How to travel solo as an introvert? Best travel apps for introverts

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How to travel solo as an introvert? Is that even possible? Hm… Are you sure about that? That’s what most of people say… Don’t listen to them! In this post, you’ll learn about the best things and apps that totally changes introverts’ lives while traveling.

Let me tell you something: I am an introvert and I try to avoid human contact. Not at all, of course. Only the contact which seems unnecessary to me, like asking how to get to the Tour Eiffel. It’s not that I’m afraid of people or won’t be happy if I find a nice interesting person to chat, no, it’s just I’m super scared of approaching people and how it seems to me – bothering them with my own problems. Having grown in Russia, I was constantly hearing “no” from everywhere, so maybe that’s why I’d rather prefer not to ask (because there is a possibility to hear no).

At first, Pepe was making fun of me. But when we actually went to Russia together and asked someone to take a picture of us at the Red Square, the answer we got was “NO”. The rest of the day Pepe was complaining and wondering about that “NO” but I guess now he understands me a little bit better.

But what can I do if I LOVE traveling? And sometimes I have to travel solo as an introvert.  

Ugh, traveling alone seems like a real nightmare for an introvert like me! However, the technology doesn’t stand still and makes our life easier year in year out. When I remember my first solo trip 8 years ago and compare it to my solo trips now, there are like worlds apart! Let’s see which things made traveling so much easier for introverts:

1. Google/Apple or any other maps 

Tired of walking around for 1 hour trying to find out which of those identical buildings is your hostel? Maybe you even had guts to ask that friendly granny walking a dog but unluckily she had no idea where is it.

There is only one solution: Google maps. Saves time, nerves and preserves your introvert personality.
I love Google maps!

2. Destinations where everything can be booked online

I was so happy in Iceland! Seems like the best solo trip ever. EVERYTHING was booked online and at the same time it wasn’t the package-tour: I decided for myself when, where and for how long I would go to certain places. There was no hassle at the airport: amazing airport shuttle with straight-to-hotel delivery was waiting at the parking lot. All the excursions started with the hotel pick up too. And of course, on the way back there was this bus again, bringing me straight to the airport. Boring, you say? No way, a real paradise for an introvert!

4. Selfie sticks are just a gift from heaven 

Because they are.

5. Uber & Gett

There is no need to call for a taxi, this painful task can be very well avoided right now. Open the app, tag your location, input your destination, click “order the taxi” and voila, you can see how your assigned car is getting closer and closer to you and then just jump in and relax.

I remember calling taxis in Hong Kong was just a nightmare. Nobody would speak English and they were just hanging on me when I was trying to explain that I need a taxi. I wish Uber was there in 2013.

6. Social media 

I prefer to write about my experience in the blog or on Facebook and share the link to my friends to telling the story to everyone in person. (Because I’m so tired of repeating the same again and again).

7. Gettable and Foursquare

There is absolutely no need to call and reserve a table in a restaurant because you can do it online now. And again, if you don’t speak the language of the country, it’s so good to have those apps installed. Just one click – and the table is yours.

The choice of a restaurant is made so easy via Foursquare: you can definitely find some insider advices about various places.

8. Google translate & Abbyy Lingo are the best thing ever done for introvert travel

I was blessing them in Hong Kong! Even though English is one of the official languages in Hong Kong, not all the signs have English translation. Thus, it’s quite difficult to determine, which way to take, if you don’t read Chinese characters. Some apps allow you to take a picture of the sign and then translate it into the chosen language. However, you need to be connected to internet.

9. International restaurant chains.

Have you every doubted whether you should enter that suspiciously looking Cambodian bistro in front of your hotel? What if all the local places look like that? Well, for many people it’s just so cool because they finally get a chance to eat like a local no matter how they gonna order food and so on, but for us, introverts, it’s truly painful. You just go to this place, sit down and literally have no idea what to order… And what if this place has no wifi? Maybe you end up ordering something plain awful and will blame yourself for your shyness… Well, in this situation an introvert just goes to a place with a wifi or to a place he has heard of. McDonald’s is always an option 🙂

10. Wifi

I think that’s actually the main reason why introverts to travel alone. As long as there is wifi – everything is possible.

This post was fun, don’t take it seriously! What are your tips on travelling solo as an introvert?

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