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Interested in travelling to Russia? Well, in 2020, it’s certainly easier than it used to be. We’re here to help you plan your trip and then enjoy your trip. We have over 40 blog posts about Russia on Tripsget, covering all aspects, from Russian visa to the best areas to stay in different cities.


Russia is planning to introduce e-visas for pretty much everyone in 2021, so we'll have to wait. However, there are 3 destinations, where over 50 nationalities can get an e-Visa now: Far East (Vladivostok), Kaliningrad (that strange little piece of Russia next to Poland) and beautiful St. Petersburg. If you aren't eligible for the e-Visa to Russia yet, don't worry. You can either get a "normal" visa to Russia or visit St. Petersburg by ferry from Helsinki for 72 hours - in this case no one needs a visa. You can read more in the posts below.



From the safety tips to the 10 basic Russian phrases you need to know, here are some of the Russia travel tips that you need to know before your trip.


St. Petersburg is the most beautiful city of Russia and it’s just 3 hours away from London or 2 hours away from Berlin. With the recent introduction of a free e-Visa to St. Petersburg (available to the entire EU except for the UK), visiting the city became even easier! Moreover, St. Petersburg is my hometown – hence it deserves the entire category. 


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