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One day in Brighton: City Tour, Beach Sauna and Yoga Experience #MyMicroGap

One day in Brighton: City Tour, Beach Sauna and Yoga Experience #MyMicroGap
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Looking to spend one day in Brighton, UK? How about a cool city tour, beach sauna and yoga experience?

If you’re a busy professional looking for interesting options to relax and switch off close to London, I think, this post will certainly interest you. In this post, I would love to tell you about my experience having a great day off close to London – in Brighton. Together with a group of other fellow bloggers, we did a tour around the city, ate lunch in a nice veggie restaurant in Brighton and had an epic Brighton beach sauna and yoga experience. This trip helped me to release stress, fell in love with saunas again and try yoga for the second time in my life.

I must say huge thanks to Traverse Events and Visit England for organising this trip (I was invited, however, this is not a sponsored post) and allowing me to tell you about an amazing way to spend a day off close to London, disconnect from busy life and try something new. 

One day trip to Brighton

What’s a MicroGap and how you can #MyMicroGap in Brighton, UK? (Brighton in one day) 

My MicroGap is a day-long or a weekend-long trip for professionals, who can’t or don’t want to take a career break or a gap year, but still want to switch off, give back, learn more or go wild. Our Microgap was all about switching off! We started our day by heading to Brighton. As our tour guide told us, some locals call Brighton “A little London by the sea”, as many people live in Brighton and commute to work in London. It’s just 1 hour away with Thameslink, so why not? 

After having lunch in a nice vegetarian restaurant called Terre a Terre, we headed to a very unique sauna session on the beach with Beach Box Brighton. After the sauna, we had a yoga session in a studio with a sea view. The micro gap only lasted for a day, but I felt so good after it as if I went somewhere for a weeklong holiday! 

Brighton in one day: tour, yoga, sauna

Things to do in Brighton in one day: 

If you only have one day in Brighton, don’t worry, because you can still do a lot of things there. Even though Brighton is just 1 hour away from London, I suggest you arrive early. We took a 9 am Thameslink train and were in Brighton at about 10 am, which was perfect. If you’re interested in visiting stunning Seven Sisters cliffs that are located close to Brighton, read my post >>>

After that, we took a walking tour of Brighton, where we walked through narrow old streets of Brighton, checked out the beach and the kissing wall and stumbled upon the Quadrophenia alley – the famous alley from the movie Quadrophenia of 1979. If you like rock, you probably know everything about it.

I couldn’t find the exact tour online, however, if you’re interested, here’s the cycling tour of Brighton.

If you’re looking for more traditional ways of exploring, here’s where you can buy a hop-on-hop-off ticket.

After the tour, we had a nice vegetarian lunch at Terre a Terre, where we tried a lot of new delicious dishes. Lately, I’ve been eating more and more vegetarian food, so if that’s something you might be interested in as well, you can try Terre a Terre in Brighton. 

Vegetarian food in Brighton

Sauna on the beach in England 

We had a short break between our lunch and a wonderful and unusual sauna on the beach experience. I might be mistaken, however, I think that Beach Box Brighton is the only sauna on the beach in England. It’s also one of the few places that do sauna rituals. 

Sauna is best visited with friends, so if you’re planning a MicroGap with friends, you can gather a group of people and visit the sauna as well. We were 6, but I think, there was room for a couple more people. The sauna experience is also a great option for hen parties. 

Sauna experience includes a couple of rituals – we had traditional German Aufguss with aroma oils and the Baltic experience with dried leaves (almost like in Russia, but a bit more gentle). 

Sauna on the beach is even better than a normal sauna, as, after the experience, you can get outside into fresh air and if you want, you can even swim in the sea. Make sure to check out Beach Box Brighton for more information on prices, times and packages!

Yoga on the beach in Brighton

We finish our MicroGap with yoga on the beach in Brighton with Yoga in the lanes. Technically, it wasn’t on the beach, it was in a lovely hut on the beach. However, the hut had panoramic windows and had a stunning view. Unfortunately, Yoga in the Lanes don’t always have classes there, it’s a place for rent, however, having yoga in a place like this was unforgettable. 

Brighton Yoga on the beach

Overall, this MicroGap helped me disconnect and relax and experience something new and unique, like yoga on the beach and a sauna ritual. If you feel like you need a break as well, why not to head to Brighton for one day and do something similar?

Looking for weekend trips ideas from London? Check my post about a fun weekend in Manchester, great things to do in Nottingham or Cotswolds in 1 day >>>

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