Students’ Favourite Places To Visit In The UK: from LONDON to LIVERPOOL

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The UK is globally known as the top tourist destination. From England to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, students (and well, not only students) can never run out of unique places to visit. Our small island is filled with diverse and really great sceneries, amazing historical landmarks and fabulous nightlife. You can also add art galleries, museums, and castles to your UK travel bucket list! So in this guide, you will find some of students’ favourite places to visit in the UK: from London to Liverpool!

Due to the pandemic, many schools have adopted measures to control the spread of the virus. One of the measures is implementing online distance learning; this has left students with a lot of time on their hands. It is prime time to explore the area around you and know the history behind the buildings. As you learn more about these places, it is easier to get caught up on assignments. You can ask uk.edubirdie for essay service and get help with a rough draft and then customize quality papers with your own experience. Adding your perspective and newly acquired knowledge will make any academic paper much better, especially if you’re degree is related to history, culture or travel. The services offer direct communication with the writer, a money-back guarantee, and affordable rates. Since you no longer have to worry about submitting your essay on time, here are some of the best cities to visit in the UK for students!

The best places to visit in the UK for students (students’ favourite cities):

1. London

London has it all! However, it can also be crazy expensive. As a student, be on the lookout for discounts to guide you on the best places to visit. Don’t forget that most of the museums are free to visit, while others offer amazing student discounts, which will help you to save some money. Some of the top places to see are the Tower of London, Buckingham Place, Whitehall Road, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, and Trafalgar Square. On Tripsget, you can find a huge amount of articles about London, including guides to North London and South London and even the most Instagrammable food, so make sure to check them out if you’re planning to visit London!

2. Loch Ness, Inverness and Edinburgh

Loch Ness is one of the top destinations to visit for tourists who are heading to Scotland. Maybe you will be able to spot Nessie! As a student, you can do more research on the area by visiting the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition. You can get good writing material for your English course work.

You can also climb the Urquhart Castle to get a good view of the loch. By heading further north, you will get to see the Inverness Castle, museum, art gallery, and amazing landscapes. If you have more time, make sure to explore the rest of Scotland. Edinburgh is one of the best student cities in the UK and one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. I was lucky to call it home for over a year and believe me, there are so many fabulous student spots to visit in Edinburgh! Read my guide to 15 free things to do in Edinburgh!

3. Liverpool and Manchester

Liverpool and Manchester are highly ranked when it comes to student tourists. Many students are in the area to advance education by acquiring different degrees, and others are merely visiting for research and leisure.

The international airport in the area has provided ease of access to people all over the world. Students are often drawn to Manchester Cathedral. It has a rich heritage at the Museum of Science and Industry, where most students research their books. There is also Manchester Art Gallery and ChinaTown. Manchester is also famous for its street art, so make sure to walk around the city to spot the best street art in town.

Liverpool is very very close to Manchester. Liverpool is only second to London when it comes to art galleries and exhibitions. While the city suffered a lot during the WWII, it was rebuilt and now has a combination of old and modern building, which is unique. Liverpool isn’t similar to any other city in the UK. If you’re a football fan, make sure to visit Anfield and if you like The Beatles, there are so many tours dedicated to The Beatles in Liverpool. Liverpool is also famous for its nightlife – it’s one of the best cities in the UK for partying and it’s full of great pubs, hipster bars and street food markets.

4. Canterbury

The city is always packed with visitors from around the globe. When you read the reviews online, you will not help yourself but see the beauty yourself. The Canterbury Cathedral is one of the most visited places, owing to historical nature. It is now recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site. There is also the Canterbury Roman Museum that is built around the remains of the original Roman townhouse.  If you are in school, especially university, you can capture the museum’s intricate details to get a good grade on your paper.

5. Windsor

The town is located on the west side of London. The adventure zone offers plenty of things to do while visiting. There are numerous Airbnb options if you seek to extend your stay for more than a day. The Windsor castle served as a summer residence for the British Royalty. There are fantastic features such as the Queen’s gallery, dining hall, and St. George’s Chapel.

There is plenty of academic material for your class at the castle. Make sure you explore the beautiful castle grounds as well. Do not go home before seeing the Legoland Windsor and Royal Ascot.

Summary of the students’ favourite places to visit in the UK

Travelling as a student is very exciting, but it may also come with challenges. Make sure that you observe proper social distancing at all times. It is also vital to research areas as not all places are open to the public. At least, you no longer have to worry about completing your college assignment (especially if you managed to run into difficulties and need help with your assignment). For some degrees, travelling is essential, especially if you’re majoring in history, art, English or architecture!

This post was written in collaboration with Uk.Edubirdie, however, all opinions are, as always, my own.

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