We tried 40+ Croissants: Here Are The 11 Best Croissants in London

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In this article, we’ll take you on a mouth-watering journey, introducing you to the best croissants in London. So, whether you’re a seasoned croissant connoisseur or just starting your pastry journey, get ready to discover the most delicious croissants in London.

Initially, we just wanted to film a video for our Tik Tok channel, trying different plain croissants and rating them, but the video blew up, so we decided to film a couple more videos trying more croissants from recommendations in the comments. Over the course of 6 months, we’ve tried over 40 different croissants! While there are countless bakeries and cafes across the city that serve croissants, not all are created equal. Some are too dense, others too dry, and many are simply not worth the calories. 

It was tough to determine the winners, but we compiled a list of the 11 best croissants in London that you absolutely need to try! This post is not sponsored by any bakeries, nor were we invited to try anything for free – we paid for all the croissants with our own money. 

Ready to find out about London’s best plain croissants? Without further ado, let’s get started! 

We tried 40+ different croissants: here are the 11 best croissants in London (plain croissant guide)

Patisserie Sainte Anne, Hammersmith

The absolute best croissant in London was actually the last one we tried. It was a recommendation from a French person who watched one of our Tik Toks, and it was perhaps one of the least hyped bakeries in London. I haven’t seen it mentioned in pretty much any of the articles about the best croissants and pastries in London!

Why is Patisserie Sainte Anne so amazing?

Well, first of all, all pastries are made using traditional French techniques and the highest quality ingredients. The classic butter croissant is light and flaky with a delicate buttery taste. When we first visited this bakery, they had just finished baking a batch of croissants, so all of them were still warm – these croissants were the best ones we have ever tried. Period. 

However, the next time we tried croissants there, they weren’t warm, however, they were still super nice ad buttery! They also have chocolate and almond croissants and pan aux chocolate – I found those lovely as well. 

What else can you get there?

Apart from croissants, Patisserie Sainte Anne offers an impressive range of French pastries, cakes, and tarts, all of which are beautifully presented in the display cabinets. We tried all the flavours of macaroons – and they were great! There is also a small range of savoury items, including quiches, sandwiches, and salads and you can also buy baguettes, which were among the best we tried in London. The sandwiches are also made using these baguettes! 

Overall, Patisserie Sainte Anne offers a truly authentic French experience in the heart of London and is perhaps the only authentic French bakery in the city! Note that it’s a takeaway only, one thing to keep in mind!

Croissant rating: 10/10 – perfectly flakey, buttery and absolutely delicious!

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

(Multiple locations), we tried the one in Clapham Junction

Aux Merveilleux de Fred is our runner up in this London croissant rating! While Aux Merveilleux de Fred doesn’t specialise in pastries like Patisserie Sainte Anne does, they have amazing croissants and other baked goods. The pastries are made fresh daily, and you can taste the care and attention that goes into each one.

The thing they specialise in is actually a unique type of pastry called “merveilleux,” which translates to “marvellous” in English, and is a traditional French pastry that originated in northern France (Lille, to be precise). It is very airy and very delicious! It almost melts in your mouth.

After trying a merveilleux, we thought the croissants at Aux Merveilleux de Fred wouldn’t have any flavour, but we were wrong! 

Even though it was the end of the day and the croissants had been outside for at least a couple of hours, they still tasted fantastic! They were buttery, flakey and very delicious!

Hence, we would give Aux Merveilleux de Fred 9 out of 10 for their croissants!

Wood Street Bakery, Walthamstow

This entry might surprise you, but our third favourite croissant in London was in this little bakery in Walthamstow called Wood Street Bakery! The bakery is housed in a cosy, rustic-style building, with a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel instantly at home.

Wood Street Bakery’s selection of bread is their standout feature, with a wide range of artisanal loaves. The sourdough is perfect there! The bakery sources its flour from a local mill and uses organic, free-range eggs and meat in its baked goods. This focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing is reflected in the quality of the products, which are both delicious and responsibly produced.

Their croissants are amazing – lightweight, buttery, flakey and absolutely delicious! 9/10

Aux Pains de Papy, King’s Cross

Aux Pains de Papy is a tiny bakery located in King’s Cross neighbourhood. The interior of the bakery is a bit underwhelming and there isn’t really much place to sit. However, amazing croissants make up for the interior and atmosphere! 

The croissants at Aux Pains de Papy are flaky, with a buttery exterior and a soft, chewy center. They are made using traditional French methods, including a slow fermentation process that ensures maximum flavour and texture. The bakery also offers a range of other classic French pastries, such as pain au chocolat and almond croissants, as well as savoury items like quiches and sandwiches.

What sets Aux Pains de Papy apart is its dedication to using high-quality, organic ingredients in its products. The bakery sources its flour from a small mill in France and uses organic butter and eggs in its baking. 

Overall, I think Aux Pains de Papy bake some of the best croissants in London and they deserve at least 8.5 out of 10!

Aux Pains de Papy, King's Cross - London's bet croissants

Layla, Notting Hill

If you’re in the mood for some seriously scrumptious baked goods, then you definitely need to check out Layla. This awesome artisan bakery is located in a lovely area of Ladbroke Grove, minutes away from Notting Hill. They’re all about sourcing only the freshest, most seasonal ingredients and using wild grains and ancient baking techniques to create the most delectable bread, pastries, sweet treats, and sandwiches you’ve ever tasted.

Layla is totally dedicated to the art of mindful baking, and they work closely with their trusted suppliers to ensure that everything they make is crafted with care and attention to detail. You can taste the difference in every bite! Whether you’re in the mood for a flaky croissant, a hearty sandwich, or a sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, Layla Bakery has got you covered.

Layla specialises in sourdough bread, pastries, sausage rolls and spiced buns. However, they also serve focaccias and cheese toasties during lunch. The croissants we tried in Layla were delicious! They weren’t as buttery as some other croissants above, but the flakiness and texture were amazing! 

We would give Layla solid 8.5 out of 10.

Jolene N16

(multiple locations, we tried the Newington Green branch)

If you love pastries, then Jolene Bakery & Restaurant is the place to be. This mini-chain and its flagship bakery & restaurant in the Newington Green neighbourhood has got fresh-baked breads and pastries that will make your mouth water. They’ve got all the classics like sourdough, rye, and focaccia, as well as an ever-changing selection of sweet treats that will satisfy your cravings.

The bakery at Jolene is all about using seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques to create the most delicious baked goods. They work with local farmers and suppliers to ensure that everything they use is fresh and high-quality. Plus, the staff is always super friendly and welcoming, so you’ll feel right at home as you savour every bite.

However, Jolene isn’t just a bakery. It also has a restaurant with a menu that changes every day. If you want to know what they are serving today, you need to check out their Instagram page! 

Jolene has great croissants and some of the best savoury pasties we’ve ever tried in London, however, consistency is their problem. The pastries in Newington Green were amazing, while the ones in their small bakery in Hackney weren’t that good. We would give it 8.5/10 but only for the Newington Green Jolene. 

The Bread Station (The Snapery East)

Bread Station is a busy bakery located in a very trendy area of London Fields. It specialises in organic Danish baking and sourdough. Its artisanal bread is pretty famous in London. The cafe has undergone some changes, as it was recently acquired by another company and merged together to create The Snapery East. However, the space itself is awesome – it’s located under a bridge in a typical industrial-style arch with a lot of character. 

The croissants at the Bread Station are definitely unique – they don’t taste like traditional French Croissants, however, if you like sourdough, you will love them! They have this distinct sourdough flavour and are slightly chewy, but in a very good way! 


Bread By Bike, Kentish Town

Another lovely sourdough bakery is located in Kentish Town, North London. Bread by Bike was recommended to us by a colleague who used to live nearby and always went to this bakery all the time. If you’re a fan of artisanal bread and handmade pastries, then you’re in for a treat there!

At Bread By Bike, you’ll find a wide range of freshly baked bread, pastries, and cakes, made with top-quality ingredients and traditional techniques. From sourdough loaves to croissants, cinnamon buns to almond tarts, there’s something for everyone there. 

What sets Bread By Bike apart is that they use organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and they deliver their goods by bicycle! They have two separate spaces as well – one for takeaway only and one for sitting in is located in a lovely cafe.

Croissants at Bread by Bike were great! They were fresh, had perfect crust and lovely flavour. If you’re living nearby, give Bread by Bike a try (and don’t forget to try their breads as well). 


Comptoir Gourmand 

(Multiple locations) – we tried the one in Borough Market

Comptoir Gourmand is a chain of French bakeries located in Central London. They have a few bakeries around the London Bridge area (including a stall in Borough Market) and a small bakery open only on weekdays in Soho. Besides traditional sweet classics pastries, they also serve quiches, sarnies, and salad.

Their decor is proper cosy, with rustic wooden furniture, vintage posters, and exposed brick walls giving off some serious Parisian vibes. We only went to a stall in Borough Market, and I also visited Comptoir Gourmand in Soho a couple of times. The croissant we tried in Borough Market was great and so was the Pan Au Chocolat. Even though they were lying outside the whole day, they kept his amazing buttery flavour despite being a bit soggy! However, I can only imagine how amazing they must taste when being just straight out of the oven. 

Comptoir Gourmand in Soho was a bit disappointing – I tried an almond croissant on Friday and it tasted like it was baked at least a few days ago. It wasn’t great, so I couldn’t even finish it.

However, as we are rating the best plain croissants in London here, I would still rate Comptoir Gourmand 8 out of 10 as their plain croissants and pan au chocolat are amazing. 

We tried 50+ Croissants: Here Are The 11 best Croissants in London - Comptoir Gourmand

Pavilion Bakery

(Multiple locations, we tried the one in London fields)

Located in East London and Cornwall, Pavillion bakery is all about serving up great baked goods in a relaxed and trendy atmosphere. Their bread is made with traditional techniques and top-quality locally sourced ingredients. But it’s their pastries and cakes that really steal the show. From flaky croissants to fabulous chocolate tarts, Pavillion’s pastry game is on point. We went to Pavillion Bakery in London fields, in the heart of Broadway Market. Despite a very competitive market with lots of cafes and bakeries around, Pavillion was very busy and almost sold out on their staples already around 11am on a Sunday! 

We tried a croissant and a pan au chocolat there and they both had amazing texture, but just didn’t have this fantastic butter flavour, but still tasted very very good!


The Little Bread Pedlar

(Multiple locations – we tried the one in Pimlico)

Finally, last but not least in this rating of London’s best plain croissants is the Little Bread Pedlar. Keep in mind that we tried over 40 different bakeries in London and these are the best out of best! The Little Bread Pedlar has been around since 2010, and they’ve opened a few bakeries in different parts of London since then. We had a chance to try the one in Pimlico, located relatively close to the tube station. 

The Little Bread Pedlar’s croissants are great. They are flaky, a bit bland, and just the right amount of chewy. The pastries are just as delicious, too – from rich chocolatey pain au chocolat to lovely fruit tarts and cakes. 

7.5 out of 10! 

Some hyped bakeries in London with the worst croissants (in our humble opinion)

  • Pophams – their sandwiches are great, but croissants are constantly burnt and taste like bread. Genuinely one of the worst croissants from hyped bakeries that we tried in London 
  • E5 Bakehouse – arguably even worse than Pophams – the croissant there was made from wholewheat flour and tasted like… wholewheat bread. If you’re treating yourself to a croissant and eating all these calories, at least eat something delicious! 
  • Fortitude Bakery – croissants are probably not their speciality because they weren’t great.

Other bakeries and cafes, where we’ve tried croissants:

(didn’t make the cut for the best croissants):

Pret-a-manger, Gail’s, Miel, Yeast Bakery, Maison Bertaux, Hart & Lova, Coffee Nero, Starbucks, Eataly, Chestnut Bakery, Oree, Kossofs, Hotwhites Enfield, Claud W Dennis, Dan & Decarlo, Farm Girl, Margot Bakery, Sourdough Sophia, Pure, Paul, Le Pain Quotidien, Patisserie Valerie, Upper Crust, Family Bakery (Southgate).

Summary of the best [plain] croissants in London!

Alright, we tried over 40 different croissants over the course of the last few months and decided on our winners – the best 11 best croissants in London! Among our top picks, there are amazing bakeries, such as Patisserie Sainte Anne in Hammersmith, offering an authentic French experience with high-quality ingredients and traditional French techniques. Aux Merveilleux de Fred was also a standout with its unique “merveilleux” pastry. Wood Street Bakery in Walthamstow and Aux Pains de Papy in King’s Cross were also impressive for their delicious and responsibly produced croissants.

Which is your favourite bakery in London? Leave it in the comments below and we will definitely check it out! 

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  2. Thanks for being real – i.e. not falling for the hype and interior design … I wish you could do the same for almond croissants! I feel like you can feel the quality of the almond paste easily and it makes a great difference. I loved IRENE (which doesn’t get the twice-baked treatment) and it’s my favorite so far.


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