty of amazing ice skating rinks in London that are constructed specially for Christmas holidays. Some of my favourite Ice Skating rinks in London include:

  • Somerset House Ice Skating Rink
  • The ice rink in Canary Wharf
  • The ice skating rink in front of the Museum of Natural History in London

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Market in Hyde Park is one of the biggest Christmas Markets in Europe. It gets an insane amount of visitors, so prepare to queue for 30 min – 1 hour to get in on a busy day. If you’re planning to visit Winter Wonderland before the crowds get in, head there around 2pm on weekends or simply during the working week. 
Looking for Christmas Markets outside London as well? Here’s my post about the absolutely best Christmas Markets in Europe that you need to visit at least once!

Best Christmas spots to visit in London | Christmas Markets, Lights & Shops

Peggy Porshen 

Peggy Porshen is the iconic instagrammable spot in London that gets new decorations every season. My favourite so far have been the Christmas Decorations, so you can definitely head there for great photos. 

Most instagrammable places in London - Peggy Porshen Cakes

Regent Street

One of the most beautifully decorated streets in London is Regent Street – it’s incredibly nice and festive and it’s just lovely to walk there. 

Christmas Market near Waterloo – Southbank Centre

Another Christmas Market to visit in London is the Wintertime at Southbank Centre – unlike Winter Wonderland that is inspired by German Christmas Markets, the Wintertime is inspired by Scandinavia! Scandinavian Christmas Markets are actually amazing (I visited Danish city Aarhus last year and was honestly impressed – more about my experience in this post). 

Winterwille in Clapham Common

Another iconic Christmas Market in London for those who are based in SE or South London and have no desire to head to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. There are a lot of nice eats, shows and attractions, so you won’t leave Winterwille without buying something. 


The iconic department store in London looks great before Christmas and it also has its iconic floor of beautiful Christmas decorations – if you like special decor – head there. Selfridges is also one of my favourite department stores in London – you can buy almost anything there. 

Igloos in London

If you want to have a cozy dinner in an igloo, but you’re not planning to travel anytime soon, you can head to Jimmy’s Lodge on the river – you need to book in advance, though, the demand for the igloos is huge.  If Waterloo igloos are fully booked, you can try your luck in Coppa Club winter igloos. Alternatively, you can also book Igloos at the Sipping Room and at the Aviary. 

St. Pancras International or Somerset House Christmas trees

If you’re looking for the best Christmas trees in London, you can either head to St. Pancras International or to the Somerset House – both of the Christmas trees look amazing. 

Best Christmas spots to visit in London | Christmas Markets, Lights & Shops

Christmas in Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens are the most famous botanic garden in London. You might think, what is there to do in a botanic garden in winter? Well, there is the amazing Christmas installation with the chorus of singing trees, lights and piano music. Read more about the Christmas in Kew Gardens here.

Carnaby Christmas Lights

Another spot to visit for Christmas in London is the famous Carnaby street that is nicely decorated for Christmas. It’s just a few steps away from Regent Street, so don’t worry, you won’t have to walk a lot. 

Trafalgar Square

Do you think there’s nothing for Christmas at one of the most important and famous squares in England? No, it can’t be. Head to the Trafalgar Square for a huge Christmas tree and a choirs singing traditional Christmas songs. 

The Montague Ski Lodge

And the last, but not least of the best spots in London for Christmas is the Montague Ski Lodge located at the Montague street (who would have thought?). It’s a very lovely place that looks just like a chalet or a ski lodge somewhere in Austria or Switzerland. 

Here’s how London is decorated for Christmas in 2018:

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