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Is Rome expensive to visit? What are the prices in Rome in 2018?

Is Rome expensive to visit? What are the prices in Rome in 2018?
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Is Rome expensive to visit ? In this post, we will tell you how much money you will approximately need for a 2-day trip to Rome and the prices in Rome in 2018! You will find out the answers to the following questions: Is it expensive to eat out in Rome? Is food expensive in Rome? Are taxis expensive in Rome? How expensive are hotels in Rome? What are the most expensive museums in Rome and what you can do in Rome for free! Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more!

rome transport price

Are taxis expensive in Rome? Airport transfer price in Rome + transport

Are taxis expensive in Rome?

Taxi: from Ciampino – 30€ (smaller airport for low cost airlines)/ From Fiumicino – 40€  (the main international airport in Rome)

Train: the fastest way (just 30min) around 12€ to Termini from Fiumichino
Bus shuttle: 8€ return or 5€ one way from both Fumichino and Ciampino. A bus ride is around 45-50 minutes. Prepare to wait for a bus for ca 30 min because they usually are very crowded. And come in advance (at least 25 min) to the bus stop of T.A.M. buses or other buses going to/from the airport
As for the transport prices in Rome 
Daily bus ticket 8€
Single ride (valid 100 minutes) 1.5€
We counted and thought that we cannot spend more than 6€ on buses/a day so it’s not worth buying a day ticket! Even if you want to take buses literally everywhere, you still are able to take few because the single ticket works for 1,5 hours!
Rome hotel prices

Hotel prices in Rome:

The prices vary a lot. But normally for a night on the weekend, the cheapest bunk bed would cost you 16€ pp.
A budget tiny room in a 2-star hotel would be already 50€ but for 2 people (at least!).
A more or less nice room in a 3-4 star hotel with the entric location is already around 70-200€.
Luxury 5 star hotels prices start from 200€ per night.
Thus, it may make sense to consider also the options of AirBnb starting from 15 euro/night for 2 people.


Food price in Rome

Food prices in Rome. Is it expensive to eat in Rome?

Is Rome expensive to visit? Is it expensive to eat in Rome? This spending totally depends on your preferences and budget! If you are keen to eat in McDonald’s all the time, you can survive with 5€ a day but in case you want something more Italian (come on, it’s Italy), you can try various slices of budget-friendly pizzas sold at every corner. One slice won’t cost more than 3,5€.
Also, many restaurants in Rome offer daily menus, so with a budget of 10-14€ you can have a normal 3-course meal! We tried that in a restaurant 5 min away from the Trevi Fountain. For just 13€ you get a salad, 2(!) main courses and a dessert. And it tastes amazing! But generally yes, it’s not cheap to it out in Rome!
If you want to have Italian gelato (ice cream) as a snack, you can buy a cone for 3.5-5€ (depends on a place or district) or a small portion for (3.5-7€).
A nice dinner with wine near the Trevi fountain or Piazza Navona will cost you much more, around 25-30€ per person. That will include a started for sharing, a small bottle of wine and a main course.


 Nightlife prices in Rome

Nightlife in Rome – beer prices in Rome & more

In case, you want to go out for some drinks, be ready to pay at least 3.5€ for a beer and 7-8€ for a cocktail, however, in some nicer places a beer would cost 5-6€ and a cocktail 8-14€. So as you see, beer prices in Rome aren’t that high!


Entertainment & Sightseeing prices in Rome

Entertainment & Sightseeing in Rome – most expensive museums in Rome

Prices for the main landmarks in Rome are as following:

Colosseum – 12€
Borghese Gallery – 17€
Castel Sant’Angelo – 15,5€
Vatican – 16€

As you can see, the most expensive museums in Rome Borghesehese Gallery and the Vatican.

However, you can go to some places for free, including St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican, the palace on Piazza Venezia with the lower panoramic terrace, in case you want to go up and have a better view, you can take an elevator and pay 7€ (or 3,5€ for a reduced ticket).
I hope this info was helpful for you!
In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or comment below.

If you don’t want to calculate, check our brand new Tripsget App in the App store – it’s free and it will do all the calculations for you based on your travelling habits!

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Is Rome expensive? How much money do you need for a weekend in Rome.

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