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Having visited all but 2 countries in Europe (as of May 2018), I still have plenty of places in Europe on my bucket list. If you’re curious about what they are (and maybe you want some inspiration, too), keep reading!

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So how come I visited all but two countries in Europe (according to UN classification of Europe)? Well, I’m obsessed with travelling and together with my partner-in-crime/husband Pepe (who helps me to run this blog as well), we’ve been to more than 65 countries. We currently live in London, one of the best-connected cities in Europe (if not in the entire world) that has whopping 6 airport and flights pretty much everywhere in the world. The European flights, however, are the ones that are very cheap. We snatched amazing deals to Toulouse for £40 return (for two), Billund for £30 for two and Marseille for £20 return for two. All of the season, of course, but does that matter? We actually have a list of the best destinations for off-season travel, so feel free to check it out.

My favourite spots in Europe

Before jumping to my ultimate European travel bucket list, I wanted to tell you about my absolute favourite spots in Europe first. I lived 1.5 years in Edinburgh and in my opinion, this city is worth 10000 visits. I was genuinely impressed by Prague and Budapest, both are absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with Seville in December with its 20 degrees Celsius and even wanted to move to Bologna. I absolutely love Alpes – doesn’t matter which ones: Austrian, German, Swiss, French or Italian and I admire South Tyrol in Italy! I genuinely like Balkans – especially Croatia and Serbia and would want to relocate to Italy. But there is so much to discover yet!

So let’s get started with my ultimate European travel bucket list:

1. Positano, Italy

This dreamy place has been on my list forever because a) Positano is pricey and b) it gets sold out pretty quickly. Nonetheless, I hope that in the next couple of years I manage to book it far in advance!

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

This incredibly photogenic spot has been on my list for quite a while and I hope to visit it soon!

3. Sicily, Italy

Don’t think that all the places in this list will be in Italy, I promise bigger variety soon. Sicily has an incredible atmosphere and I wanted to visit it ever since I watched Godfather. It would be amazing to stay in one of these amazing Clickstay holiday villas in Sicily!

Ultimate European Travel Bucket List
Credit: Clickstay

4. Split, Croatia

Croatia is amazing (and sometimes looks so much like Italy) and Split is definitely on my list.

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

5. Santorini, Greece

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t been to this amazing spot in Greece yet!

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List6. Zakynthos, Greece

Amazing blue water, tasty Greek food, great hotels – all that makes Zakynthos be very high on my Ultimate European bucket list.

7. Norwegian Fjords

For a change, I don’t have a summer beach spot on my list. This time is Bergen, Norway, from where most of the Norwegian fjord tours depart.

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

8. Finnish Lapland

I lived pretty close to Finland for 22 years, but never ever managed to visit Finnish Lapland. Now I would really love to go there and stay in that insta-famous hotel with an open roof.

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

9. San Sebastian, Spain

I always wanted to go to the North of Spain and San Sebastian is the place to go!

10. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is the capital of French vines and it would be amazing to take a wine tour there.

11. Colmar, France

I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos from Colmar that I would really love to go there.

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

12. Cornwall, UK

Even though I’ve been to many places in the UK, I never had a chance to visit Cornwall. Hopefully, this summer, I’ll manage to do it.

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

13. Wales, UK

Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons National Park are on my list in Wales.

14. Belfast + Northern Ireland

I’m a huge GoT fan and Northern Ireland was one of the most commonly used locations for Game of Thrones, so that’s one of the reasons I would really love to go there.

15. Kyiv, Ukraine

I’ve heard many positive things about the capital of Ukraine, that’s why it’s on my ultimate European travel bucket list.

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

16. Cologne, Germany

Cologne has a really beautiful Cathedral I always wanted to visit!

17. Berlin, Germany

Alright, I still haven’t been to Berlin. It’s hard to believe, especially given the fact, that I’ve been to Germany 7 times and even lived there for 2 months.

18. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is one of the prettiest cities in Belgium and it’s definitely on my list!

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

19. Andorra

Andorra would be an amazing spot to finally try skiing!

My ultimate European Travel Bucket List

20. Faro, Portugal

And the last, but not least spot in my Ultimate European Bucket list for now is Faro, Portugal. I genuinely love Portugal and I’ve been to good half of the country already, but never had a chance to go to Faro!

What about you? Are any of the spots I mentioned on your European bucket list as well? Let me know in the comments!

My ultimate European Bucket List: what to see in Europe. Dreamy places in Europe

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