Best way to pack for a trip with packing cubes. How to use packing cubes

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I’m pretty sure that many of you have encountered the problem of how to pack for the trip. When we just started traveling very often, packing was truly a pain in the neck for us. The worst situations were the ones, where we had to change locations every 2-3 days and brought two huge suitcases with us. That meant constant packing and unpacking and in the end, we were so tired, that we were just throwing all the clothes in the bag, without even folding them properly. Guess what happened – of course, we couldn’t even close our bags – there was no space.

However, these problems are long gone. God bless the inventor of packing cubes! You’ve probably seen the Youtube video of a girl, who literally managed to fit her entire wardrobe in a hand luggage. Unbelievable. At first, we just thought that it just couldn’t be true… until we tried to use packing cubes ourselves.

What’s the big deal with packing cubes?

Packing cubes really help you to optimize the space in your bag and fit way more things into your suitcase. However, that’s not the only benefit of using packing cubes. Honestly, the best thing about packing cubes for me is the fact, that you know where everything is. It’s like your closed is organized in boxes and you know which box to take, without trying to check all the boxes and getting all your things out. You can even help yourself with some stickers – to remember where did you put your fabulous new T-shirt or where is your jumper section.

Moreover, if you use the packing cubes properly (or better to say, fold your clothes properly), you can minimize wrinkles in your clothes.

how to pack for a trip with packing cubes

How to choose packing cubes?

There are plenty of brands in the market right now, but the cubes we are using are the Pro Packing Cubes. They are absolutely great!

If you also want some of these, feel free to order them from Amazon, here’s the link:
PRO Packing Cubes – 10 Set – Ultimate Travel Packing Cube System for Luggage, Backpacks, Tote Bags & weekend Bags (6 Piece Set, Aqua Blue)

how to pack for a trip with packing cubes


And, finally, how to use packing cubes?

That you could see in a video, which I filmed for you just today. We are going on a trip in a couple of days and I thought that seeing how I use my packing cubes could be interesting and useful for you. If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll summarise is for you. You basically need to fold your clothes (I prefer rolling them) and fit them inside the packing cubes.

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How To Pack With Packing Cubes : Tutorial and Pro Packing Cubes Review

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