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How to rent out your home in London when going on holiday | Leavy.co review

posted by Liza 15th July 2019 0 comments
London short term sublet

Last updated on July 19th, 2019

Hi guys, you keep asking me about extra ways to make money in London and I thought that this could be a great one. If you have a property in London or you’re renting, but fine with subletting (your landlord is okay with that), you can actually rent out your flat in London for a weekend or longer when going on holiday. So, how to rent your home in London when going on holiday? Let’s get into more detail.

Renting out your property when going on holiday

Of course, renting out a property for a short term (or just a weekend) was possible before as well, but if you were fine dealing with Airbnb/ Homeaway yourself and meeting your guests and making sure to clean your flat beforehand and afterwards. It was definitely impossible to get multiple bookings on Airbnb unless you involve your family and friends. Or someone to clean and someone to pick up the keys, so overall, it was quite a mess. Big Airbnb management companies in London also usually don’t deal with you unless you give them the keys for your flat for 6 weeks or longer. That was a major blocker for us as well and that’s why we never used an Airbnb management company before!

We actually stopped our property buying deal because of the clause that we won’t be able to rent out our property while going on holiday and you can read a bit more about our experience here, in this post. However, there are so many people who are interested in short-term sublets in London, but they aren’t sure, where to list their properties.

Rent out your property in London for a weekend with Leavy

So is it actually possible to sublet or rent out your flat in London just for a weekend or a week?

So is it actually possible to sublet or rent out your flat in London just for a weekend or a week? Yes, now, when Leavy.co – a company founded in Paris, France in 2017, opened in the UK.

Leavy will onboard properties in London with the availability from 2 nights only, so if you got tickets to Europe for the next bank holiday and your flat / house will be empty, you can be actually covering the cost of your trip to Europe.

All you need to do is to get another set of keys, sign a contract with Leavy and go on holiday. Everything else will be taken care of!

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What if nobody wants to stay at my property?

Even though London is one of the most visited cities in the entire world (read my guide to the most Instagrammable places in London), not all the apartments and properties are fully booked 100% of the time. However, Leavy takes care of that as well and you get paid regardless of occupancy. What’s the catch? Well, there is none. So now you’re sure that even the little time you’ll spend signing the contact and meeting someone from Leavy won’t be wasted and you will get a guaranteed payment.

With that, you can afford some luxuries during your long-awaited holiday, e.g. going on a special tour or visiting that spectacular restaurant awarded with Michelin stars (like the restaurant that we visited in Japan – read more about it here).

Leavy UK reviews

What if I’m sharing with my friends? Can I sublet my room with Leavy?

Unfortunately, Leavy doesn’t work with flat shares and rooms yet. However, if you and all your flatmates are going on holiday at the same time and your flat will be empty for at least 2 nights e.g. during Christmas or Easter, you can definitely rent it out with Leavy.co in the UK! And, Leavy might start working with room shares and sublets in London as well, so make sure to check their Social Media and website from time to time.

Check out more information about Leavy on their official website or sign up here.

How to rent out your home in London when going on holiday with Leavy.co

This is a collaborated post, however, I know guys from Leavy personally and they are a great startup. And of course, all opinions are, as always, my own.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I hope this post about how to rent out your home in London when going on holiday / short-term sublets in London was useful for you.

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