Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

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Hi guys, in February, we had a chance to explore beautiful Majorca and in this post, I would love to share with you our 2-day Mallorca road trip itinerary. One weekend in Mallorca is certainly not enough to see everything, however, if you only have one weekend, you will be able to see the main highlights of Mallorca.

Mallorca is often referred to as Majorca, so please keep in mind that it’s the same place. In UK, Mallorca is often called Majorca, however Mallorca is the Spanish (and commonly used spelling).

Before we start, here is some useful information:

Languages in Mallorca: Catalan, Spanish, however, many people also speak English and German

Population: circa 700,000 people

Currency: Euro

Flight time: 2.2 hours from London

Time: GMT+1

High season: July – September

Low season: October – June

Essentials: travel adapter, sunscreen, beach throw, hiking shoes

Alright, I hope this information was useful for you. Without further ado, let’s start with the weekend road trip itinerary for Majorca (or Mallorca).

Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

Mallorca road trip: 2 days in Mallorca in winter

The overview of our road itinerary for our weekend in Mallorca:

Day 1: Palma de Mallorca, Formentor, overnight in Alcúdia in Alcúdia Petit Hotel

Day 2: Alcúdia, Capdetera, Agulla, Santanyi, Cala d’es Moro

This road trip itinerary for 2 days in Majorca is suitable for either 2 or 3 days in Mallorca. However, you can easily stretch it for longer, especially if you’re visiting Mallorca during the high season and you are planning to swim.

As we visited Mallorca off-season, we didn’t allocate much time for the beaches and swimming. However, we were also extremely lucky with the weather, so the things we’ve done would be also doable and very relevant in summer or autumn.

Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

Day 1: Palma de Mallorca, Formentor, Alcúdia

We took a 7 am flight from London Gatwick airport and by 10:30 am we already passed all the security checks in Majorca airport. The flight time from London is around 2 hours 30 minutes. There is a flight that departs from Manchester around the same time. You can check the prices on Skyscanner.

We hired a car through Wiber and took their shuttle (you need to take a shuttle outside the arrivals hall – it will bring you to their office). We were really happy with their service and the price of the rental was just €2.20 (yes, 2 euros and 20 cents). We didn’t pay any extra insurance, as our credit card has car insurance included. With insurance, the car rental price in Majorca would have been around 70 euros. You can also compare rental prices on

Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

Exploring Palma de Mallorca

Our first stop of the day was the capital and the most beautiful city on the island – Palma de Mallorca. As I mentioned before, we were extremely lucky with the weather. Usually, it’s much colder in February and we had 18 degrees on the first day and 20 degrees on the second day of our Majorca weekend road trip.

Palma de Mallorca is such a musical city – I’ve seen street singers and musicians around every corner. It’s also pretty big – half of the population of the island lives in the capital, hence it has everything: from huge department stores to various restaurants.

The highlights of Parma de Mallorca include the beautiful Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral of Majorca.

Majorca 2 days in winter

I also recommend just walking around the streets of the old town and finding some hidden gems and beautiful places.

Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

 Where to eat in Palma de Majorca:

If you’re looking for good food options in Palma de Majorca, I can recommend the restaurant we visited, Pilon. It specialises in tapas and seafood. The prices are not high and the portions are huge. We are used to London-based small plates restaurants, where you need to ask for 6-7 plates for the table of two people. In Pilon, you will be full with 3-4 tapas, as the portions are huge!

Another alternative would be buying some food at the Mercado d’Olivar – a huge market in the heart of Palma, close to the Plaza Major. You can buy fresh fruit, charcuterie, cheese boards and even tapas there.

Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

Es Colomer and Cape Formentor

We finished our self-guided tour around Palma de Mallorca around 3 pm and it was time to drive further. We decided to look for places close to our overnight destination – Alcúdia and Cape Formentor seemed like an obvious option.

It was almost 55 minutes away by car, however, we stopped at a stunning viewpoint called Es Colomer on the way.

The parking at Es Colomer is quite small, so I can imagine how busy it gets during the high season in Mallorca. The views, however, are breathtaking.

The ride to Cape Formentor is also very picturesque and takes about 10-15 minutes. At the end of the road, you can find a lighthouse. Again, the parking is quite small, perhaps even smaller than at Es Colomer. In winter, the cafeteria at Cap Formentor was closed, so we just walked around for a while and decided to drive back.

On the way to Alcúdia, we made a stop near Cala Figuera, which looked stunning from above. However, the hike was very steep, so we abandoned it halfway and decided to go back to our car. If you decide to continue this walk, make sure to bring very comfortable shoes and be prepared for a very steep hike (you’ll have to do down a tall mountain and then climb it on the way back).


We arrived in the city centre of Alcúdia at sunset. Our hotel was located within the city walls. However, you need to park your car at the free parking that surrounds the city walls from all sides. While you can technically drive in some streets of Alcudia’s city centre, they are very narrow and there is certainly no place to park at all.

During our 2-day Majorca road trip, we stayed in Alcúdia (for 1 night only). Our hotel was a 3* hotel called Alcúdia Petit hotel and it had modern rooms, a beautiful view over the old city, a rooftop terrace with glorious views and a great breakfast. There were absolutely no problems with our stay, so I can recommend this hotel.

At night, many restaurants in Alcúdia old town were closed, so we decided to walk for 20 minutes to the Port of Alcúdia, where we had an amazing dinner at The Wine Side – everything was exceptional! If you’re planning to visit it on a weekend, make sure to call and book in advance!

Mallorca Road Trip Itinerary | A Weekend Break in Mallorca in Winter

Day 2 of our Majorca road trip: Captepera, Agulla, Santanyi, Cala d’es Moro

One the second and last day of our Majorca weekend road trip, we visited quite a few places before heading back to Wiber at 6 pm to leave the car for our return flight to London.

We started the day by walking around Alcudia’s Old Town during the day. It was absolutely empty and very beautiful. It’s very small; you can certainly walk the entire city centre in just 30 minutes or less.


Our next destination was the small town of Capdepera, around 40 minutes driving from Alcúdia. The highlight of Capdepera is its medieval castle that rises on the hill above the town. It was supposed to be open from 10 to 17, however, for some mysterious reason, it was closed, so we couldn’t get inside. In case you find it open, the entrance is very affordable – just 3 euros.

Mallorca weekend itinerary


As we couldn’t get inside the castle, we decided to drive to the Agulla beach located just 6 minutes away. The beach is long, has amazing white sand and it impressive. Pepe even managed to go for a short swim – even though the weather was just 16 degrees. It was, however, very warm in the sun – despite just 21 degrees on the thermometer. I imagine how amazing this beach is during the high season in Mallorca!

Mallorca weekend itinerary


Our next destination was Santanyi – just in time for lunch. Santanyi is a lovely town on the East Coast of Mallorca, however, it’s a bit far from the beach. It’s a famous holiday destination for people, who like renting apartments and exploring the island on their own. Santanyi had a couple of restaurants open on Sunday, so we went to Sa Botiga. I found it a bit overpriced and the food was a bit bland, so if you have another option, I recommend going there instead. 

Mallorca weekend itinerary

Calo d’es Moro

From Santanyi, it was just 15 minutes driving until our next destination, Calo d’es Moro. Having read a lot of information about Mallorca beforehand, I found out that Calo d’es Moro is often named the most beautiful Calo in Majorca. Well, technically, it was named the best beach, but I doubt you can swim there, as there is no beach, just sharp rocks. However, the views are marvellous and it’s a wonderful place for a picnic. 

Keep in mind that you need to leave the car on the streets of the town and it’s not allowed to park close to the entrance to the Cala. Moreover, make sure to bring comfortable shoes like sneakers as you will have to hike a bit (and the path is very narrow and steep) to get to the Calo d’es Moro, however, it’s definitely worth it.

Calo d’es Moro is about 15-17 minutes walking / hiking from the parking and there is also another Calo right next to it (Cala s’Almunia), which you can reach in less than 5 minutes. Please remember to be quiet and considerate, as it’s all a private territory. Moreover, it’s not allowed to fly drones there. 

Getting back to the airport

We spent a bit of time exploring the Calo d’es Moro and it was already time to get back to the airport and before that to return our car back to Wiber office. The drive from Calo d’es Moro to the airport took around 1 hour, however, we made a small stop on the way to admire the sunset. 

It was very easy to find a gas station close to the airport – there are many and they work until late on Sunday evening. 

Weekend in Mallorca

Summary of our 2-day road trip itinerary for Majorca (Mallorca)

Overall, we really enjoyed our 2-day road trip around Mallorca and felt like we saw a lot of highlights of the island. However, of course, to see Mallorca properly, you need to spend more time on the island. Our weekend road trip itinerary for Mallorca can be easily stretched to 3-5 days in Mallorca, especially if you plan to spend a bit of time sunbathing and swimming on Mallorca’s glorious beaches. 

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