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Hi guys, welcome to Tripsget! I’m adding [yet another] post to the series of the most Instagrammable places around the world, and next in line was Leeds. So in this Leeds photo guide, we will talk about the most Instagrammable places in Leeds! Excited? Me too! Let’s get started!

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Without further ado, let’s get started!

Leeds photo guide: the most Instagrammable places in Leeds

Leeds is one of the biggest cities in England; however, its city centre is quite compact. That means that you can easily visit all the most Instagrammable spots in a day or so! A lot of places in Leeds are naturally photogenic, for some other ones (e.g. restaurants), you usually need a reservation. It makes sense to sort it out in advance, as some locations can be really popular

Leeds Corn Exchange

Leeds Corn Exchange is probably my favourite place in the entire Leeds and, in my opinion, probably the most Instagrammable one as well! Corn Exchange was recently transformed into a very hipster, and colourful space filled up with various unusual shops, cafes and other businesses.

Corn Exchange Leeds

[Seasonal] Cherry trees around the Kirkgate area

We were lucky to visit Leeds in April when the trees were in full bloom, but this spot around the Kirkgate area is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for seasonal photo opportunities in Leeds, this is the place to go! There are four stunning trees and enough space to take photos for sure.

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Kirkgate Market in Leeds is absolutely iconic, and my favourite part is the one where you can find the old M&S stall (yes, the giant Marks & Spenser grew from that small stall in the Kirkgate market).

Victoria Leeds Shopping centre

Victoria Leeds is one of the most beautiful shopping arcades in Leeds. It is home to a lot of upscale shops like White Company, Paul Smith, Estee Lauder and more.

Leeds & Yorkshire road trip

Victoria Gate Shopping arcade

Another luxury arcade is called Victoria Gate & it’s located just steps away from Victoria Leeds shopping centre. Victoria Gate is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Leeds if you’re looking for some posh-looking photos!

4 days in Yorkshire: Leeds, North York Moors and Whitby

Stew & Oyster Bar terrace with the river view

Stew & Oyster has a lovely outdoor terrace, and if the weather permits, you can definitely grab a pint (and a lunch or dinner) there with a lovely view over the river Ayre.

Leeds Town Hall

Leeds Town Hall is probably the most iconic building in Leeds – it’s really impressive, and the area around the town hall looks great as well.

Leeds Dock

Another of the most Instagrammable spots in Leeds is Leeds Dock. Leeds Dock is a relatively new area that is full of bakeries, restaurants and it’s also home to the Royal Armories (in case you’re planning to pay it a visit, which is definitely recommended).

The Calls area of Leeds

If you like the industrial vibe, this is the place to go. The calls area in Leeds is a place where you can find a lot of iconic red brick buildings. You can also find a lot of cool businesses, street art and amazing restaurants (Stew & Oyster that I mentioned previously, is located in the Calls area).

Tattu Leeds

Tattu Leeds is one of the hottest Insta-spots and probably the most popular & Instagrammable restaurant in Leeds. Unfortunately, due to the government regulations, it was closed when we were visiting, but hopefully, next time, we would be able to visit 

Summary of the most Instagrammable spots in Leeds

Alright, I hope you found some interesting places on this Leeds photo guide. If you know any other Instagrammable locations in Leeds, let me know in the comments down below or DM me on @lizatripsget, and I’ll make sure to include them!

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