Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review – Lovely stay in German Alps

Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review - Lovely stay in German Alps
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In this post, you can find an honest review of our stay in the Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden.

Tell me, do you like hiking? I do! Undoubtedly, one of the best places for hiking in the world is the Alps. The Alps are equally beautiful in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. I tend to like the German Alps the most. Why? Probably because I’ve been there many times and fell in love with places like Berchtesgaden, Bad Reichenhall, Almbachsklamm, and Königsee.

Moreover, German alpine hotels and restaurants are a bit more affordable than the ones in Austria and way more affordable than Swiss chalets & eateries. During our latest road trip, we made a stop in a small Swiss town Bad Ragaz and ordered 1 cheese fondue. Guess how much was it? 56 Euros. And it was nothing fancy, really. Just cheapest bread and normal fondue. In Germany, for 56 Euros you can have a feast! You can order at least 2 baked pork roasts, 2 1-liter beer jars and 2 deserts.

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about best things to do in Berchtesgaden. After visiting Berchtesgaden for the third time, I would add a couple of more things, like hiking the Almbachsklamm and visiting the Salt mines of Berchtesgaden. During 2 of my previous visits I stayed with my brother, but this time there were two of us and my brother’s family moved in with him, so we decided to stay in a nice hotel in the heart of Berchtesgaden, close to the main bus station (in case we decide to go somewhere without a car).

We chose Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden, because of its positive reviews, helpful staff and their proposal of a special discounted press rate for us.

Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review - Lovely stay in German Alps
View from the window in our room

Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review:

So, here’s our opinion of Alpina Ros Demming hotel. First of all, the location of the hotel is great: it’s in the middle of Berchtesgaden and it takes less than 5 minutes to walk to the city center from the hotel. In the city center, there are various shops, cafes, churches, restaurants and beer gardens (well, they are not precisely gardens, but I can’t find the equal word in English for Bierstube).

The staff of the hotel is really helpful, big thanks to Dmitry, who told us many things we didn’t know before about Berchtesgaden and gave us some guest cards for free bus rides and main tourist attractions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the bus rides, because we went everywhere by car, but anyways, it was very nice and kind from their side to offer something like that. Also, we checked in even earlier, than the check-in time indicated in our booking and we appreciated that.

As for the room, it was okay. I wouldn’t say it’s the best or fanciest room we ever stayed at, but it had a nice view and quite a big bed with a comfy mattress (that’s really important, because I tend to have sleeping problems when we are on the road for too long, so a comfortable mattress is really crucial to me). All the furniture looked new, seems that the hotel was refurbished not so long ago.

Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review - Lovely stay in German Alps
Our room


The bathroom was small but brand new and nice. And the cleanliness was also okay (there’s a room for improvement for that, so I wouldn’t describe it as perfect!) Breakfast was very decent (typical Bavarian breakfast).

What we loved at Alpina Ros Demming the most, is probably the wellness area, for the price of 110 euros (well, we paid less because it was a press rate), there is a huge swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. It was also possible to grab some towels and bathing robes (we didn’t have any with us). However, they don’t rent slippers or swimsuits, so it makes sense to bring yours with you or buy them in some local shop. It was amazing to soak at the spa after hiking in Alpbachklamm the whole day (Gosh, it was tiring). We didn’t take any photos of the spa because we didn’t want to make our phones wet (it happened to us once).

Unfortunately, the weather could have been better, but we didn’t expect much because March is not a season in German Alps. In case you want to ski, it’s better to visit in December & January, but if you want to hike, go there during the high season in April to October (even better from May to September). However, we still managed to hike in March!

Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review - Lovely stay in German Alps

To summarize, we enjoyed our stay in Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden a lot and would recommend you to stay there without any hesitation. You can book your stay at their website directly: Main Page.

Or book Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden on Booking.com instead.

Please note, that in exchange for a honest review, we got a special press rate in this hotel. However, all the opinions are our own.

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Hotel Alpina Ros Demming Berchtesgaden Review - Lovely stay in German Alps

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