Bali vs Sri Lanka: Where To Go On Holiday? Best Beaches, Surfing & More

Is Sri Lanka a budget destination

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The complete guide to the MOST Instagrammable Places in Bali, Indonesia

things to do in Bali when it rains

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Bali in December: things to do in Bali when it rains

Is Bali worth the hype? My trip to Bali in December: a week of rain!

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30 countries you should visit before you turn 30 | Tripsget

one of the 30 countries you should visit before you turn 30

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The ultimate guide to studying abroad: 16 real stories from bloggers

The ultimate guide to studying abroad: travel bloggers tell about their experiences in 15 countries

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Holiday in Bandung, Indonesia: where to stay & things to do

Holiday in Bandung Indonesia

In this post, I’ll tell you about a holiday in Bandung: climate of Bandung, how to get to Bandung from Jakarta and from some other cities and countries, things to do in and where to stay in Bandung, Indonesia. Indonesia is amazing: it has so much to offer tourists: breathtaking views, wild nature, unique architecture, … Read more