First Timer’s Guide To Edinburgh: Itinerary, Budget, Restaurants & Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland: all the things you need to know about Edinburgh, Scotland

In this post, you will find a very comprehensive first timer’s guide to Edinburgh, Scotland featuring the best Edinburgh travel tips, the optimal itinerary, the travel budget for Edinburgh and, of course, the best things to do in Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland. I will also mention the best restaurants in Edinburgh for any … Read more

Tripsget-approved travel resources: where to book hotels, flights & more

If you’re wondering which travel websites bloggers and frequent travellers use to book hotels, flights, cars and more, I’ll be sharing a list of Tripsget-approved travel resources! Some of the websites will be offering you a referral discount if you use our link (in this case, we get a small referral bonus too – and … Read more

The ultimate guide to studying abroad: 16 real stories from bloggers

The ultimate guide to studying abroad: travel bloggers tell about their experiences in 15 countries

This post is a massive collaboration with 15 travel bloggers. Together, we composed this ultimate guide to studying abroad. Have you ever thought of studying abroad? Don’t miss your chance to immerse in the culture of one of amazing countries of your choice and to make friends from all around the world. I already wrote … Read more

Work with us: Tripsget Travel Blog

Tripsget Travel Blog is a UK-based travel, lifestyle and expat blog established in January 2016 by Liza and Pepe (short for Jose), a couple of millennials with a strong passion for travelling and adventure and … well, with regular full-time jobs in London. Despite having 9-5 office jobs (that give us financial stability and means … Read more

Your ultimate festival packing checklist for Northern and Southern countries + Infographics

Your ultimate festival packing checklist

In this post, you’ll find the ultimate festival packing checklist for Northern and Southern countries plus some useful infographics to help you pack for the festival properly, if you plan to travel to one in the future. It’s summer! And you probably know what it means: the festival time has officially started. I should’ve probably … Read more

Things you need to know before moving to Edinburgh to study

study in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is amazing and for sure one of the most beautiful cities on Earth and has one of the greatest universities in the world (UoE). However, here are the things you need to know, if you are going to study in Edinburgh! Things you need to know before coming to study in Edinburgh 1. It’s … Read more