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Love&travel – 5 reasons to enjoy your long distance relationship

posted by Liza 3rd June 2016 0 comments
reasons to enjoy your long distance relationship

Life is unfair. And very often it separates us with our other halves. But don’t be sad! There are actually reasons to enjoy your long distance relationship.

Should you be living on different continents, in different countries or cities, doesn’t matter, it’s still a long-distance relationship! And these are hard. I think, a long-distance relationship is an ultimate challenge for a couple (I don’t count having a baby, of course, that’s way too far more challenging but I guess it usually happens on a different stage of the relationship).

There are infinite downsides of LDR but there’s also a great benefit: you need to travel. (As if traveling needed an excuse). Either you or you partner, or you both have to travel. And that’s wonderful! (well, if you like traveling, of course, but I suppose you do, otherwise why would you be reading this blog now?)

So well, here are the 5 reasons to enjoy your long distance relationship:

1. You have a chance to travel more than any of your friends

Well, you have a free accommodation in another country, isn’t this great? Moreover, you travel often to see your other half (it does cost a fortune but it’s only a pleasure for travel addicts)

And you’re like: oh, last month we were in Ibiza and next month we’re going to Italy. Because why not?

Also, you’ll always have a place to stay abroad: at your significant other’s home.


2. You can start your own project

Why not? It’s a great way of collaboration! It can be either travel related (or not related to traveling), it might be a blog, photo blog, youtube channel, Instagram or twitter account and so on! And working together on something creates a bond and makes you feel more connected.

3. You have more free time

You have really more time and you learn how to organize your time in order to be able to speak with your significant other. But on the other hand, you’ve got tons of time for your friends and/or relatives, so you won’t feel so lonely.

4. You get to appreciate every minute spent with your partner

And you never complain, that you’re tired of him/her, because it’s simply not possible to get tired of him/her.


5. You’re becoming a social media expert (you probably know all the social networks, special apps and apps for audio- and video calling).

…and you’re constantly browsing for new surprise delivery services to cheer your other half up. You’re saying “Aww, so cute”, if you learn about another startup, which is about to produce some device for couples in the long distance relationship (which blinks if you touch it or gets warm or something like that) and get in the queue in order to buy it.

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