End of long-distance relationship and start of the expat life

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A bit late, but better than never, we wanted to announce to you that our long-distance relationship is over. No, we didn’t break up (don’t even think about it), on the contrary, we got married and finally managed to move in together. So that’s how our expat life has started.

We chose Edinburgh as our home base (at least for now), since Pepe already has a stable and moderately well-paid job here (okay, well-paid, but it’s always necessary to strive towards better conditions, you know) and I have an MSc Degree from the University of Edinburgh, so I hope that one day I will find a job here and finally spend less time writing for this blog. Yes, Tripsget was my only part-time job from November until now. There were also 3 trips of 4, 24 and 10 days (so I can exclude them from the time I worked on the blog) and the period of small depression (of ca 1 month), and that’s how I justify my poor blogging achievements.

Because you know, there are bloggers, who claim that within the first 3 months of blogging they earned enough money to buy an apartment in Manhattan, and I haven’t made enough money from this blog to buy myself a proper Samsonite Bag (like the one I featured in out travel shop, that’s my dream luggage) in a year. Just joking. I made but chose not to buy it, because I spent all the money on WordPress plugins and hosting. You know, investment and stuff like that. Supposedly brings you profit in a long term. Like you come to our blog, see this beautiful post layout and decide, that you loved our blog so much that you will visit it every day and click on the only ad we have in the corner and that would bring us 5 dollars in a month (or maybe less, I don’t know, because I doubt that’s gonna happen).



Anyway, it was a bit off-topic. On the 28th of February 2017, my permanent expat life has started. What do I feel about it? Still not sure, but I definitely have less free time now, because I need to apply for another visa, open a bank account, list my name as an utility bills payer, sign a contract with Three or EE or whatever is more affordable, find a new flat (honestly, we are living in a very very bad apartment now, it’s all moldy and smells like weed) and cook every day, twice. That leaves not so much time for blogging, vlogging, photography, Instagram and working on the app. I haven’t uploaded anything for almost 2 weeks to my other YouTube channel about living and studying abroad (it’s in Russian). I bet all my 10 subscribers are extremely upset now.


Road trip to Highlands Scotland in November - Glencoe,, Loch Lubnaig, Glenfinnan Viaduct and Ben Nevis


Oh, another task. I should probably write a post about moving to the UK (starting an expat life) and all the necessary steps you need to do upon your arrival. Should I?

Now you are probably asking, what was the purpose of this post? Well, some weeks ago I already wrote, that Tripsget will be changing over time. First of all, It will become more personal. After not posting to the blog for some time, I tried to perceive Tripsget as a reader who randomly clicked on some link in some social network. I realized that we didn’t have many personal posts on this blog, and many of the posts we had just briefly described our adventures. I felt like Tripsget didn’t have any personality, so now my target will be to “humanize” Tripsget. To show you that behind this blog there are two people, who have different feelings, many ups and downs, problems and achievements and not only content creators, who compose 2 listicles a week.

Secondly, I also want to make this blog more professional: work on the design, travel resources and create some blogging guides for the beginners.

And finally, Tripsget will change because we changed – before it focused on our long-distance relationship, and trips you could do if you’re in the LDR, but since the LDR is over, our trips will change. There will be weekend trips, of course, but we won’t travel every month anymore. We will focus more on great value traveling (and not on the budget trips) and the expat life and maybe even lifestyle. While all these are still very distant and ambitious plans, I still hope I can manage to realize some of them by the end of the year, so stay tuned. And thanks for reading this post. We appreciate that.

Oh, and yes. Pinterest pin.

End of long-distance relationship and start of the expat life

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