La Suite West Review – Great Vegan Afternoon Tea in London

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In this post, I would like to tell you about our experience in La Suite West having a vegan afternoon tea in London.
Just to be honest with you – I’m not vegan. Not even vegetarian. However, the La Suite West vegan afternoon tea in London was a great experience and to some extent even eye-opening. I realised that vegan food can be really delicious.

La Suite West review – vegan Afternoon tea in London

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to La Suite West for hosting us for their vegan afternoon tea in Bayswater, London. We really enjoyed the experience and the food and don’t worry, our reviews are always 100% honest and if there was something we didn’t like, I would always mention it.

La Suite West is a fabulous boutique hotel located in the heart of London, just 5 minutes away from the Hyde Park and close to plenty of amazing restaurants from all around the world. I love Bayswater for its diversity and beauty at the same time: endless rows of white lavish buildings are really impressive. La Suite West is located in one of these white buildings just a few minutes away from Queensway and Bayswater tube stations in the zone 1 of London (the city centre).

Bayswater - a really beautiful neighbourhood in London
Bayswater neighbourhood


La Suite West’s restaurant has undergone an impressive transformation and was relaunched in June 2017 in collaboration with Nosh Detox as a raw & vegan restaurant that offers healthy and delicious food, so if you’re vegan & living in London (or visiting London anytime soon), it’s definitely worth paying a visit. However, what’s especially interesting at La Suite West is their vegan afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is a lifelong British tradition and it’s always great to see new versions of it, such as vegan afternoon tea.

non alcoholic fixx
Non-alcoholic fizz


The ultimate vegan afternoon tea in La Suite West in London costs £29 per person (which is an average price in London, in case you’re wondering how much an afternoon tea ceremony costs in the capital of England) and includes a glass of non-alcoholic fizz (that could be changed for a mocktail for additional £5), 3 sandwiches, 2 scones with coconut cream & jam and 3 desserts, which constantly change in the menu.

La Suite West Vegan Afternoon Tea
Vegan Afternoon Tea menu


We got a truffle, a brownie and a chocolate cake. Also, of course, there is unlimited tea & coffee of your choice. While I didn’t like the truffle much, I really enjoyed the carrot cake.

La Suite West Vegan Afternoon Tea
Enjoying the vegan afternoon tea


We liked the fact that there is a terrace outside the restaurant, and on a lovely sunny summer day, it’s actually possible to have an Afternoon tea outside. The restaurant itself (not the terrace also looks stylish, but it just seemed a bit small to me).

The service in La Suite West restaurant was really great – the staff was really friendly and was there all the time to help us or enquire how our vegan afternoon tea was going.

To summarise: the vegan Afternoon Tea in La Suite West London

The Vegan Afternoon Tea in London in La Suite West Hotel was a great experience, that we thoroughly enjoyed and would probably repeat again. The atmosphere, service and the warm scones were probably the most important factors for us to like this place. If you’re vegan, it’s definitely a place to go! However, I just like dairy too much, so I would have replaced the coconut cream with the clotted cream and enjoyed the experience even more!

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La Suite West Vegan Afternoon Tea in London

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