10 amazing things to do in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

things to do in Bad Reichenhall

In this article, I will share 10 amazing things to do in Bad Reichenhall, the prettiest spa town in Bavaria (or maybe even the the whole of Germany). If you’re new to this blog, hi, I’m Liza! I’m currently living in London and exploring some of the most beautiful places in the world, one place … Read more

Everything you need to know before attending Edinburgh Festivals

Edinburgh Festivals start in August: everything you need to know about Edinburgh Festivals

Well, if you’re coming to Edinburgh in August you probably know that it’s the time of Edinburgh Festivals (the most famous are Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Edinburgh International Festival). And Edinburgh will be really crowded! (you might even have difficulties walking on the streets because of so many people! Of course, I’m a bit exaggerating, … Read more

Edinburgh Fringe Festival review. Is it really worth it?

Edinburgh fringe festival review

Seems like everybody is obsessed with Edinburgh Festivals (Fringe and the others). But is it really worth going to Edinburgh just because of the Festivals? Check the Edinburgh Fringe Festival review in this post! In case you’re looking for more information about Edinburgh, such as where to stay, free things to do, best tours in … Read more

5 reasons to visit Russia – why Russia is the best destination in 2019

Visit Russia: Reasons why Russia is the best destination right now

Why should you visit Russia right now? In this post, you will find out 5 great reasons to visit Russia in 2019 and will learn why Russia is the best destination to visit in 2019. Even if you heard otherwise (in the Media), Russia is amazing! Due to the low oil prices, Russian ruble is … Read more

Planning a trip to Europe on budget: 16 day itinerary for Europe

Planning a trip to Europe on budget: 16 day itinerary for Europe on budget

In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience with planning a trip to Europe on budget and share with you our 16 day itinerary for Europe. Everybody knows Europe is a MUST for a traveller, because, well, none of the continents has as much heritage as Europe. However, Europe has a considerable amount of … Read more

Rome weekend break: ideas for a romantic getaway

Rome weekend break: Romantic weekend in Rome

What can be better than Rome weekend break? Or a romantic weekend in Rome? Check this post for ideas for the perfect weekend break in Rome! We just came back from Rome. Finally, we have been able to see each other again and such short trips became our casual once-a-month activity. Perks of having an … Read more