15+ most Instagrammable Castles in Europe – The Fairytale Castles

Instagrammable castles in Europe

Hi guys, in this post, I would love to share with you 15+ most Instagrammable castles in Europe that will ignite your wanderlust. These fairytale castles are quite easy to reach if you rent a car and I will share some tips on visiting thins castles and my own experience down below. Some of these … Read more

Top 7 Warm Winter Destinations in Europe | Christmas in Europe

A day trip from Malta to Gozo: things to do in Gozo & itinerary

Europe doesn’t normally strike people as a warm destination in winter. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find destinations in Europe, where you don’t need to wear an extra warm jacket and uggs. In this post, I wanted to share with you 7 amazing warm winter destinations in Europe for a nice Christmas break … Read more

Laid-back 2-week itinerary for Portugal

Laid-back 2-week itinerary for Portugal | Tripsget

It has taken me more than a couple of years to write, but I finally did it! In this post, I’ll share with you my laid-back 2-week itinerary for Portugal for the first-timers. If you visited by the blog before, then you probably know that laid-back is not the way I travel now. Right now … Read more

Weekend in Porto: seafood, port and the best Instagrammable spots

Weekend in Porto: port, seagulls and the most instagrammable places in Porto

Porto is a fabulous destination all year long and it’s very easy to reach from anywhere in Europe. A few weeks ago, we spent a weekend in Porto and would love to share with you our thoughts and itinerary as well as the most Instagrammable places of Porto. Weekend in Porto: seafood, port and best … Read more


10 underestimated cities in Europe

In this article, let’s talk about these amazing underrated cities in Europe that are absolutely amazing and you should add them to your travel list! But first, I have a question for you. Have you ever been to a place (city, town, village), which impressed you a lot but for some reason weren’t very famous … Read more