Extra Items to Bring and Other Tips for a Trip to Latin America

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If you travel often, you probably have your own list of things to pack in terms of basics like clothes, bags and gadgets. But given that every location has its distinctions, there are cases when items you don’t usually bring are especially useful in the place you’re currently visiting, and this time, the focus is on Latin America.

We’ve posted tips before here on Tripsget to help you simplify the tedious process of packing for a vacation. With that part taken care of, it’s time to proceed to the actual stuff you’ll be bringing. Consider including the items below for your trip to South America after you’ve ticked off the essentials on your list.

Power socket adaptor

A post from That Backpacker blog specified that you’re going to see various outlets depending on which South American country you’re in, and you may be bemused when you find out that the chargers for your gadgets can’t be used to plug in straight to the wall outlets. You can ask for an adaptor from the front desk, but realistically speaking, there aren’t many establishments, which will lend them for free. Even if it’s for a small amount, it’s still an unnecessary expense so it’s wise to bring your own.

In the Tripsget travel store page, we’ve shown the power socket diagrams per region along with the universal adaptor which is now one of our best friends when we travel around the world.

Head lamp

South America is a haven for off the beaten path adventures, which is why many travellers recommend bringing a headlamp. It’s better to use than a flashlight as you still have both hands free to do other tasks. A head lamp is ideal for trips up the Amazon at night.


The weather in South America is unpredictable. You can bring a raincoat, but ponchos are more practical. It’s a valuable item to have in case it rains or when you’re on an outdoor tour like a trek through a rainforest or heading up the mountains to the ruins of Macchu Picchu. You may able to handle getting yourself a little wet, but you certainly don’t want your gear getting wet. Plus, a poncho is a lot lighter and easier to pack than an umbrella or a heavy raincoat.

Souvenir giveaways from your home city or country

Bacon is Magic shared a nice way to initiate interaction with the locals and fellow travellers – giving away souvenirs from your home country. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive or bulky items. In this case, small stickers were all it took to establish new friendships and give joy to local children – a great memory to add to your travels.

Packing for South America

Additional tips before leaving to Latin America

It’s recommended to do your currency exchange in your home country or at the airport. This way, you can avoid side trips to the banks after you arrive in Latin America, not to mention that you more likely to be able to get better exchange rates at home.

It’s important to get good travel insurance as well. Backpacker.org mentioned that in most cases, your current health insurance will not be honoured so check for other travel insurance options.

If you’re driving to the airport, reserve a parking slot beforehand to eliminate the hassle of finding a spot on the day itself or you may check for alternatives depending on your location. Take for instance Gatwick Airport, the world’s busiest single runway airport, which encounters hectic traffic every day.

The air hub introduced meet and greet parking which gives flyers the option to have their car stored in an off-airport car park by an accredited driver. The good thing about it, according to Parking4Less, is that the drivers and their respective companies have passed specific airport requirements so you can be sure that your vehicle is secure and well-monitored while you’re away. That’s one less thing to worry about instead of just leaving your car in an open car park where it’s more exposed to all sorts of dangers.


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Extra Items to Bring and Other Tips for a Trip to Latin America

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