How to lose weight & look great in photos (healthy weight DNA test review)

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As a travel blogger and Instagramer, I’m used to taking photos all the time, so looking great in the photos is really important to me. Also, obviously, looking great in the real life is important. Who doesn’t want to look good, feel good and be confident in their own body? Unfortunately, losing weight might be easy for some people, but could also be a huge challenge for the others. So how do you realise what to do to lose weight and what works for you and just FOR YOU? You’ll find it out in this post about the healthy weight DNA test from HomeDNA.

All people are different

All people are different. Different shapes, colours and different DNA. Apparently, some genes are considered “bad” for losing weight, hence, you need way more effort than somebody without these genes. It sounds pretty obvious, but might not be obvious for everybody. Otherwise why would be there so many complaints about the same diet that didn’t work for somebody, but perfectly worked for their friend?

all people are different, healthy weight weight DNA test

Healthy weight analysis and report by HomeDNA

When I was approached by HomeDNA to participate in their DNA testing for Healthy Weight, I couldn’t be happier. Since I’ve moved back to the UK in February 2017, I managed to gain 5 kilos. And these terrible 5 kilos were very visible in all my photos. They also made me forget about my favourite jeans (unless I wanted them to explode on me during a dinner out in London). So well, I agreed right away and already in a couple of days I received my testing kit, which I very soon sent back and got my results in about 5 weeks.

Here’s a link to the test, if you want to check it out: HomeDNA Healthy Weight DNA Test

When I saw that my report was 72 pages, I was stoked. Also, during that time I was in Malta (read my blog about Malta here), so I decided to postpone my healthy weight DNA test analysis and read it carefully when I return to London.

Trip to Malta from London in December

Checking the DNA healthy weight report

So when I actually checked the report, I found it very useful. As I already suspected, my weight loss ability was below average. So in order to lose weight, I would need to exercise 5 times a week for 300 hours (which is A LOT of exercise). In the report, responses to different nutrients were tested. That was described on at least 25 pages and it was a lot of information.

For instance, I was found to react well on foods like tuna, spinach and salmon. Also, for example, I was found to have a very low Vitamin A tendency (ability to convert beta-carotene into vitamin A).

Healthy weight analysis DNA TestThe best thing about the healthy weight DNA test

My favourite part of the healthy weight DNA test was probably the personalised meal plan for 7 days and personalised plan of activities for effective weight loss. It’s extremely useful to have sometimes that was designed especially for you based on your genetics (rather than common advice about healthy eating). Even though many of the dishes sounded quite elaborated (compared to what I usually eat), they could be also simplified by not adding a couple of ingredients.

For example, a sample recommended nutrition day  would look like that:

Healthy weight analysis DNA TestSummary

I haven’t actually lost any weight or started exercising intensely since receiving the results of the test, due to a leg injury, but as soon I’m back in track, I’ll be experimenting with my custom workout plan. In terms of food: it’s extremely hard to change your diet, especially if you work full-time and your work would be very demanding, but I’ll try to make my meals as close as possible to what I got from Home DNA as a recommendation. I’ll be back with an update in June, after 6 months, so stay tuned!

Healthy weight analysis DNA Test

Disclaimer: I was sent the Healthy Weight DNA test, but as always, all the opinions are my own!

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