Best travel skincare routine using travel size natural cosmetics by Ermana

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In this post, I’d love to tell you about the best travel skincare routine with the natural cosmetics. I have my new favourite botanical travel size cosmetics set which I just discovered a few weeks ago – travel beauty kit by Ermana Skincare. Ermana skincare is luxurious botanical skincare brand, that produces essentials for skin and body and is made in the UK from the nicest organic ingredients.

This kit is perfect for a travel skincare routine – you can have a 2-step facial care which is perfect during travelling (unless you want to bring a 5-step skincare set, but to be honest, I never have time for that during my travels).

Why do you need to have a travel skincare routine?

If you travel often, you probably know, how bad are the flights or long bus rides for your skin. Mine gets very oily and irritated, especially after long-haul flights, and until recently, I just didn’t know how to cope with this problem. All the travel skincare sets I tried didn’t prove very helpful and that was frustrating for me. I didn’t want to apply layers of powder on arrival to some warm tropical place for sure.

Testing new Ermana Skincare Travel Set

Luckily, a few weeks ago I got the travel skincare set by Ermana Skincare, an UK brand, which only produces natural cosmetics, and I totally fell in love with their products. I had a chance to try their Revive facial oil, Comfort balm and Refresh lip balm and was really surprised by the quality of the products and their amazing effect on my skin.

Best travel skincare set - botanical cosmetics by Ermana Natural Skincare

Facial Oil. Is it any good?

I tried facial oils before – and that was a catastrophe for me since my skin is already oily. But Ermana Natural Skincare Revive Face Oil worked perfectly well with my skin. The oil got absorbed very fast and my face wasn’t even shining. After using this oil every night for 5 consecutive days, I noticed that my skin got significantly softer and even more hydrated. I also used it on the train from Edinburgh to London during our last trip to Traverse Travel Blogger Conference (read how this conference was here). The oil is a bit pricey, but it lasts for quite a while, so I think it’s a great investment.

You can use the Oil to wash away the makeup from your skin and hydrate and nourish your skin. So this oil is a 2-in-1 product that is perfect for travellers!

Why on Earth do you need a Comfort Balm?

Ermana Natural Skincare Comfort Balm has a scent of lavender, yiang yiang and geranium and is great for relaxing, especially if you had a tough stressful week. It’s also useful during travelling because it helps you to calm down. You need to apply the balm on the tips of your fingers and rub the fingers to warm the balm to apply it to your face or temples. It’s so good when you have airport delays or you’re just stressed when travelling – this balm would totally help you!

Best travel skincare set - botanical cosmetics by Ermana Natural Skincare

Travel-size natural lip balm

Finally, the Ermana Natural Skincare Refresh lip balm was also very nice and good for soothing some chapped skin on the lips. It’s called refresh because of the light fresh scent of grapefruit. It’s super small – so it won’t take much space in your travel bag (perfect travel size balm for your travel skincare routine).

Travel size skincare for men

Moreover, Ermana skincare also produces natural facial cosmetics for men, so Pepe got his Ermana Natural Skincare Smooth Men’s Face Oil, which is also a great solution for men, who travel a lot, and want their skin to stay in a good condition, especially if they are flying to a business meeting or an interview.

Of course, Ermana produces way more products besides the travel skincare set and the products we got: they also have a Cleansing balm, Face cloth and even cosmetics for mums to be!

As I already mentioned, all the products are travel size, so you can easily bring them on board of the plane or fit in your travel kit. And that’s what I’m going to do in less than 2 weeks during my flight to Bucharest for my first press trip ever. So stay tuned and don’t forget to order your Ermana skincare products!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but the set of cosmetics that I received was the courtesy of Ermana skincare. However, all the opinions are my own.

Best travel skincare set - botanical cosmetics by Ermana Natural Skincare

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