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Traveling to Africa is a real adventure. Unfortunately, so far we’ve been only to 2 African countries: Morocco and Tunisia (and they can hardly be called African). But in the future plans we have the discovering of Africa and that’s for sure. It might be dangerous, but I guess it’s worth it! Imagine a safari in Tanzania: being in a Savannah in the heart of nature, surrounded by wild animals. Or going to South Africa. Going to Central Africa and visiting some exotic tribes would be the top of awesomeness!

Oh, these dreams…. But anyway, read our article about Morocco: you won’t be disappointed. Because Morocco is great for Africa-beginners. And it’s easily accessible from almost all the European countries (I guess, from Americas, Asia and Australia too, but maybe with an interchange in Europe). There are amazing beaches and authentic cities in Morocco. There are deserts and mountains. There is almost everything. And has great weather all year long.