5 best bars in Siem Reap: Nightlife in Cambodia

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Heading to Cambodia soon? Ever thought how is the party life there? Nightlife in Cambodia  is amazing! In this post, I’ll tell you about 5 best bars in Siem Reap Cambodia!

If you’re going to Siem Reap, Cambodia, you’re most probably going to visit the city of Angkor. Angkor is truly great and impressive but around 6pm you’ll be kicked out of there… And later what?

Not many people are aware of the fact, that Siem Reap is a great party location! (Nor I was aware of that before going on the recent trip to Asia). Actually, Siem Reap seemed to me like a better place to party than Bangkok. Isn’t it surprising?

By partying I mean not only clubbing and getting wasted, of course not. Though, if you really want to, you can do it as well.

Partying in Cambodia is a bit different: there is a street full of bars and restaurants playing music, which sound like they want to overcome each other in the loudness of their music 🙂 and also a couple of streets around this main party street. By the way, the Main Party Street is called Pub street. A pretty easy name for the nightlife appreciators, so you don’t get lost.


Actually, there are few nice bars outside the Pub street, too. But you should head to the Pub street at least once in order to feel the unique atmosphere!

5 best bars in Siem Reap for great nightlife in Cambodia:

1. Tuk-tuk cocktail bars on the Pub street & nearby

Honestly, I was suspicious and didn’t want to try anything there because, come on, how can a mojito be just 1.5$? That’s crazy! But than Pepe persuaded me that yolo, so we’ll, we tried…… And it was great! Really! We tried a mojito and a margarita in one of the most crowded mobile cocktail bars and they were very nice. Definitely not the best cocktails I ever tried but the best cocktails for 1.5$. Why are they so cheap? Well, the owners don’t really have to pay a rent for the restaurant/bar/whatever, it’s simply a tiny stand with some alcohol bottles on it and a list of the cocktails they’re making (a pretty long list, actually). And most importantly, Cambodia has very low alcohol taxes (unlike Singapore, where one cocktail is 14-27 SGD or 10-23$ depending on the place).

So don’t be afraid & try at least one cocktail there!


2. Temple bar & Sky lounge.

Those two always come together. One the ground floor there is usually the temple bar and on the first floor there is the Sky lounge. Why always? Because we’ve seen it twice! If you want to be in the middle of nightlife of Siem Reap, head to the Pub street, where you can dance and party hard. If you want calmer atmosphere, drop by the street 25/Acha Sva street crossing (5 min walk from the the Pub street). Although one cocktail is around 5$, you can buy a jar for 10$. Great deal!

Temple Bar Siem Reap, author: Anthony W.
Temple Bar Siem Reap, author: Anthony W.

3. V BBQ bar

One of the best bars in Siem Reap, is V BBQ bar. I personally liked this one a lot because of some comfy seats outside the bar. There is a wide selection of cocktails for 2-3$ each and also a tasting of 5 cocktails for 3$. Wow. And of course, as always, a glass of Angkor draft for 0,5$.


4. Angkor what?

Another one of my 5 best bars in Siem Reap is Angkor What? That’s a sort of hipster bar, with loud music opposite the Temple bar on the Pub street. It looks nice & stylish so why not try hang out there for a while?

Source: Facebook of Angkor What? bar
Source: Facebook of Angkor What? bar

5. Hard Rock Cafe Angkor

Did you know that there is a Hard Rock Cafe in Siem Reap? Well, I was surprised too. But it’s 100% real and legit. It’s located . The prices are a bit higher than in most of bars but definitely lower than in Hard Rock cafes in Europe.

Source: TripAdvisor.com
Source: TripAdvisor.com

There are plenty of other places besides these 5 best bars in Siem Reap, so go ahead, don’t be afraid of trying something new and yet untested but if you want be sure that the place is good, you can try one of the places I listed here 🙂

Enjoy Siem Reap!

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5 best bars in Siem Reap: Nightlife in Cambodia

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  1. Angkor What? was my favorite! I went in 2012 and regretted not going for the deal they had for getting a t-shirt (I think it was buy 3 buckets get a free shirt??)… so when I went back in 2014 I made sure my friends were ready o help me get that shirt! lol


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