Luxury and misery of Macau in photos: city of contrasts

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Macau is truly a city of contrasts. Join us on a tour of luxury and misery of Macau in photos.

Well, if you think of Macau as of the Las Vegas of China, you’re right. But never ever try to compare Macau in the James Bond movie to Macau in the real life, otherwise, you’ll end up being disappointed. In this post, you will see Macau in photos and you can form your own opinion about the city.

Well, Macau is an independent city in China. It has its own currency (1 Macau dollar = 1 Hong Kong dollar), its own visa policy and 4 official languages: English, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin) and Portuguese. Why Portuguese? Well, as a former colony of Portugal, Macau has some of Portuguese heritage such as beautiful streets and buildings and gardens in the downtown and Pastel de Nata sold at every corner. That’s it. The rest of Macau is 100% Chinese.


If you want to see the best side of Macau, you shouldn’t go beyond the downtown or you will be shocked. Because that’s what you’ll see:


The downtown is obviously more polished and it could be considered quite nice, if not the crowds of people: it’s even hard to walk, you basically need to squeeze in everywhere. YES, Macau is very crowded!



Though the architecture is nice (Do you feel the Portugal vibes?)


And this is the rest of Portuguese heritage in Macau.



There are also some casinos in the downtown. Even though they aren’t as impressive as the ones located in Cotai, you can still take a look at what’s inside.



All the luxurious places that there are in Macau, are located on a separate island called Cotai. There you find the best nightclubs, casinos like Venetian and the Galaxy Macau and some others and many other great places.



The Galaxy Macau casino is totally worth visiting. Just look at this diamond.


You can get inside, but you cannot take photos in there. How sad.
The best nightclub of Macau is located in the Hard Rock Hotel. And it’s definitely worth visiting. You may even encounter some celebrities there.


To summarize, Macau is unique and different. It combines the misery and the luxury and it’s for you to decide whether to visit it or not. However, one day (or a weekend trip) to Macau from Hong Kong for sure won’t ruin your holiday. In order to see, how to get to Macau from Hong Kong, read this post. Hopefully, this post about Macau in photos helped you to decide, whether to visit Macau or not. If you’re interested in things to do in Macau, check out this post about 60+ best attractions and things to do in Macau by a fellow travel blogger Mar!

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