Tenby – the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

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Hi guys, we just came back from our road trip around South Wales, where we discovered Tenby – the most beautiful town in Wales and a true hidden gem! In this post, I would love to share with you our photos from Tenby and a bit about the best things to do in Tenby, so you definitely feel like visiting this town in the future when spending a weekend in Wales. 

Without further ado, let’s get started with the most beautiful town in Wales! 

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

Tenby – the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

Tenby is a small coastal town in West Wales located in Pembrokeshire. Its Welsh name is Dinbych y Pysgod which means “fortlet of the fish”, however, in English, it goes by the name of Tenby.

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How to get to Tenby?

If you’re wondering, how to get to Tenby, you can either go there by car (if you don’t have one, you can rent one through rentalcars.com) – it’s less than 2 hours away from Cardiff and 2.5 hours away from Bristol. London is circa 5 hours away by car. You can, however, take a train from London to Cardiff and rent a car there as we did.

Another way to get to Tenby is by train from Cardiff – you can get there in 2.5 hours by train with just one interchange in Carmarthen. You can either buy tickets at the station or buy them online on Trainline. 

Finally, you can get from Cardiff to Tenby by bus – the National Express takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes and you can buy tickets on the official website of National Express

Once you get to Tenby, the best thing is just to walk around and explore on your own. I recommend spending at least 3-4 hours in Tenby if you’re planning a day trip. Or if you want to spend more time exploring, stay for the weekend.

Where to stay in Tenby?

If you decide to spend a weekend in Tenby, there are multiple options available to choose. Some of the best-rated options include the Esplanade, Heywood Spa Hotel and Tudor Lodge.

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

Best things to do in Tenby – the most beautiful town in Wales

Take a boat trip to Caldey Island to see puffins

One of the top things to do visit the Caldey Island by boat to see the conservation area and puffins. The island is run by monks and you can visit it on Monday – Saturdays in summer. We didn’t have a chance to visit Caldey island during this visit, but we will make sure to visit it next time.

Spend time at the beach

As I already mentioned before, Castle Beach in Tenby won the award of the best beach in the UK in 2019. There are, however, multiple beaches in Tenby – the North Beach or the Harbour Beach or even the South Beach are also great to visit. 

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Walk around the narrow streets and explore the Tudor Merchant’s House

The streets of Tenby are charming – it’s not a big town, however, there are lots to explore. On one of the streets, you can find one of the best landmarks of Tenby – Tudor Merchant’s House. Tudor Merchant’s House is a museum that shows the life of a merchant, who lived in Tenby more than 400 years ago. 

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

Take photos in front of very Instagrammable pastel-coloured houses of Tenby

Tenby is one of the most Instagrammable towns in the UK – an Instagrammer’s paradise, especially during the golden hour on a sunny day, when the light is the greatest. 

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales
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Look for some sea treasures during the low tide

At low tide, you can embark on an adventure to look for various “sea treasures” where the sea has been just hours before. You can see a lot of seashells, mussels and even a couple of crabs on the beach – you can easily spend hours just wandering around and looking for the treasures.

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

Go for a coastal walk from Tenby

Finally, you can go for a lovely coastal walk from Tenby and enjoy the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. Some of the best Pembrokeshire walks start right in Tenby!

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

Where to eat in Tenby?

If you’re wondering, where to eat in Tenby, there are so many options! Even though Tenby is a small town, there are plenty of great restaurants. Try Plantagenet House – a nice restaurant, the speciality of which is seafood. If you want some comfort food, check out Indie Burger. To grab something fast (and cheap), check Pipers Fish & Chips!

Tenby - the most beautiful town in Wales | Weekend in Wales

I hope you liked this post about gorgeous Tenby and found answers to some questions, e.g. where to eat in Tenby, how to get to Tenby and what are the best things to do in Tenby and you will consider visiting beautiful Tenby on your weekend in Wales!

This post was written in collaboration with Visit Wales, who brought us to Wales for a long weekend! All opinions are, as always, our own!

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