Packing for a summer holiday in Europe: my instagrammable summer essentials

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Summer is already on its way and it’s time to think about the holidays. One of the reasons to live in Europe – is the changing seasons. However, some places aren’t warm enough to enjoy the summer days. So it’s time to choose the next destination (Spain, Malta, Greece or Italy?) and start packing for a summer holiday. In this list, I’m featuring my instagrammable summer essentials and things I’m planning to buy as soon as I pick our next holiday destination. Summers are usually very hot in the South of Europe – the temperatures can reach up to 35-40 degrees and that’s why you really need some of these summer essentials to pack your luggage.

My top instagrammable summer essentials

1. Sunscreen protection

The most important thing for a summer holiday in Southern Europe is the sunscreen – without it, you can easily get burnt. Getting burnt is extremely bad for your skin – it can develop dangerous melanomas and I’m sure you don’t want that. Also, don’t be like me some years ago and think that there is no difference between a $5 sunscreen and a $30 one. There is indeed a huge difference. One of the high-quality producers of sunscreen is Institut Esthederm. Actually, this sunscreen was developed by a person, who used to be sun-intolerant, so it’s quite an innovative product! Also, there is a range for the people, who have a sun allergy and with the Sun Intolerance Into Repair product, so they could enjoy being in the sun. I’ve got two products from Institut Esthederm ParisAdaptasun Sensitive and Prolongateur de Bronzage and I can’t wait to try them out in the South!

My summer packing list - top Instagrammable summer essentials

2. A beautiful hat

They are a must for Instagram. Did you see all these lovely and cute photos featuring different hats? Well, they are not so expensive and you can order yours from Amazon.

Also, you can make yourself stand out if you order a custom made hat from Etsy with your own words on them!

My summer packing list - top Instagrammable summer essentials

3. A small backpack

Backpacks are very trendy in 2017, especially the small cute ones with pompons. Take a look at Grafea bags (this is by no means sponsored by Grafea, but I just fell in love with this brand so much, that I already have two backpacks and am thinking of ordering a third one). Also, you can check out this cute backpack by Fiorelli!

Pavement with with view ? Beginning of March can be a bit cold in Venice, so a light jacket won’t harm you ? I got many questions about my backpack here, on Instagram, and in real life – people were approaching me on the street to ask where did I get it from ?? So well, if you’re interested, it’s from @grafea ? they have plenty of colors and shapes (and even sizes), btw I just bought one more backpack in a different color (soon you’ll see which one). ?? В последнее время было много вопросов о моем розовом рюкзаке (причём люди даже на улице подходили и спрашивали), так что кому интересно, это рюкзак от @grafea 🙂 кстати я тут купила ещё один (цвет – секрет, но вы скоро увидите) . . . . . . . . . . #femmetravel #venezia #topvenicephoto #theeuropeancollective #globelletravels #loves_europe #loves_italy #iamatraveler #grafea #femaletravelbloggers #traveldeeper #italy_vacations #living_europe #the_daily_traveller #volgoitalia #wearetravelgirls #travel_drops #champagneproblems #bestcitybreaks #венеция #living_destinations #don_in_italy #italiainunoscatto #mybestcityshots #ig_europe #theeuropeancollective #италия #discover_vacations #veneziadavivere #sidewalkerdaily

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4. Many swimsuits

You can’t have too many swimsuits! Well, you probably know, that Victoria’s Secret stopped producing swimwear (and I cried my eyes out because I loved their swimsuits), but there are some good alternatives on Asos. One piece swimsuits are especially popular now on Instagram.

Why is this Spring so cold? It’s the end of April and I’m freezing! My friends in Russia are reporting, that’s it’s been snowing constantly in St. Petersburg and Moscow (and that’s definitely not normal in the end of April). Edinburgh is also kind of cold this year. Is the global warming to blame for this? What do you think? . . . . . . . #swimwears #darlingescapes #luxuryfashionandtravel #travellingthroughtheworld #prettylittletrips #believe_in_travel #whentravelmatters #travelbreaks #nomadline #shetravelz #girlaroundworld #thetravelwomen #femmetravel #sidewalkerdaily #youthgoals #classy_matters #explorerbabes #rivieramayamexico #rivieramaya #granbahiaprincipe #cancunmexico #mexico2017 #the_daily_traveller #travel_drops #hello_wolrdpics #mexicanadventure #travelmexico #mexico?? #caribbeanvibes

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5. A couple of dresses

Just as you can’t have too many swimsuits, you equally can’t have too many dresses. My personal favourites are from H&M (Guess, why? Price & great style), but if you have a bigger budget or a non-mainstream taste, you can check out those. Also, this was a dress I just bought a couple of days ago and I loved it!

6. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits or playsuits are still very trendy in 2017 (especially in the pastel colours), so choose at least one for yourself. They also look really cute in the photos and there are different jumpsuits for any body types! I’m a pear and I look good in this one.

Having breakfast in Miami

7. Sandals

Comfortable are a must if you’re planning to walk a lot and explore your summer destination properly. Thus, comfy and pretty sandals are a must for my summer essentials.

8. Daniel Wellington watch

Daniel Wellington is probably the best brand for the stylish travellers. In the beginning of June, they launched a new watch in the Petite collection. And until the mid-July, you’ll have an opportunity to get 15% off your new Daniel Wellington watch with the promo code LIZATRIPS15.

My summer packing list - top Instagrammable summer essentials9. Inflatable Flamingo

The inflatable flamingos (doughnuts, watermelons, swans) became crazily popular in the last year. In you’re good at Instagram, you probably know, that pic with these inflatable objects score tonnes of likes! So if you’re willing to buy something just for Instagram likes, that’s a good thing to invest in!

10. Sunglasses

I’m crazy about sunglasses and right now I’ve got like 10 pairs of them. Mirror sunglasses is a great trend for 2017 and look fabulous in the photos. Check out these models, because they will obviously look great on Instagram.

My summer packing list - top Instagrammable summer essentials

11. Summer cosmetics

Summer cosmetics? Really? Well, by “summer” cosmetics I mean cosmetics with lighter texture – mineral powders and just in general, mineral cosmetics. I love Bare Minerals, for example. Have been using Bare Minerals for the last 3 years and don’t want to change it for anything else!

My summer packing list - top Instagrammable summer essentials

12. A couple of T-shirts & skirts

Or maybe tank tops! Bring all your stylish summer clothes with you & don’t forget to check for latest sales in Asos for your new instagrammable summer essentials.

13. High-waisted shorts

For me, it’s super hard to choose shorts. I can try 100 and find nothing (because of my body type – I’m a pear). However, I bought these ones from H&M and I loved them. And they look so summery – perfect for a summer holiday in Europe.

14. Band-aids

If you walk a lot during your vacations, it’s inevitable, that at some point you’ll need the band-aids. I always use Compeed, even though they are a bit pricey, but they stick to the wound for like 3 days and let you walk painlessly.

15. Music box

To play some music at a beach – try JBL. I got one for my husband recently. It’s water resistant, affordable and has a great music quality. Also, it’s quite loud – so if you want a proper party at the beach, go for it!

My summer packing list - top Instagrammable summer essentials


Hopefully, you found some inspiration for a summer holiday in Europe and packed or bought some of these Instagrammable summer essentials. In case you’re interested in more travel essentials, check my post about my travel essentials and the packing cubes!

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Packing list for Summer in Europe: most instagrammable summer essentials and accessories: from inflatable flamingo to pink leather backpack

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  1. You have some good tips on here on what to bring along on your trip, I especially love comfortable Sandals. I definitely never leave home without the sunglasses and backpack 🙂

  2. I must be really old-fashioned since I usually just have one pair of sun glasses, one watch, etc. This definitely inspired me to upgrade my summer garderobe! Going summer-shopping this weekend! 😉

  3. This list is hilarious… in a way that I cover too many of the points! I have that EXACT same watermelon in my spare room and a big ass unicorn ready to be inflated! I got about 10 bathing suits and 5 hats! I am READY!


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