The complete guide to the MOST Instagrammable Places in Bali, Indonesia

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Hey guys, this has been probably the most requested post on my blog, and finally, I’m ready to publish it. In this blogger’s guide to Bali, I will share with you the most Instagrammable places in Bali, the most trendy island in Indonesia. Bali has been bloggers’ paradise for quite a while now – it was trending for the last six years or even more. In this Instagram guide to Bali, I teamed up with amazing travel photographers and bloggers!

Beautiful Bali swings, nests, cute cafes, Instagrammable food, stunning beaches, exciting temples, retreats, infinity pools, resorts in the jungles, rice fields and unique nature – all that makes Bali a trendy spot for travellers, but especially for Instagrammers, photographers, digital nomads and bloggers. Can you imagine, there are even Instagram tours like this one available in Bali.

I’ve been specializing in Instagrammable places around the world for quite a while now. So in case you’re interested to see some Instagram-worthy spots in some other locations as well, click here. I have London, Paris, NYC, Seychelles, Tokyo, Milan and more.

Is Bali worth the hype?

Despite all the beautiful places Bali has, some people come back really disappointed. So why is that? Is Bali worth the hype or it’s just another overhyped destination? Well, in my opinion, Bali is a bit overestimated; however, it’s undoubtedly unique and beautiful. There are some issues that Bali has – traffic jams, a few scams, rain season with weeks of showers, overpriced locations, a lot of trash on some of the beaches. Now I warned you – so don’t expect too much from Bali! In case you want to find out more about Bali and whether it’s worth the hype, you can read my post about my holiday experience in Bali and what I loved and hated there.

Is Bali worth the hype? My trip to Bali in December: a week of rain!

Where to stay in Bali?

If you’re coming to Bali for at least five days, it makes sense to stay in different locations. One of the most popular accommodation types in Bali is a villa with a swimming pool; you can find a lot of those on Airbnb and sometimes even cheaper than for $100 a day (what a bargain). If you never booked anything with Airbnb before, you can use my code and get up to $34 credit for your first booking. There are plenty of Instagrammable villas in Bali, and you can check this one or this one or even that one out (these are my favourites).

There are also quite a few instagrammable hotels in Bali. I stayed in Oasis Lagoon Sanur, and I liked this beautiful instagrammable hotel in Bali. However, I wouldn’t stay there for the entire duration of your trip. Here are a couple of beautiful Instagrammable hotels in other parts of Bali. I wouldn’t stay all the time in the same hotel: instead, I would stay in 2 or 3 different hotels, as Bali is big and you will be able to see more Instagrammable spots in Bali that way.

Some other amazing Instagrammable hotels in Bali:

Lotus Bungalows

Lotus Bungalows is located in Eastern Bali in the small town of Candidasa. It is a 5 Star Padi Resort with access to some of Bali’s best dive spots nearby. Lotus Bungalows is one of the nicest accommodation options in this part of Bali and the infinity pool at the edge of the property has great views of the surrounding mountains and oceanfront. We loved hanging out by the pool each evening to watch the sunset and found it the best time to snap some photos. However, you will have to stay at Lotus Bungalows to enjoy their pool and facilities.  

Suggestion & photo by Oksana & Max from Drink Tea & Travel


Mick’s Place

Where lush cliffs tower into a brilliant blue sea.  Mick’s Place, a small boutique b&b, stands on top of the cliffs overlooking Bingin Beach.  This view would surely take anyone’s breath away!

Enjoy your morning coffee watching the continuous lines of waves as far as you can see.  Peeling around the cliffs of Uluwatu all the way down to Padang Padang, past Bingin, and on to Dreamland.  Relax in  Mick’s Places infinity pool in the afternoon while you put back a cold Bintang.  Don’t miss the epic sunset here!  Watch the colourful sky as the sun dips into the deep blue ocean right in front of your eyes.

Room rates start at $70/night in the low season.

Submission and photo by Ariana from TRVL Collective


Hideout Horizon

To have a truly immersive Bali experience you really have to remove yourself from the more popular tourist traps of Canggu, Seminyak and Ubud.

Tucked away towards the eastern side of the Island of the Gods, in jungles of East Karangasem which surround Mount Agung, is where you will find the Bamboo paradise that is Hideout Horizon.

Hideout, which now has 6 individual, quirky and unique properties, is known for being one of the most Instagrammable locations in Bali. The more recent creation, Hideout Horizon has no shortage of photography opportunities with its indoor-outdoor design.

Our favourite features of this house were the bamboo ramp which leads up to the master bed. The master bed then looks out to a hanging net which has views of not only the pool and swing below, but also out to Mount Agung on a clear day.

To stay in Hideout Horizon, which sleeps 4 guests, whether, for a honeymoon or just a vacation, you should expect to pay around $200 per night.

Submission and photo by Jamie & Ivana from Wander In Two


Whichever hotel you will pick, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it to the fullest!

Without further ado, let’s get started with the most Instagrammable locations in Bali, blogger’s paradise!

Let’s get started with the most Instagrammable spots in Bali!

The famous Instagrammable swings in Bali: where are they located?

One of the most famous Instagrammable swings in Bali is located around village called Bongkasa a short drive away from Ubud (sorry, it’s not in Ubud again, but as you can see, Bali is enormous, and you NEED to hire some vehicle or a driver to drive you to the most Instagrammable places in Bali). The address is Jl. Dewi Saraswati, 80352. 

Another Instagrammable swing in Bali is located at the Zen Hideaway villa.

There are a couple of swings in the Wanagiri Hidden Hill, but we will get to it later. Address Jalan Munduk – Wanagiri, Wanagiri

And, of course, there’s LeKaja Bali Swing located close to Ubud (there are plenty of Instagrammable locations in Ubud) – Jl. Tukad Ayung XI No.13, Carangsari

Best Instagrammable restaurants and food in Bali

Bali has an incredible amount of Instagrammable cafes, restaurants and bars. Every single month, more spots are opening in Bali, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. I haven’t been to any of these spots myself, simply because all of them are relatively recent, but some of my friends did visit these spots and liked them a lot, so I can happily recommend you these Insta-worthy cafes in Bali!

Kynd Community

You have probably seen this Instagrammable restaurant in Bali all over the Internet, but now you know the exact location. Head there for the iconic pink walls and tasty and pretty-looking bowls!

Sea Circus Bali

Colourful walls, beautiful food, tasty brunches, what else do you need for a beautiful photo in Bali? Sea Circus is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Bali!

Mad Pops

Mad Pops is an adorable cafe selling very Instagrammable popsicles (very similar to Latin-American Paletas if you’ve been in the region and know what I mean) and stunning ice creams. Go check it out!

Seven Rooftop Bar

If you are looking for a great spot to take photos and relax, you have to check out the Seven Rooftop Bar in Kuta. It is on top of the Kuta Bex Hotel and completely free of charge. The views from up there are amazing, especially for the breathtaking Bali-sunset. Amazingly the Seven Rooftop Bar never seems to be crowded and even the food and drinks up there are delicious and reasonably priced considering the location. It was one of my favourite spots to visit in Bali and I can only recommend it to anyone visiting the Island of the Gods.

Submission and photo by Valerie from Valerie’s Adventure Time

Seven Rooftop Bar Bali

Other Instagrammable locations in Bali

Okay, we already talked about swings, restaurants, hotels and villas, but what about the best things that Bali has – nature and temples. There are so many breathtaking photo locations in Bali, and I will list some of them below.

The Handara Golf Gate

The Handara Golf Gate is one of the most iconic spots in Bali. The towering pillars paired with the charming mountains in the distance create the perfect backdrop for any photo. This gate actually marks the entrance to the Handara Resort and Golf Course but the main attraction is the gate itself, which has a gorgeous Indonesian design. The Handara Golf Gates can be found in the luscious jungle near Munduk – a hidden gem north of Bali. Because of its popularity, you can expect to queue for a short while after paying the entrance fee of 30 000 IDR ($2) to take a snap in front of the gate.

Photo and submission by Carryn from Torn Tackies

Handara Golf Gate

Lempuyang Temple (the famous Gates of Heaven)

Another iconic place in Bali is Lempuyang Temple. Tourists arrive by 7:00 a.m. for their chance at a picture at Bali’s Lempuyang White Temple. A line quickly forms as people wait up to 4 hours for their turn at the gate. 

If you aren’t interested in standing in line there are a few other ways to get this iconic shot. First, consider going early in the morning. Arrive by 8:00 am to miss the majority of tourists! 

If that doesn’t work in your schedule you have another option: stand in the crowd of onlookers on the right and walk through the gate slowly during a break in photos. This is the main exit from the temple, so no one can stop you from using it! Position your driver to take pictures of you in burst mode as you walk to get a shot of you stepping onto the platform. Either accept the picture as it comes or edit it to add a mirror image to the bottom for the iconic picture.

Submission and photo by Susannah O’Brien from The O’Briens Abroad

Lempuyang Temple (the famous Gates of Heaven)

Rice Terraces

One of the things that Bali is known for is its famous rice terraces. They are hard to reach without a bike, rental car or a tour, however, they are definitely worth it. The most renowned rice Terrace in Bali is Tegallalang Rice Terrace. However, if you’re not keen on visiting this one, created this list of the best rice terraces in Bali, which you can find here.

Is Bali worth the hype? My trip to Bali in December: a week of rain!

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

You can’t leave Bali without visiting the Tegallalang Rice Terrace, which is located 10 km north of Ubud. The place is absolutely surreal, with endless rice fields that stretch out for miles. You get the most magical views during sunrise or sunset. I recommend to get there as early as possible, to avoid the crowds and the heat. Sunrise (6 am) is probably the best time to go to witness this spectacular place and get your perfect Insta shot! Once you’re done hiking through the paddies, you can relax on top of the hill, there are numerous restaurants and cafes with million-dollar views, overlooking the valley.

Submission and photo by Sab from Just One Way Ticket

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

The “bird nest” in Bali or the most Instagrammable swing in Bali – Wanagiri Hidden Hill

Drive from Denpasar up to the north of Bali and you will come across the Wanagiri Hidden Hills. Sitting up above the pale blue waters of the Danau Buyan lake, is Instagram heaven. Pose on the iconic Bali Swing and gaze out over the lake, or lounge in the wicker egg suspended from the trees.

It can get quite busy, but it is great fun to watch other people posing and get some tips. If you are on your own, the staff can take the photos for you.

There are several different spots along the road with a range of prices. Desa Pakramn Wanagiri who have the Bali Swing charge 50,000 IDR

Submission and photo by Larch from The Silver Nomad

Sunsets at the Kuta Beach

One of the unmissable things to do in Bali is catching the sunset from Kuta Beach. To be fair, the beach actually has little charms – think crowded with people and terribly dirty. Yet, it is a great place to catch some waves and learn how to surf, and the sunset from there is absolutely stunning. 

Kuta Beach is located in the larger Denpasar airport and it is very easy to reach from either the center of town and the airport. It is completely free to access and you can spend a few minutes or an entire day there. Make sure to get there a bit before sunset to find your ideal photo spot. 

Submission and photo by Claudia from My Adventures Across the World

Kuta Beach sunset

Nusa Penida

Exploring Nusa Penida Island is one of the exciting things you can do in Bali, if you prefer less known spots. Take the off-the-beaten-path to get to the Peguyangan Waterfall, where you will be hiking up and down the famous blue stairs, which are just perfect for that Instagram photo!

As you hike down the steep stairs to get to the waterfall, there will be plenty of viewpoints that give you the opportunity to shoot incredible photos.

I recommend renting a scooter to get to the Peguyangan Waterfall. The road to your destination can be tough so go slow. Be careful but enjoy the adventure! Don’t forget to prepare 5K IDR for the parking fee on top of the cliffs.

Submission and photo by Lucile from Lucile HR

Nusa Penida

Nungnung Waterfall

Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Gorgeous beaches, trendy cafes, authentic Balinese temples, Bali is filled with amazing places to visit. My favourite is definitely the jaw-dropping landscapes in the region, namely the waterfalls. The Nungnung waterfall is located a little over an hour away from the touristy city of Ubud.

The cost of entrance is only 10k IDR and it is a small price considering the chances you will enjoy this hidden wonder by yourself. A tiring 500-journey from the entrance takes you to one of the tallest waterfalls in Bali. If the steps haven’t taken your breath away, the view of Nungung Waterfall will. Don’t miss this hidden beauty on your Bali itinerary!

Submission and photo by Sean Lau from LivingOutLau

Nungnung Waterfall

Tegenungan Waterfall

This stunning waterfall is a must see, located around 30 minutes from Ubud it’s easy to get to by taxi. The entrance fee is 15,000 IDR, arrive early to beat the crowds. There are plenty of view points to capture some great Instagrammable photos including at the entrance.

For more gorgeous views follow the steps to climb higher up above the waterfall, it costs an extra 10,000 IDR but I really recommend it. You can swim in the waterfall as long as weather conditions allow it. There are toilets, cafes and small markets near the entrance so you can cool off with fresh coconut water after climbing up and back down all those steps. 

Submission and photo by Nicola Dunkinson

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is located in the eastern part of Bali, around 2 hours from Ubud. The former royal palace has been turned into a tropical garden featuring many different pools, fountains and ponds and it’s definitely one of the most Instagrammable places on the island.

If you’re staying in South-Bali you can take a scooter however if you’re visiting Bali for the first time I would recommend hiring a private driver instead. If you want to take a nice picture while feeding the fishes try to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds! The entrance ticket is 30,000 IDR per person and you can also buy fish food for 5,000 IDR.

Submission and photo by Kriszti from She Wanders Abroad

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Rumah Pohon Tree House (Nusa Penida)

Rumah Pohon Tree House is located on the western side of Nusa Penida, only 10 min drive from Atuh beach and Diamond beach. There is a small fee to enter (5k IDR). Your driver will drop you of at the car park and there is a steep path down to reach the tree house. The walk takes about 10 min.

There may be a few more people but generally, the place is not overcrowded, and you can get your perfect photo! Don’t forget to climb the ladder to the actual house to admire a truly epic scenery! If you keep walking further, there is another viewpoint, slightly higher up worth checking out as well.

Submission and photo by Mal from Raw Mal Roams

Karma Beach

Bali has many beautiful beaches all around the island, but for us, Karma is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali.
Located in the south of Jimbaran province, it is a must location to see.

Karma is a long stretch of white sand surrounded by terrific rocks and turquoise water, that will give you a lot of options to take beautiful Insta photos.

We loved this beach so much that we kept coming there very often. The entrance to Karma is (for now) free, and the best way to reach it is with a rented scooter. We are sure you will love this place as much as we did.

Submission and photo by Gigi from Beach Addicted

Karma Beach Bali

Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul is a beautiful temple dedicated to the ritual of water purification, located in the village of Manukaya, not so far from Ubud. Its name means “sacred source” in Balinese. Dedicated to the gods Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Indra, it’s considered one of the most sacred temples in Bali. It is a great destination to discover the Hindu religion and better understand the spiritual culture of the Balinese. The best ways to get there is to rent a scooter in Ubud. From there, it’s about half an hour drive. 

The entrance fee is 15,000 rupees for adults and 7,500 rupees for children. Note that wearing a sarong is compulsory at Tirta Empul. You can also buy one there.

Submission and photo by Amelie from Mostly Amelie

Tirta Empul

Angels Billabong

Just off Bali’s southeastern coast lies a cluster of three islands that are something out of a dream. The largest of the three, Nusa Penida, is full of epic adventures and photo ops, like this natural infinity pool that juts over the ocean. Known as Angels Billabong, this natural wonder requires driving over a dodgy and mostly unpaved road. But for those with an adventurous spirit and motorbike experience (or a hired driver), it can make for an unforgettable experience and definitely one of the highlights of your trip to Bali. And while you’re on Nusa Penida, be sure to explore the rest of what the island has to offer. With jaw-dropping cliffs and pristine beaches, you’ll definitely want to pack your camera.

Submission and photo by Katie & Ben from Two Wandering Soles

Angels Billabong

Mount Batur

Alright, the last but not least of the most Instagrammable locations in Bali is Mount Batur. When going to Mount Batur, make sure to check the weather in advance. I don’t have any photos from there just because when I got there, I couldn’t see a thing – everything was just the thickest fog ever. That could happen to you too, especially if you visit Bali in December and January (read my post about things to do in Bali in December). However, if you’re lucky, it can look just like this!

Photo by Hugo Villegas on Unsplash

I hope you enjoyed this post about the most Instagrammable places in Bali and you will save this Instagram guide to Bali for later!

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