Camera backpack for bloggers and photographers – Thule Aspect Review

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Hey guys, in this post, I wanted to tell you about a great camera backpack for bloggers and photographers – Thule Aspect.

Why do you need a camera backpack? My story

Up until I bought a new professional camera, I didn’t feel like a needed a special photo backpack (or camera bag), as my camera was small and not very expensive. I was using Sony A6000 (in case you’re curious) and I didn’t have any additional lenses except for a portrait one that I wouldn’t carry with me anyway.

However, a few months ago, I finally invested in a good professional or semi-professional (some would agree more with the semi-professional status) camera Sony A7 III, as well as two lenses and I, realised two things.

First: I didn’t want to carry this camera in my normal pink leather backpack from Grafea and didn’t want it to get scratched. Secondly: I wanted to bring multiple lenses to trips, and I didn’t have a backpack where I could safely store both the camera and the lenses as well as my other photo equipment.

Thule Aspect Review

When Thule reached out to me and offered to collaborate, I was really happy. I knew about the brand and also knew that their photography backpacks are great. I picked the Thule Aspect backpack, as it’s relatively compact but at the same time, fits a couple of lenses, camera, tripod, laptop and has even a small compartment for personal belongings. It’s not heavy at all and looks great as well.

If you ever decide to use it like a “normal backpack”, you can take the special padding of the camera compartment out – and voila, you have way more place for your personal items, however, of course, it wouldn’t be the same as owning a “normal” travel backpack, as it wouldn’t fit as many things.

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Thule Aspect “in action.”

I brought my new Thule Aspect bag with me to Bristol (read more about my experience in Bristol here), and I enjoyed wearing it. I didn’t take many clothes with me as it was a blog-related weekend trip with a lot of work, but I managed to fit another outfit, cosmetic bag, a pair of shoes and, of course, my camera with me.

Next time I’ll be taking it with me will be a trip to Kenya for a safari, where I will take my laptop and a couple of lenses, so it will be a proper field test.

Camera backpack for bloggers and photographers - Thule Aspect Review


I liked the camera backpack Thule Aspect and would recommend it to anyone who carries a heavy mirrorless or DSLR camera and a couple of lenses, as it’s a perfect way to make sure that everything is in place and nothing gets damaged. Check the availability on the Thule website. 

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