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15+ London’s Prettiest Streets and Mews That You Should Visit ASAP

15+ London’s Prettiest Streets and Mews That You Should Visit ASAP
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In this post, I would love to share with you some of London’s prettiest streets and mews that you must to visit ASAP before they get very crowded again!

This post is one of the most demanded posts on my blog, and I’m happy to announce that it’s finally live! Of course, I will be updating it with the new streets that I will discover in London, so stay tuned and check on it from time to time.

If you’re new to this blog, hi, I’m Liza. I’ve started blogging in 2016 and living in London since 2017. On this blog, I talk about the most beautiful places globally (I’m trying to find beauty everywhere, even in the most underrated places!). However, as I’m permanently based in London, I write about London most frequently. I love the city, and exploring it is always a pleasure. If you want to read a bit more about unusual or beautiful places in London, you can find all of them here. Also, at the end of this post, I will share some posts that you might like and enjoy reading, so make sure to scroll until the end of this post.

Let’s start with the most beautiful streets and mews in London (+ their exact locations) without further ado.

London’s prettiest streets and mews you should visit soon (before everybody discovers them)

Kelly Street in Kentish Town

While everyone’s favourite mews street in London is Kynance Mews, I have a different favourite. My favourite street in London is located in Kentish Town, and it’s not as touristy as the majority of beautiful streets in London simply because not so many people know about it. However, it has a lot of beautiful colourful houses. It’s easy to reach either from Kentish town or Camden town, and you can visit Camden Market for a quick bite as well!

And there is another stunning street to explore in Kentish Town, which is called Falkland road – it has beautiful colourful houses almost like in Notting Hill and no one around. The third most beautiful street in Kentish Town is also nearby – it’s called Leverton road, and it’s very close to the Kentish town tube and railway station.

Camden High Street

Since you’re already in North London, visit Camden town to find Camden High Street, one of London’s most unique and iconic streets. It’s usually bustling one the weekends, as it’s normally full of Londoners and tourists, so if you want to take some photos, head there early on a weekday. Camden High street has some really iconic storefronts, a lot of street art and a very photogenic market!

A colourful street from Paddington movie – Chalcot Crescent, Primrose Hill

Another North London street that is stunning is called Chalcot Crescent. If you ever watched the movie Paddington, that is the colourful street where Paddington’s new family lives. It’s just as pretty in real life, so make sure to visit and take some great photos there.

Flask Walk, Hampstead

Hampstead is one of London’s hidden gems. Most tourists don’t take the tube to the border of zones 2&3 where Hampstead is located; however, if you have time or you already live in London, you should come there for a walk. Hampstead is one of London’s leafiest neighbourhoods, and buying a house there costs probably more than in Central London. However, walking there and enjoying what Hampstead has to offer is absolutely free.

One of London’s prettiest streets is Flask Walk in Hampstead – it’s full of antique shops, cafes and restaurants! If you continue walking straight, you will soon reach Hampstead Health – one of London’s best parks.

Camden Passage, Angel Islington

Another one of London’s prettiest streets in Camden Passage in Angel Islington. Camden Passage has nothing to do with Camden town, so don’t get confused. Camden Passage is a small street with many lovely shops, cafes, restaurants, shops, and even an antique market during the day hours. Not sure if my photos do this lovely street justice, but I definitely recommend visiting it once you’re in Islington (that’s still central London)

Petticoat Lane and surroundings – Spitalfields

If you’re looking for Industrial vibes, converted warehouses and dark brick buildings with black windows, you will love this street in Spitalfields close to the famous Spitalfields Market. You will also have a unique perspective of the City of London right in the middle of the street. The entire Spitalfields area is absolutely stunning. If you’re around, make sure to visit the Spitalfields food market as well – there are some yummy and unique eats around there.

Brick Lane – Shoreditch

Brick Lane is one of London’s most iconic streets. Brick Lane and the neighbouring areas have some of the best street art in London. There are also plenty of great vintage shops and even a street food market on weekends! I love Shoreditch also because it provides some pretty unique photo opportunities!

Godfrey Street in Chelsea

Another amazing street in London is located in Chelsea, one of London’s poshest areas. Many house owners decided to paint their facades in beautiful pastel colours. It was a relatively recent initiative, so the street changed a lot recently, and now it looks stunning! The street name is Godfrey street, in case you’re wondering, and it’s a great place for photos.

Glebe Place in Chelsea

Chelsea is home to some of the most beautiful streets in London, so make sure to allocate a bit of time to walk around Chelsea. Another stunning street in Chelsea is Glebe Place – it’s home to some of the entire borough’s prettiest buildings.

Kynance Mews – Landbroke Grove

One of London’s most famous and most beautiful (and photogenic) streets is Kynance Mews. A few years ago, Kynance Mews near Ladbroke Grove tube station became a real Instagram sensation. That’s because of its stunning arch covered by Boston Ivy that gets very red around mid-October. However, Kynance Mews is pretty all year round – and in April, you can see stunning Wisteria blossom there as well.

Uxbridge Street in Notting Hill & surrounding streets

Notting Hill is a photography hotspot for all bloggers coming to London, and some of the most beautiful streets in London are located in Notting Hill. I love this street because of its endless photo opportunities. However, besides Uxbridge street, there are plenty of other adjoining streets that are amazing for photos as well – e.g. Hillgate Street, Farmers street and Farm place. There are so many beautiful houses, and also, there are quite a few brunch spots where you can have a bite or two. Eggbreak is one of my favourite brunch spots in London and also a place to try some of the most Instagrammable food in London, so make sure to check it out.

Portobello Road – Notting Hill

Another one of the most photographed streets in London is Portobello Road in Notting Hill. This street is usually incredibly busy on the weekends – mainly because of its famous antique market and street food market. A lot of nice vintage shops are also located on Portobello road. Moreover, Portobello road is home to plenty of London’s most popular restaurants and brunch places.

Kensington Church Walk & Drayson Mews

One of the prettiest streets in Kensington is Kensington Church walk. The entire area is just insanely photogenic, but Kensington Church Walk is probably the prettiest. Not only it has some stunning vintage shops, but it also has a lovely church on the other side of the street. Just two streets after the Kensington Church Walk you can find the Drayson Mews – a stunning mews street featuring the famous hairdresser shop!

Elizabeth Street in Belgravia

One of Belgravia’s most beautiful street in Elizabeth street. Located in one of the most expensive places to live in London, Elizabeth street definitely stands out as the most beautiful and stunning street in the area. Head there for a walk, and don’t forget to take a photo in front of London’s most Instagrammable cafe – Peggy Porshen’s (plus, they change decorations every season).

Regent Street – Mayfair

Regent Street is a street you cannot miss when coming to London. Regent Street is an architectural masterpiece as it’s built-in one style and looks very impressive. Regent Street is also one of the best streets for shopping, as a lot of popular shops have their flagship stores located on Regent Street.

If you’re lucky to be coming to London between mid-October to the beginning of January, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful Christmas lights on Regent Street. Read more about the best Christmas spots in London in this post.

New Bond Street – Mayfair

Another fabulous street to visit in London is New Bond Street. New Bond Street is a place where the majority of the most exclusive boutiques are based in London. It’s also a very beautiful street in general and an excellent spot for photos. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you will be able to see some celebrities walking around or shopping in these boutiques.

Carnaby Street – Soho

Carnaby Street is London’s quirkiest street. This iconic street in Soho is home to a lot of cool and unique shops and eateries; however, the most impressive thing about Carnaby street is its lights. It gets decorated each Christmas differently; however, there are stunning lights on Carnaby street all year long.

Carnaby street gets very busy during the day, so make sure to come there early in the morning, so you can take the best photos there.

Wardour Street – Chinatown

Another iconic street in London is Wardour Street in Chinatown. It’s quite famous because of its prominent Chinese Arch, which is a major picture hotspot.

Fleet Street

If you want to see some of the oldest buildings in London, head to the heart of the city – the Fleet-street. Fleet-street is stunning and isn’t quite like any other street in London! It’s a very long street that stretches all the way from the Royal Court of Justice to the City Thameslink station; however, if you continue walking, you can reach St. Paul.

Summary of London’s prettiest streets – most photogenic streets and passages in London

Alright, here was the summary of some of the most beautiful streets in London. A lot of these streets are incredibly photogenic and provide unique photo opportunities if that’s what you’re interested in. London, however, if a huge city, so I could only include a few of London’s prettiest streets – my favourites.

Should you have any questions, send me a DM on Instagram @lizatripsget!

Tell me, what is the most beautiful street in London for you?

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