Travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg by plane, train or bus. What’s better?

Moscow the capital of Russia, Fifa 2018

In this post, I’m going to tell you about all the alternatives you have when it comes to travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg and vice versa. Travelling from Moscow to St Petersburg by plane, high-speed train, night train or bus: which way is faster, better, cheaper or more convenient? I used to live in … Read more

Visiting Moscow in winter: Moscow Christmas Market Experience

Is Moscow safe? Safery rules in Russia

Hi there! So you found this post and it probably means that you’re considering visiting Moscow in winter and you might be looking to visit the Christmas Market in Moscow. Well, you’re in the right place! In this post, I will tell you all about Moscow in December (and other winter months), what to pack … Read more

Is Moscow safe for tourists? 5 safety rules in Russia

weekend in Moscow: best things to do

Hey guys, in this post, I’ll be trying to shed some light to the safety in Moscow, Russia. Is Moscow safe for tourists? You will find out very soon. I will also tell you about 5 general safety rules in Russia. Moscow is huge. If you don’t count Istanbul (because a part of it is … Read more

Moscow in 2 days: where to stay, what to see & how to survive

Moscow in 2 days: Red Square, Lenin, Moscow City, GUM and many things

Despite the fact that Moscow is a huge city, by huge I mean enormous (17 million live there according to some unofficial information, but officially it’s only around 12), you can totally see the main landmarks in Moscow in 2 days. That’s why I decided to create this post about Moscow in 2 days: where … Read more

Guide to ballet in Russia: where to see ballet in St. Petersburg & Moscow

St. Petersburg ballet - where to see ballet in Russia

In this guide to ballet in Russia, I will tell you where to see ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia, how to buy the tickets and what is the best ballet to watch in Russia (apart from the famous Swan Lake). Russian ballet is world famous. As a former local (yes, I lived in St. Petersburg, … Read more