Instagrammable places in Istanbul, Turkey | Photo guide by @lizatripsget

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Hello, my darlings! Let’s talk about the most Instagrammable places in Istanbul, Turkey in this post. This post is composed by me, Liza (follow me on Instagram – I’m @lizatripsget). Istanbul is an incredible city and even though I was there off-season, I really enjoyed the city and even promised myself to come back there. If you want to read more about my 5-day trip to Cappadocia and Istanbul (head to this post). However, here we will focus on the Instagram-worthy locations in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in Turkey.

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Where I stayed in Istanbul: Four Seasons Sultanahmet – it was absolutely AMAZING and I can’t recommend it more (not sponsored at all)!

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Let’s get started with the Instagrammable places in Istanbul, Turkey

1. The yard in front of the Blue Mosque & the Blue Mosque

One of the best photo locations in Istanbul is undoubtedly the Blue Mosque (or Sultan Ahmet Mosque) Unfortunately, it was closed for refurbishment like the other half of the city, when I was there (just our luck), so we couldn’t take nice photos inside, however, we did take some outside and they looked good. The best spot to take a good shot of the Blue Mosque is literally the small yard or park just in front of it. Head there in the morning.

the most Instagrammable spots in Istanbul, Turkey i

2. Breakfast at the rooftop terrace of Hotel Darussaade

If you’re a foodie and like flatlays of food, then you should definitely head to Darussade for their traditional Turkish breakfast (it’s not expensive, around $12 per person). It was honestly one of the most impressive breakfasts in my life and it wasn’t expensive at all. You can have some great views from this place as well.

the most Instagrammable spots in Istanbul, Turkey i

Best breakfast in Istanbul

3. The rooftop terrace at the hotel Four Seasons Sultanahmet

Even if you’re not staying in Four Seasons Sultanahmet, you can still visit their rooftop terrace for a drink. From there, you can see a really beautiful view over the Hagia Sofia and the city. Please note, that it opens in June and stays open until end of September (it’s better to double-check with the hotel for the exact dates, as they might change).

the most Instagrammable spots in Istanbul, Turkey i

4. Topkapi Palace

One of great insta-worthy locations in Istanbul is definitely the Topkapi palace. The harem part of the palace is especially stunning, so you can take many nice photos there and learn a lot about the history of Istanbul.

the most Instagrammable spots in Istanbul, Turkey i

5. Hagia Sophia

One of the most iconic places in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia and it’s also a very importance religious landmark. However, it’s so impressive inside that it could be considered one of the best locations for Instagram in Istanbul. Moreover, if you climb up to the top of the mosque, you can see some incredible views from there.

Instagrammable spots in Istanbul, Turkey | Photo guide by @lizatripsget

6. The Spice Bazaar

If you want to buy some spices or sweets and also want to visit a very authentic and beautiful market, head to spice bazaar. Apart from shopping, you can also take some great shots there, that’s why it’s one of the instagram-worthy locations in Istanbul, Turkey.

Insta-worthy spots in Istanbul

7. Balat

Balat is located a bit far away from the historical city centre, however, it’s definitely worth visiting if you like hipster cafes, steep streets and colourful houses. No wonder many photoshoots in Istanbul take place in Balat!

Insta-worthy spots in Istanbul

8. The Bosphorus

If you want some great photos with Bosphorus and some seagulls, head to the Kennedy avenue in Fatih, close to the Park Ahirkapi. This place is very photogenic and it’s also very relaxing to walk there. Surely, you will encounter a lot of locals doing the same.

Insta-worthy spots in Istanbul

9. Sultanahmet District

The entire district of Sultanahmet is very photogenic. We stayed right in the heart of it in the famous Four Seasons Sultanahmet, however, you don’t need to stay there to explore the district. Just head to the narrow streets of Sultanahmet for absolutely gorgeous colourful building, interesting cafes and the part of Istanbul that has a completely different feeling.

Insta-worthy spots in Istanbul

10. Tiny streets of Fatih

The tiny streets of Fatih are surely some of the most Instagrammable spots in Istanbul – you can often see nice storefronts of shops selling handcrafted colourful bowls or a wide variety of different scarves or carpets. Sometimes, the storefronts are also occupied by the cats and dogs of Istanbul.

Insta-worthy spots in Istanbul

I hope you enjoyed this post about the best photography locations  & instagrammable places in Istanbul, Turkey! Don’t forget to check out some of my other Instagram guides (they are listed at the beginning of the post).

Also, here’s a short video about our adventures in Turkey (it includes the hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia as well).

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