Prices in Singapore 2019: how much money to bring?

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In this post, we will tell you about the prices in Singapore 2019: how much money you will approximately need to bring to Singapore for a nice holiday, no matter who you are: a backpacker or a luxury traveler.
Exchange rates as for the 31.03 are as following:
1 SGD = 0,74 US Dollar, 0,97 Australian Dollar, 0,65 Euro and 0,52 GBP
Airport TransfeR
Airport transfer and transport prices in Singapore:
Taxi: 20-35 SGD depending on your location
Metro: around 2 SGD ($1.5) (It’s a pretty fast way but it depends on your location: for some places like Bras Basah or Marina Bay, the bus could actually be faster)
Bus: 2 SGD
Bus ride is around 50-55 minutes. Prepare to wait for a bus for ca 5-10 min.
Local transport prices in Singapore:
Single public transport fare: depends on the distance of the ride, usually between 1,3 – 2,2 SGD
If you’re staying in Singapore long enough, you can buy a transport card for 12SGD, 5SGD will be available for using in the transport.
Tourist cards vary on the amount of days. You can find the information on tourist transportation cards HERE.
Sentosa express ticket: 4 SGD ($3)
 Just like everything else, accommodation in Singapore is expensive.
-1 bed in a dorm room:
Usually for a night on the weekend, the cheapest bunk bed would cost you 15 SGD pp.
-Budget hotel
A budget tiny room in a 2-star hotel would be already 50-55 SGD but for 2 people (at least!).
-Mid-range hotel
A more or less nice room in a 3-4 star hotel with centric location is already around 100-150 SGD.
-5-star hotel 
Luxury 5 star hotels prices start from 180 SGD per night.

Or just check the prices right now for more reliable info:

Thus, it may make sense to consider also the options of AirBnb starting from 25-30 SGD/night for 2 people.
Food prices in Singapore
Food in Singapore is great and delicious and so diverse! You can find almost food from almost all the countries in the world. The prices for food depend a lot on the restaurant. In you’re eating in a food court, one dish will probably cost around 4.5-7 SGD, but if you’re going to a mid-range restaurant, prepare to pay around 15-20 SGD for a salad and 18-30 SGD ($13-22) for the main dish.
You can have a nice portion of rice and dim sum (including soft drinks) for 13 SGD per person while a buffet-style Japanese hot pot is around 17-22 SGD per person.
In convenience stores like 7-eleven, you can buy a bottle of iced tea or juice for 2-2,5 SGD and some pot noodles for 2-4 SGD depending on the brand. In supermarkets, one yoghurt costs ca 2.5-6 SGD and one sandwich would be ca 4-6 SGD.
A meal in Subway (breakfast) will cost you approximately 6.5 SGD while one footlong sandwich is around 8-9 SGD.
Nightlife in Singapore is great but it’s very expensive to go out. Due to very high alcohol taxes, prices for all the alcoholic drinks are just crazy. One pint of Guinness in an Irish pub is ca 14 SGD. One cocktail in a more or less nice place is no less than 16-18 SGD. One drink in a sky bar or bar in Clarke Quay neighbourhood would cost not less than 24 SGD.
Entertainment &Sightseeing
Entertainment & Sightseeing prices in Singapore
 Prices for the main landmarks are as following:
Observation Deck on Sands Skypark – 23 SGD
Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) – 28SGD
Singapore Zoo – 32 SGD
Universal Studios – 74 SGD (+Express Pass 30-50 SGD)
Singapore Flyer (Ferris Wheel) – 33 SGD
Jurong Bird Park – 28 SGD
National Museum of Singapore – 10SGD
S.E.A. Aquarium – 32 SGD
Adventure Cove Waterpark – 36 SGD
Dolphin Island – from 58 SGD to 288 SGD
Trick Eye Museum – 25 SGD

I hope this info was helpful for you!

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or comment below.
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