Most Instagrammable places in NYC: Blogger’s guide to New York City

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If you’re reading this post, it means that you’re interested in the most Instagrammable places in NYC! Don’t worry, I teamed up with a few great travel bloggers to create this guide to the most Instagrammable spots in New York City!

There is no double that the Big Apple is extremely photogenic. I personally like it most in winter, but some of you might disagree saying that you need to dress in warm clothes and suffer because of the strong wind. In this post HERE, I actually compared my experience in NYC in winter and in summer, so feel free to read it to make your mind when to visit New York City.

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But let’s get back to this blogger’s guide to New York City. I actually have the whole new series of posts here, on Tripsget, where I reveal the most Instagrammable spots around the world! Interested? Here’s the list (so you can take a look):

Instagrammable spots in Paris, the capital of LOVE

But this post is all about Instagrammable places in NYC! Ready to find out what are the most Instagrammable spots in New York? Let’s get started!

Most Instagrammable places in NYC:

1. Empire State Building from the Top of the Rock

It’s hard to imagine NYC without this marvellous and iconic building. While it’s hard to take good shots of the Empire State building from close, head to the Top of the Rock to see the best view of the Empire State Building in town!

Most Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York City

2. The view of NYC from the Empire State Building

The second best view in the city (and the second most instagrammable spot in New York) you can see from the viewing point of the Empire State Building.

Instagram guide to New York City

3. Central Park Reservoir

The Central Park Reservoir is a decommissioned reservoir inside Central Park that stretches from 86th to 96th street. The 1.58-mile track that surrounds the water is a popular running & walking trail with locals, and golden-hour provides plenty of Instagram-worthy shots of the Upper West Side NYC skyline.

Very Instagrammable Spot in New York  from Christabel from Where’s Bel

Most Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York City

4. The High Line Park

The High Line Park used to be a railroad in the past, but some years ago it was transformed into a very photogenic and edgy park. You can see some marvellous views from there!

Instagrammable spots in NYC

5. The Roosevelt Island

This spot might be a hidden gem, but I’m happy to reveal it. On the way to the Roosevelt Island, you will have to take a cable car and you’ll see some great views from there. Also, the Roosevelt Island itself is a great spot for Insta-photography.

Instagram guide to New York City

6. Times Square & the streets in the centre of Manhattan

The most famous place in the world (almost!) is also a great Instagrammable spot. You’ll need a tripod to take a really good photo there (with you in focus and blurry people walking around you).

Instagrammable spots in New York

7. Brooklyn Bridge

Did you know that Brooklyn Bridge was number eight in the top ten most Instagrammed locations in the world in 2017 and the Big Apple the most Instagrammed city? This iconic Brooklyn Bridge shot was taken from the East River during a Hop On Hop Off cruise which gives some fabulous views of the bridge with the Financial District and One World Trade Center building in the background. The bridge is the perfect vantage point for great views of the city and to walk across it is a New York ‘must do’.

Suzanne Jones, travel blogger at The Travelbunny.

Instagrammable spots in NYC

8. The Flat Iron building

The Flat Iron is a fabulous spot for Insta-photos, so make sure not to miss it!

Instagrammable spots in NYC


Overlooked in many ways, the Dumbo neighbourhood in Brooklyn is an underrated place where you can appreciate the architecture of New York Bridges. The dense buildings of Washington Street in Brooklyn naturally frame the Manhattan Bridge in the distance and provide a much-appreciated contrast for your next Instagram photo hit!

Great spot from The Round the Wold Guys 

Instagrammable spots in NYC

10. Tiny’s in Tribeca

This adorable little pink building screams Instagram while wandering around the most desirable to live in the neighbourhood of NYC. Tiny’s pink façade looks straight out of a Wes Anderson film and has the most picture perfect setting. Better yet, there’s an equally as adorable bar and restaurant inside.

Hidden gem from Megan from Bobo and Chichi

Instagrammable spots in NYC

11. Richard Rodgers Theater

Something I love about New York City is how grand the interiors can be; NYC is more than just pretty buildings! One of my absolute favourite spots it the beautiful Richard Rodgers Theater where Hamilton is playing on Broadway. It’s both one of the chicest activities you can do in the city right now, but its also a beautiful interior to spotlight on its own.

Great spot from Stephanie from History Fangirl

Instagrammable spots in NYC

12. Coney Island

Expand your horizon and do a day-trip to Coney Island just outside New York.  A lovely destination on a sunny day.  The boardwalk is iconic and seems untouched for decades, just like all the theme park attractions.

One of the best Instagrammable places in New York – from Sylvia from Wapiti Travel 

Instagrammable spots in NYC

13. Unisphere in Queens

One of my favourite attractions as a New Yorker is the Unisphere in Queens.  This beautiful sculpture from the 1962 world’s fair is an iconic piece of New York City history, right by the US Open!

Shared by Karen from WanderlustingK

Instagrammable spots in NYC

14. Bowery Mural for street art lovers

Street art is at its best in the streets of New York! This graffiti mural is known as the Bowery Mural. The coolest thing about it is that it’s updated often by different artists all the time. So the photo you got of it last year likely won’t be the same this year, or ever again. Many people walk right past it on the street without even noticing. Have you?

Spot from Kamelia from Hackerette

Instagrammable spots in NYC

15. Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall is the quintessential New York City Instagrammable holiday spot. Home of The Rockettes, the best place to take photos and selfies is across the street from the theatre. After you’ve captured the front of the theatre, head across the street to Rockefeller Plaza to snap some more pics of the ice skating rink and massive Christmas tree set up throughout the holiday season.

The very photogenic spot from Stephanie from The Roving Fox

Instagrammable spots in NYC

16. NYC yellow taxis

The authentic NYC yellow taxis are as instagrammable as the London black cabs! They make any picture nicer and brighter, even on a cold and rainy day!

Instagrammable places in New York City

17. Grand Central

One of the most famous railway stations in the world, Grand Central is a great spot for photos (and is very recognizable too).

Instagrammable spots in NYC

18. Wall Street

Wall Street has some really great views and iconic spots, so it’s worth visiting (especially on a weekend, otherwise your photos will be very busy).

Most Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York City

19. Metropolitan Museum

NYC museums are amazing and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not an exception. It looks very photogenic (and is amazing inside as well – in terms of contents :).

Most Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York City

20. Hudson River Park

And the last, but not least in this list of the most Instagrammable places in NYC is the Hudson River Park. From the promenade, you can see some really great views of New Jersey and – of the end of Manhattan Island – WTC and other skyscrapers.

Instagrammable places in New York City

So, these have been some of the most Instagrammable spots in New York City! If you liked this post and found it useful, please share it on Social Media <3

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Please comment, which on the most Instagrammable places in NYC is your favourite!

Most Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York CityMost Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York CityMost Instagrammable spots in NYC: Blogger's guide to New York City



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