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How to start traveling on your own? 10 great tips

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How to start traveling on your own

In this post, I’ll tell you how to start traveling on your own. It’s actually very easy and sometimes so much better to compared to traveling with agencies.

I bet at least once in your life you have arrived at a travel agency and booked that nice holiday to a sunny country like Turkey or Mexico. You didn’t want any hassle and additional charges, and the prices seemed fair to you. Great!
According to Travel and Transport, 60% of young people who have experienced a trip booked through an agent admitted that the agency organised the trip better than they could have done it themselves.  Good job, agencies!


I must admit, agencies sometimes offer great deals, which are incredibly hard to reject. Especially if you’re planning a beach holiday. Though, the main thing the agencies are lacking is the flexibility. What if you want to go to that particular hotel, and it’s not of their partners and thus they cannot offer you this hotel as part of the package they are selling?  And in this great 3-day package to Paris, you want to stay with Airbnb because you know a great host, who has already accommodated you before. Well, maybe the agency agrees and books you YOUR hotel or even the AirBnb property and everything else but for such a flexibility you will surely pay a high commission. The question when arises: why to pay the commission if you can book everything yourself easily? Start traveling on your own!
I’ve been an independent traveler since 2011. And since that time I’ve visited more than 50 countries.
I’ve been thinking of buying a tour package couple of times but every time after careful consideration and calculation of the total costs, I reached the conclusion of traveling on my own. The best example of my independent trips were journeys to Iceland and Morocco and some other more complicated trips involving more countries at the time.

So, how to travel the world? Here are my top 10 travel tips to start traveling on your own:

 1.  Choose the dates of your trip very carefully

Of course, if you only have fixed dates of your annual leave, it’s hard to be flexible and find cheaper tickets for these days. Flying on Friday evening or Saturday is usually freaking expensive because many people going on trips just for the weekend. So it might be not the best idea to start your two-week holiday on Saturday.


2. Use flight search engines to compare the prices of flights 

If you have fixed days but you’re not certain about your destination yet, you can check the best prices using Skyscanner or Momondo. While the first flight search engine will allow you check the prices to a certain destination for the whole month (SO YOU CAN FIND YOUR CHEAPEST PRICE OF THE TICKET, YAY) or check the prices for the all the possible locations of the world just by choosing “Anywhere” instead of location.
Momondo has a very nice budget restriction, which will help you to find flights according to your budget.
Start traveling on your own



3. Buy from the official website of the airline

However, be careful about buying your tickets through the agents offered by those flight search engines, it’s safer to buy from the website of the airline even though it might be a little bit more expensive. But far less stressful 🙂

4. Subscribe to the best offers

If you still have some time before your potential trip, subscribe to the mailing list of the airlines flying from your city. At the price of few additional email in your mailbox, you have a chance to be the first one to know about the upcoming deals of the airline and save some money on the ticket.

5. Write down a detailed plan for you trip

Everything will look far less complicated if you write it down. I like drawing a detailed itinerary of my trips, creating tables with the budget per day. It helps me to organise my thoughts and makes the further planning much easier. Once you are certain about your dates and destination, you can start booking a hotel.








6. Book hotels in advance to save money

In order to book a hotel at a good price, you can use websites like or Booking will show you the best deals for today.
Lifehack: just sign in to in order to get better deals.

Lifehack 2: if you’re booking hotels quite often there, you become eligible to the Genius discount, which sometimes gives you 10% off selected hotel and some other bonuses like late checkout or welcome drink. Not bad, huh?

Start traveling on your own


7. Look for information on blogs

Information about how much money you need for you trip can be found on different blogs. Just type in Google something like “how much money do I need in Bangkok blog” and get a variety of posts containing the information you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to write a comment and ask the author of the post directly 🙂
All the information I needed for planning of my upcoming trip to Asia I found in the blogs. This information included: best possible location of a hotel in Bangkok and so on. It was actually much faster than just browsing for each hotel’s reviews in TripAdvisor or 

8. Get information about public transport system in advance 

It’s kind of smart to know more about the transport system of the country you are going to when traveling on your own. You get a chance to know about some tourist deals, which can also help you to save money on transport. For example, in Moscow, it’s much cheaper to buy a Transport card for just £0,5 and instantly and pay  £0,3 for EACH metro ride instead of buying single tickets for £0,5.

9. Learn how to get from/to the Airport

In some countries, getting from and to the airport by taxi is very expensive (e.g. the UK). And with all the hustle and stress in the airport you just don’t have time to look for alternative ways of reaching the city centre. Especially when you’re traveling on your own. That’s why it makes sense to check this information in advance. You can get the schedule of Airport Shuttles and Buses on the Internet and see, where exactly the bus stop is, so upon arrival you just go directly to the bus.

10. Book tours in advance

If you’re planning to go on excursions during your trip, look for the providers in advance. Very often you can also get a discount if you book online. Usually, the discount doesn’t exceed 10% but maybe you can buy a lunch during this excursion for the money you saved while booking.

So are you considering to start traveling on your own now?  Maybe the next step you could take is to become a digital nomad. The Broke Backpacker knows how to be a digital nomad and start traveling the world. Read it now:


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how to start traveling on your own

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