Luxury honeymoon in Jamaica – a perfect 7-day itinerary

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Are you planning your perfect luxury honeymoon in Jamaica? Look no further – this article is all about things you need to know about honeymooning in Jamaica: the perfect itinerary, the best honeymoon resorts and some useful tips. I will also share our experience staying in Jamaica and enjoying one of the most romantic resorts we’ve ever been to!

Here’s what you can find in this post:

Why go to Jamaica for a honeymoon?

There are so many reasons to spend your honeymoon in Jamaica, especially in Ocho Rios or Negril! First of all, there are a lot of adult-only all-inclusive resorts that are perfect for honeymooners. Moreover, some resorts are not only adults only; they are couples-only – and a lot of these couples are there either on honeymoon or on an anniversary. A lot of resorts in Jamaica are small and feel very exclusive -you don’t need to queue in the buffet for 10 minutes, sit on the beach surrounded by hundreds of others or suffer from blasting music in the pool area. 

Besides relaxing at the resort, you can do plenty of activities – from exploring the Dolphin cove to rafting, climbing a waterfall, and riding horses on the beach. 

Finally, I wanted to mention the amazing hospitality of Jamaicans – all the people working at the resort where we stayed were amazing and super friendly, and they made sure to make our stay unforgettable. 

Is a honeymoon in Jamaica expensive? 

Compared to other destinations in the Caribbean, Jamaica is definitely a bit more expensive than Mexico, Cuba or the Dominican Republic. However, it’s cheaper than Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda and Saint Lucia (when it comes to staying at a 5* all inclusive). If you’re unsure where to go on a honeymoon, you can read our post about spending a honeymoon in Cancun, so you know more about about what to expect.

It’s very difficult to provide a figure, as everybody has a different budget and different ideas of a perfect honeymoon. However, a night in a very good 5* all-inclusive hotel in Jamaica costs around $550-800. You can check the prices of flights from your nearest airport to Montego Bay here > 

Do you need a car in Jamaica? 

If you plan to have a very active honeymoon and drive around the island, perhaps hiring a car won’t be the worst idea. However, keep in mind that tourists can only drive within the resilient corridor due to local Covid restrictions (valid as of March 2022). For example, that means that you’re not allowed to drive to Kingston. You can also only stay at one hotel during your entire stay in Jamaica. I’m sure these rules might change in the future, so it’s worth checking the last regulation before planning your honeymoon in Jamaica.

Finally, driving in Jamaica can be a bit challenging – all the locals have advised us against driving in Jamaica as there are a lot of people who drive dangerously, and it takes time to get used to that.

If you still want to rent a car in Jamaica, you can compare the quotes on

What to pack for your honeymoon in Jamaica?

Not sure what to pack for your honeymoon in Jamaica? Well, the weather there is warm all year long. However, it can get a little bit chilly at night during the winter months, so I recommend bringing a light cardigan. 

Overall, bring some cute swimsuits, a lot of different beach throws, and a good mineral sunscreen to protect from the strong Caribbean sun. Here are some brands that sell gorgeous swimwear and beachwear (feel free to check them out):,, Girlfriend Collective (for amazing size-inclusive swimwear).

Shopping opportunities in Jamaica are a bit limited – I haven’t seen many shops selling beautiful beachwear and swimwear, so make sure to do shopping in advance! (Obviously, there are shops, but they might be pretty far away from your resort).

Where to stay in Jamaica on honeymoon: the best luxury honeymoon resorts in Jamaica

Let’s talk about the best honeymoon resorts and hotels in Jamaica! Jamaica doesn’t have that many hotels, so many people keep going back to the hotels they visited and loved. We also noticed that a lot of resorts in Jamaica are Adults only, and they are generally the best ones for honeymoons. However, a chain of resorts are even better than adults-only for honeymooners – they are couples-only! The chain’s name is Couples (it’s a local Jamaican chain) and they have four stunning resorts in Jamaica. 

Couples San Souci

Couples San Souci is the hotel where we spent amazing 7 nights. Couples San Souci is a definition of a quiet and serene hotel. It’s surrounded by nature and feels very secluded. There are plenty of spots to discover throughout the resorts and there is surprisingly so much wildlife: from peacocks to all sorts of other birds. However, somehow, at the same time it’s a place for people to meet and even find friends. There are a lot of daily activities that include getting to know other couples and twice a week, there are gala dinners located on the main lawn. At these dinners, you will be seated at the table of 6 – with two other couples. And given that the resort is pretty small with only 150 rooms. You’ll likely keep bumping into the couples you’ve met. 

All Couples resorts have Au Naturel beaches located a bit further from the main beach. It’s not allowed to be dressed at the Au Naturel beach, and since it’s a unique feature of the resort, some people come to stay there because of this unique beach.

However, if you don’t want to visit it, you don’t have to. In the 7 days we spent at the resort, we never went to the Au Naturel beach (its official name is Sunset beach, though). Instead, we spent time at the small and secluded (there is space for only 10 sunbeds) mineral swimming pool with a stunning jacuzzi located above the pool and an entrance to the sea. Oh, and I forgot to mention the amazing and unique veggie bar serving the freshest smoothies and healthy food located right next to the sunbeds. 

Overall, I think that Couples San Souci is a perfect place to spend your honeymoon in Jamaica. It’s not cheap (it’s one of James Bond filming locations, plus Ian Fleming himself stayed at the resort), but it’s not unaffordable either. Rooms start from $470 a night for the All-inclusive and the price also includes all watersports, a bunch of excursions (including Dunn’s River Falls, snorkelling, diving), free room service, free transfer from the airport and back and much more! Tipping is also optional and not expected (except for tipping the guides/drivers $5-10), so you wouldn’t spend much besides paying the resort. 

Also, if you stay there for 6+ nights on honeymoon, you get a complimentary honeymoon package! And for 3+ nights, you get a complimentary wedding ceremony (this applies to all Couples hotels, not just San Souci).

Check the prices and availability of Couples San Souci here >>>

Other Couples resorts: 

Besides Couples San Souci, there are 3 more Couples resorts in Jamaica.

One of them, Couples Tower Isle is located circa 7 minutes driving from San Souci (so it’s in Ocho Rios as well). Its Au Naturel beach is located on a small private island right in front of the resort – you can get there by a free shuttle. There are also amazing Oasis Spa Villas – staying there, you will have unlimited spa treatments! 

Another Couples resort is Couples Negril. It’s the most intimate out of all Couples resorts. Negril has very beautiful beaches, probably even more impressive than Ocho Rios. 

Finally, the last Couples Resort is Couples Swept Away. It’s the biggest of Couples Resorts (more than 2 times bigger than San Souci) and it’s has the best sports facilities out of all Couples Resorts! Unlike other resorts, Swept Away isn’t that much focused on Au Naturel beaches – while you can sunbathe topless on the main beach, there is no separate secluded beach for Au Naturel guests yet!

GoldenEye private villas

GoldenEye is probably the most luxurious place to stay in Jamaica – it used to be Ian Fleming’s retreat – a place, where he has written 14 James Bond books! Later, it was transformed into a luxury hotel that consists of small (and large) private huts and villas, a couple of swimming pools, a spa and 3 restaurants. Only breakfast is included in the price, so you need to pay extra for any other meals you consume in the restaurants of this luxurious hotel. 

Half Moon Resort

Finally, the Half Moon resort is another amazing option for a luxurious honeymoon in Jamaica. It’s a stunning all-inclusive resort with an infinity pool, new rooms and villas, lots of dining options and a beautiful private beach. Half Moon Resort is the most expensive resort in Jamaica, so it might be a great option if you’re looking for a lush honeymoon! 

More affordable honeymoon resorts in Jamaica:

If you’re looking for amazing resorts in Jamaica that are on a slightly cheaper side, I recommend checking Iberostar Rose Hall and Hyatt Zilara

Best things to do in Jamaica on honeymoon:

Alright, now let’s talk about the BEST things to do in Jamaica on honeymoon! There are plenty of things to do in Jamaica – most of the tours include some sort of activity, e.g. rafting, climbing or swimming, which is great if you want to add some active days to your otherwise serene and quiet honeymoon! 

Book a horse riding tour on the beach / swimming with the horses

One of the most romantic things to do in Jamaica while honeymooning is a horse ride on the beach and swimming with the horses. You can book this activity through your hotel / resort or you can pre-book it in advance with another provider. Here’s a tour that includes horse riding and Chukka park admission and this is a much more active full-day tour that includes Dunn’s River Falls climb, horse riding and swim, ATV and Zip Line! You can check the prices and availability here.

Have a private dinner at your resort

A lot of resorts, especially, the ones we mentioned above, are able to organise a private romantic dinner for newlyweds (not free of charge, but sometimes you can get a discount). Couples San Souci had a wonderful secluded location for a private dinner with a stunning sunset sea view, but I’m pretty sure that other resorts provide this service as well!

Visit Dunn’s river falls

You can either visit Dunn’s river falls on your own (by buying a tour) or stay at a hotel with all-inclusive excursions like Couples San Souci! We didn’t expect much from the Dunn’s river falls, however, it ended up being fun, and our guide took so many nice pictures of us (perfect for honeymooners). When you buy the tour (or get the tour from your hotel), you’ll be brought to the entrance of the Dunn’s River park where you’ll get a guide and a videographer. We didn’t buy the video footage, but some people do – if you’re interested in the video footage of you climbing the waterfall, you know where to go now.

If your hotel doesn’t offer a tour to Dunn’s river falls, you can check the prices and availability of the tour here.

Swim with dolphins 

Another amazing activity you can do in Jamaica on a honeymoon is swimming with dolphins – this activity is not limited to Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, there are a few locations that offer this opportunity.

For active honeymooners – visit the rafting, zipline or cycling tour

If you’re an active and outdoorsy couple, there are plenty of opportunities in Jamaica. You’re lucky if you’re in Ocho Rios because there are a few hiking routes and an active park that conducts a day tour that includes rafting, mountain biking, and a really cool zip line – I haven’t actually found any tour like that online, but at our resort, they were offering it.

However, here are some amazing active tours that you might enjoy:

White river rafting tour

Blue mountain cycling tour

Chukka Zip Line tour

Reggae Zip Line from Negril

Enjoy a spa treatment

Finally, what can be better for honeymooners in Jamaica than a couples spa treatment! A lot of resorts offer spa packages for newlyweds, and it’s something that is definitely worth trying. We had a couples massage in Couples San Souci – in one of the small huts with a sea view. It was incredibly relaxing, and I just didn’t want for the massage to end! 

A perfect itinerary for a 7 day-honeymoon in Jamaica 

Let’s talk about the perfect itinerary for a 7-day honeymoon in Jamaica! Since it’s your honeymoon, it includes many quiet days, where you can wake up later, stay in bed longer and spend the entire day on the beach / by the pool. If you’re looking for more activities, just scroll to the section above that talks about the best things to do in Jamaica on a honeymoon and add a couple of them (the ones you like the most) to the itinerary. 

Here’s how I would plan an optimal itinerary for a 7-day luxury honeymoon in Jamaica (if your honeymoon is longer, you can relax for more days or add more places to the itinerary):

Day 1: Arriving from the airport and relaxing at your resort/hotel

Day 2: Relaxing at your resort + getting a spa package. 

Day 3: Going on a tour to Dunn’s River Falls

Day 4: Relaxing at the resort, maybe a private dinner at the hotel

Day 5: Chukka tour &r zip line or mountain biking tour

Day 6: Snorkelling or diving tour at your hotel

Day 7: Relaxing in the morning and flying back

I hope you enjoyed this article about organising an unforgettable honeymoon in Jamaica and the best things to do in Jamaica for a honeymoon! Any questions? Give us a shout on Instagram (@lizatripsget)!

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